Dream interpretation

Rufina - the meaning of the name, the characteristics of character and fate


The name Rufina is of Roman origin, in Latin, it means "red-haired." Another form of the name of Ruf is Fin. Male interpretation of the name Rufin. Rufina is one of the popular names among the Catholics of Europe, the Orthodox population also uses it.

Rufina Angel Day marks September 15th in honor of the Great Martyr Rufina, who died under torture for believing in Christ.

General interpretation and horoscope

  • The planet patron of the name is Mercury;
  • Zodiac sign corresponding to the name - Virgo;
  • The color that attracts good luck and happiness - purple, dark lilac;
  • Health-promoting plant - violet;
  • The totem animal is a sheep;
  • Charm stone - sapphire.

Childhood and youth Rufins - the talents and preferences of the girl

Rufina is a capricious and whiny little baby. Parents are not easy with such a child, because it is difficult to get used to new people, the environment, very impressionable, emotional. Her mood and temperament can quickly change. The girl can be calm and a little closed, but after a while she is ready to make noise and have fun.

Rufa is unsociable, hardly gets used to the kindergarten, does not have an excellent appetite. But at an older age, this fragile and tender creation is capable of evoking affection with its responsiveness, kindness and attentiveness to others.

In school, the character of Rufina is changing. This is a more balanced person, deeply passionate about creativity, art, music. She gets pleasure from a new book, learning foreign languages, visiting museums, theaters.

If in childhood Rufina did not have a bright and charming appearance, then in a more mature age, this girl is very transformed. She begins to follow the fashion, look after herself, look for her image and style.

In high school, Fina is an open, sociable and energetic girl. She attracts guys with her exquisite manners, sense of humor, bright appearance. The schoolgirl is smiling, she knows how to listen, be glad for someone's success.

What distinguishes Rufin: she is not inclined to be envious, vain, vindictive. This girl can empathize with the pain of others, help in difficult times. She is an altruist and feels joy when she feels her usefulness and significance.

What this girl should avoid is over-enthusiasm for the role of the victim. Rufa is ready to neglect her own interests and devote all her free time to raising younger brothers and sisters or supporting those who are in a difficult life situation.

During this period, it is very important for Rufa’s parents to direct her creative energy on time in the right direction. Otherwise, she may not develop her talents, forgetting about the desire for a successful career and future plans.

Sometimes Rufina takes inspiration from her own fantasies. The young lady is very dreamy and emotional and sometimes she lacks the strength and the will to return to the harsh reality. This girl can become happy if she develops her abilities in drawing, designing or designing clothes, enrolls in a theater group, is carried away by playing the piano.

Love, professional realization, health - the fate of an adult Rufina

In his student years, Rufina is a slim, elegant coquette with exquisite taste and secular manners. She is friendly, interesting in conversation, open, emotional. The girl is sentimental in feelings, looking for love, passion and recklessness.

Very often, the first marriage of Rufina is not very successful. She is ready to quickly part with the one with which she recently officially registered. Perhaps the girl is inclined to exaggerate and think out the situation.

After a failed relationship, Fina begins to appreciate her freedom and independence. During this period, she is able to enjoy short-term love stories and new sexual experiences. She is confident in her own attractiveness, she is not afraid of losing her female demand and losing her fans.

In the second marriage, this emotional woman will enter more consciously, pursuing a banal calculation. The lady is not accustomed to deny herself anything and prefers to see a wealthy man next to her.

Favorable compatibility expects Rufin with men named: Joseph, David, Abraham, Yefim, Bulat, Samuel, Nathan, Isaac. Avoiding a serious relationship should be with Yermil, Michael, Solomon, Alik.

At the same time, Rufina is quite demanding of herself. She is not accustomed to be a consumer, it is important for her to self-actualize. The field of activity of this talented person can be connected with the sphere of hotel and tourism business. She can become a professional translator, achieve success in the field of trade, entrepreneurship.

Rufina leads to laziness monotonous activity, requiring precise calculations, scrupulousness, attentiveness and patience. But on the other hand, she will achieve gratitude in the field of art, diplomacy, design, culture.

Whatever Rufina would do, her hobby may well be patronage, patronage of children's hospitals, baby houses. In this she also sees her own destiny. She will not let go the idea that she should help the weak, the poor and the disadvantaged.

Family life Rufina will be quite harmonious and happy. She is ready to give everything in and help her husband, showing respect, care, affection and tenderness. The woman has sufficiently realized her behavior in the past, having acquired a certain life experience from her own mistakes.

In a new relationship, Rufe wants peace and joy. But this woman does not like household chores, and will never be a good housewife. She has good taste, her home is always cozy and light. But she would prefer to leave cleaning and cooking to the housekeeper or someone from close relatives.

Rufina will always be important to have the authority and respect of others. She loves being given compliments and celebrating her achievements. This will be her main motivation to work. Her life must always be on the move, Rufa loves people with similar interests and principles to join society.

It is not surprising if Rufina will be interested in the political and economic situation in the country and in the world. It is important for her to be an interesting and prominent figure in society. Although this woman can not be called a social lioness, she would prefer to have a family meeting with her friends for glamorous parties.

The older Rufina becomes, the harder it will be to keep the balance between social activities, charity, work, family, without compromising her own interests. Perhaps, by sacrificing her personal time, means, and emotions, she embodies her main task - to be useful to humanity.

Despite an active and dynamic lifestyle, Rufina is inclined to think about spiritual development, self-improvement, other ways of understanding the truth. Even in adulthood, she can doubt the correctness of her actions, desires, sacrificing her interests for the sake of others.

Rufina's health will require close attention throughout life. The lady is prone to hereditary diseases of the kidneys, urinary system. In her youth, Ruf’s girl often slouches over, leading to back problems and lumbar pain in old age.

The character of Rufina may differ depending on the period of birth. Rufa, born in spring or summer, may be more artistic, tuned to career growth, fame and fame. Winter Rufina more restrained and calm. She is more important than family happiness and well-being.

Famous women named Rufina