Dream interpretation

Sparrow flew into the building through the window - features signs


Who is not familiar with a little gray-brown bird called a sparrow? It seems that it can be seen everywhere: in cities, villages, on wastelands. They easily penetrate any crack for curiosity or in search of food and warmth. Can fly into human housing.

Is it good? Or to lose weight? Many consider it to be a lump, as the sparrow is considered a bad omen because of his treacherous behavior in biblical times, when he issued a convoy that Christ is alive. According to legend, since then the sparrow has lost its usual gait and now moves irregularly.

Legends - a terrible force, thanks to them the appearance in the house of a cute, seemingly harmless sparrow, began to be perceived as a messenger of misfortune. Let's see, is this true, or is it the fear of a big eye?

The room into which the sparrow flew

  • Private house - unfortunately with one of the households, if a sparrow flies into the house several times a day through a window and flies out, then the probability of unhappiness increases. We need to wait until the sparrow flies out and close the window. In no case can not cause him harm and expel, he is only a messenger, warning about the danger, not the performer. If the sparrow cannot fly away from the house, breaks on the glass, you need to carefully catch it and release it through the window. After that, wash the entire apartment and sprinkle the corners with holy water. Do not interfere in the church to put a candle for the health of the household.
  • The apartment - watch how the sparrow flew into the apartment: with hunting or with coercion. If you flew in with the hunt and quickly flew out, then soon your life will improve. Under duress, he flew in and could not find a way out of the apartment - minor troubles will arise for the household, they should be more careful.
  • Office - employees will have to spend a lot of time on doing worthless work. If the sparrow in the office left a litter, then this is to a tangible financial gain or a good bonus for employees.
  • Shop - soon there will be problems with suppliers and customers. You need to wait until the bird flies back through the window or door and close them behind it. It is forbidden to cause harm to the bird, otherwise there will be serious problems in the personal life of the one who raised his hand to the sparrow.
  • Warehouse - there will be problems with the quality of goods and their implementation, be careful and attentive. It is necessary to open the windows and doors wider, wait for the sparrow to fly through them.
  • Car - warns that you may soon get into an accident or have to spend a lot of money on car repairs. Be careful on the road and pass the inspection of the machine.

Sparrow behavior

  • With ease flew into the room through the window and quickly flew away - to the good news and changes in life for the better.
  • Lost in a small room and can not find a way out of it - to the misfortunes in the life of the household. It is necessary to open wider the windows and doors so that the sparrow can find a way out. After this, be sure to clean the room.
  • Beats on the glass in an attempt to fly out of the room - soon there will be strong experiences in your life, and unsuccessful attempts to fix things.
  • Sparrow hit the window until the blood - be prepared for very bad news, the death of one of the household is not excluded.
  • Sparrow flew into the room through the window and sat on one of the households - you need to check the health of the household, perhaps he will soon become seriously ill.
  • The sparrow who entered the room through the window was wounded - in this case it is better to leave the sparrow until full recovery and release it to freedom. After that, your life will change for the better.
  • He flew into the room through the window and died - predicts great trouble both in the company and in the household, depending on which room he flew in. It is necessary to carefully wrap the sparrow in paper and remove it from the room. And the place where he died, thoroughly wash with a rag, which must be thrown away.
  • If the sparrow was attacked by a pet, then this does not lead to anything, since the household is not responsible for the pet's instincts. If the household himself incited his pet to the sparrow, then in the personal life of the household soon there will be a black stripe. Therefore, it is better not to touch the sparrow and do not poison the domestic animals.

How to get rid of bad omens when a sparrow appears in a room through a window

  • Open windows and doors as wide as possible so that he can find a way out of the room back.
  • After the sparrow has flown away, cleaning the apartment will not prevent sprinkling the corners with holy water.
  • Put the grits on the window sill or chop the bread with the words: “Fly over for food, not soul”.
  • Go to church and put candles for the health of the household.

Do not be afraid of a sparrow that has flown into your room, especially during the cold hours of the day, when they are looking for food and a warm place. If you are still scared, then after his departure, wait for any first minor trouble, for example, a broken nail, and say loudly: “Brought the same, sparrow, trouble!” After that, no trouble will happen to you in the near future.