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Compatibility of Cancer and Gemini is an unsuccessful couple, but there are chances


Compatibility of Cancer and Gemini is considered unfavorable. The motto of their relationship is envy in the guise of love. The water and air elements are poorly combined with each other, and in the zodiacal table, the signs of the parity are different. Let's try to figure out whether there is a chance for such a pair to stay together.

Compatibility in love

Despite unfavorable compatibility, Cancer and Gemini can build a happy relationship. But only with time and in a more mature age, when both gained wisdom and experience.

Features of the relationship in this pair:

  1. Well-being in this relationship, despite good compatibility, does not come immediately. Partners need to get used to each other, get to know each other's personalities thoroughly, then stability and love will appear. Therefore, the most favorable are the relationships between people of mature age who have already gained experience and wisdom.
  2. If this is a union of two young people, then they will certainly begin to expect from a partner more than he is able to give, this can lead to misunderstandings. They both draw in their imagination the chosen one as an ideal person, which can lead to disappointment over time.
  3. They have a good intellectual compatibility. Point of view on many issues coincide, they can talk and debate for hours without quarreling.
  4. Both have developed creative potential, which is also a point of contact.
  5. At the beginning of a relationship, they tend to get to know each other spiritually. The partner opens all new, interesting sides, fall in love with the mind and soul. And physical attraction comes later, so often love comes after a period of long friendship.
  6. Cancer is keenly interested in the deep inner world of Gemini, and they, in turn, feel that they can trust him, although it is usually difficult for a person to trust him.
  7. Gemini constantly admires the sensuality, emotionality and creative spirit of Cancer. They consider their partner to be romantically sublime. But this can ruin the relationship, because in fact, Cancers are more focused on material comfort, rationalism and confidence in the future.
  8. Twins are people who need a constant change of scenery. These are people of freedom who do not tolerate boundaries, control and convention. In this they disagree with the Crayfish.
  9. At the beginning of the relationship and the first time they will be completely absorbed by each other, but when the passion subsides and the rose-colored glasses fall off, a long period of lapping will begin. This is not easy, but if the couple withstand a difficult period and learn to look for compromises, everything will turn out just great for them.

Unfortunately, most often at this stage, people still part. Twins do not agree to obey the imperious partner. And Cancers are beginning to envy the ease and success of Gemini, which is not their characteristic.

Causes of conflict

It is worth paying attention to the possible causes of conflicts in a pair in order to be able to avoid them and still try to build happy and harmonious relationships, despite poor zodiac compatibility.

What can be a source of quarrels and disagreements:

  1. Cancer is an incredibly deeply feeling, emotional, vulnerable person. Gemini treats feelings easier, trying to analyze everything that happens with logic, not with emotions. In this lies their fundamental difference, which can cause disagreements.
  2. Cancer will certainly seek to control its inconstant satellite, from which the first quarrels occur. Gemini hates restrictions and penetration across their personal boundaries, so sooner or later they will begin to rebel.
  3. If Cancer understands his desire to control, and Gemini will be more loyal to attempts to limit them, they will not quarrel, but will try to explain how important freedom is for them, relations will reach a new quality level, become calmer and more stable.
  4. Twins consider themselves smarter than everyone else, from which they underestimate the intelligence of their partner. Cancer is offended by the fact that the chosen one does not allow him to speak, but often he is silent about his offense, from which claims are accumulating and discontent grows.
  5. Cancer irritates the irresponsibility and frivolity of Gemini. He is more practical and soberly looks at the world, rarely twisted in romantic dreams. He needs to understand that behind the apparent frivolousness lies a strong nature, which just needs new emotions all the time.
  6. The financial question will always be very serious. Spins the money Twins, plan costs and try to make life stable Cancers. Because of the inconsistency of views on the handling of money, they may even break up.

We summarize: despite the differences and different views on life, this couple can exist together. But only on condition that they learn to hear each other and find compromises in fundamentally important for both things.

Watch the video with the zodiac forecast for this pair:

Cancer Woman and Male Twins

A woman in this pair opens up a new world to her companion - emotions, creativity, feelings, which was previously unavailable to him.

At first, this makes him happy and inspires, he falls in love before losing his pulse. But over time, the vulnerability and emotional partner begins to tire and annoy. Angry Gemini is the constant desire of his companion to limit his communication with other people, and constant jealousy.

To keep the relationship, a man needs to allow a woman to feel himself in charge, even if in reality the decision will always remain with him. A woman should restrain her jealousy, otherwise, sooner or later she will be left alone.

Male Cancer and Female Twins

This is a very difficult relationship, especially for a man. In his companion, he will always lack emotions. He will feel her coldness, from which he will suffer.

She will be annoyed due to the fact that there is no inner core in a man, and also because of his immense emotionality.

Everything is in order in this couple only in intimate relationships. But due to the lack of spiritual intimacy for a long time together, they are unlikely to exist.