Dream interpretation

What dreams of a cow in the dream book

To determine why a cow dreams, read this article. It contains the best interpretations of popular dream books, which I myself use constantly. Try it and you - then the future will never be a surprise.

Ukrainian dream book

A horned animal is a symbol of bondage, restriction of freedom or magical interference in your life. All together can cause a disease with which you will fight long and hard.

More interpretations:

  1. A few cows - you happen to be a big nuisance due to negligence. But you will react to this easily, but a close person will suffer greatly because of feelings about your future.
  2. The calf - to a series of misfortunes, because of which you feel that life has become an endless natural disaster. But fate knowingly sends you problems - you must learn to solve them and show that you know how to be persistent.
  3. Milking a cow - to profit and pleasant surprises associated with money, career, business or work. In addition, you have the talent of a negotiator, use it and be able to achieve great success in the future.
  4. An abandoned animal - to a series of minor troubles, because of which you will often get angry and you can even stop controlling yourself. Try to keep yourself in hand, otherwise small problems will turn into major setbacks.
  5. Drinking cow's milk - to good health. Even if you are now seriously ill, and doctors shrug their shoulders, healing is not far off. The main thing - believe that your body has enough resources to defeat the disease.

Dream Miller

Seeing cows quietly grazing in a meadow is an auspicious sign that says that all your wishes will be easily fulfilled without much effort on your part. Feel free to make plans and catch opportunities falling on you.

More interpretations:

  1. The white cow is a sign that there is a person in your environment who is taking great care of you. You consider this a friendship, but in reality he has romantic feelings that he is afraid to admit even to himself.
  2. The cow is trying to butt - get an inheritance that was not completely expected. And together with the grief over the loss of a loved one, you will experience the joy of sudden enrichment. Try to donate part of the funds to charity in order not to disturb karmic balance.
  3. To see animals far in the field is a good sign that says that all the troubles and misfortunes will bypass you. You have a strong guardian angel. It helps to fulfill desires and provides support in difficult situations.
  4. Fat cow - you have a huge potential that you do not use yet. But, as soon as you begin to develop and use the talents given to you by God, then you will become a rich person and you will know true happiness.
  5. Skinny - you will lead an idle life, full of entertainment and ease. Surprisingly, it will not bring you problems, because good luck is always with you. You were born under a lucky star - unlike many people, you don’t have to strain yourself at all.

Slavic dream book

The cow symbolizes a strong and independent woman with a somewhat aggressive character. But this does not spoil her, but, on the contrary, helps her to achieve her own at any cost.

More interpretations:

  1. Watching with interest the herd of cows - to the profit you get completely unexpected. The amount of money you have will exceed all expectations. Take care not to waste them, but try to increase them.
  2. Huge horns aimed at you - in your environment there is an enemy, the existence of which you know. But he is too weak and not in a position to seriously harm you, although there will still be minor adjustments.
  3. Running from a cow is a sign that you often run away from problems instead of solving them. And precisely because of this, fate will begin to send you more and more difficult tests to teach you responsibility and perseverance.
  4. To milk a cow - you are capable of becoming a very rich person, but still do not believe in yourself. Try to understand that you are simply obliged to use your potential, to bring benefit to people and receive a decent reward for it.
  5. Fat and well-groomed cow - to get acquainted with a very influential person who will like you a lot of sympathy and show their patronage. In the future, it is possible that you will fall in love with each other and create a happy family.
  6. Lean and sick animals - to huge problems. Such a dream can heal as parting with a loved one because of his betrayal, and great financial losses. In any case, you will experience the bitterness of loss, which you will not soon be able to accept.
  7. Seeing another person milking a cow — you are being used to gain benefits. And this is a close person whom you trust more than yourself. Sooner or later, the truth will become apparent, and you will experience tremendous disappointment.
  8. A herd of cows on a green meadow - to a happy and secure life in a circle of loved ones, relatives. Problems and worries will fade into the background, you will finally be able to fully enjoy the benefits that you have.
  9. To sell a cow - get the benefit of dishonest actions. But be sure, in the future you will have to pay for it with something valuable. For example, health or love of their chosen one.
  10. Cow's milk in huge quantities - you do not need to invite into the house of unfamiliar people, because among them are enemies who want to harm you. Be alert and do not trust your surroundings too much.