Dream interpretation

Azalea - the value of the name, the nature and fate of the owner


The name Azalea has ancient Greek roots and is translated as "shrub in flowers". The meaning of the name is associated with the azalea houseplant, which during the flowering changes to beyond recognition.

There is an Arabic version of the origin of the name, according to it Azalea means calm, comforting, pacifying. A different form of the name is Aza, it can also be independent and have a different interpretation.

In the name of Azalea, it is common to name children mainly in Muslim countries. Aza does not celebrate the day of the angel, as it is not listed in the Orthodox and Catholic calendar holidays.

General interpretation and horoscope

  • The planet patron of the name is Saturn;
  • Zodiac sign corresponding to the meaning of the name - Aquarius, Capricorn;
  • The color that attracts good luck and happiness - mint, olive;
  • The plant that gives strength and positive energy is the root;
  • Stone - charm - chalcedony.

Early years Azaleas - talents, habits and preferences

Azochka is a very calm and quiet child. Ambient often confused equanimity babes with isolation and shyness. Azochka can be lively, fun and noisy, but there must be a reason for this.

The girl likes to help her mother around the house, do housekeeping or other household chores. She does not see this as a boring and burdensome task; for her, this is a way to be useful, in demand, and therefore happy.

Aza is an active and energetic baby. From an early age, the girl is taught to be independent, she is not afraid to take responsibility, having certain resources for her activities. The workflow inspires and transforms her if she believes in the successful outcome of her work.

In school, Azochka is very diligent, scrupulous, diligent. What other children are trying to avoid, it will be thoroughly and patiently brought to the end. Such a character trait will highlight it in adulthood and help make a successful career.

In high school, Aza is distinguished among peers by their leadership qualities, initiative and the presence of a solid personal position. She likes to lead, to influence her peers, she is not afraid to make an important decision on behalf of a large group of classmates. Such people are usually class headmen or undertake a lot of social work.

At this age, Azalea is already able to decide on a future profession. She has a penchant for science, pedagogy. She has enough of a positive attitude, patience and tact to improve academic performance or to make out a complex lesson topic for the whole class.

Azalea can turn the boys around, but it does not pursue such a goal. She is not deprived of external data, she has enough femininity and charm, but she perceives her fans as friends rather than seeing potential suitors in them. But this girl is rather picky and quickly able to make a decision about marriage, having met a suitable candidate.

In young people, Azochka appreciates kindness, openness, responsiveness, pliability. She wants her loved one to be able to give in, to find compromises. Partnership in a relationship is more important to her than passion, recklessness and desire. Although this young lady is quite sensual and sentimental in love.

Aza can stay in one workplace for a long time, scrupulously studying the problem or making calculations. For successful implementation it will suit the sphere of accounting, auditing, work in the judicial - executive system. She can show her talents in banking or as an economist.

Azalea's mathematical mindset, discipline and attentiveness will be highly appreciated by future employers, offering her a high salary and position. Aza - although a practical person, but she puts material interest in second place after a personal attitude to work. It is very important for her to love her work, to enjoy the process and to believe in the ultimate goal.

With these components, Aza is able to believe in herself, revealing her own potential, developing the skills of a competent leader. Despite her strict disposition, strong and strong-willed character, Azalea is quite tolerant, tolerant and loyal to those around her, even to her subordinates.

Azochka’s mistake in the business sphere can be the fact that she has become accustomed to take on much of herself, often without delegating complex responsibilities to inexperienced employees. It is easier and faster for her to perform a responsible task with a soma than to burden those who are not confident in their abilities. This situation can lead to rapid burnout at work.

Professional implementation, family and health

Adult Azalea is a man of duty. She makes very high demands on herself and will never forget about her responsibilities. The higher its importance, authority and respect at work, the more it feels self-satisfaction.

Happiness Azochka lies not only in his beloved profession. For this woman it is very important to have a loving family nearby. She often gets married early. This does not mean that it is indiscriminate or frivolous.

Aza is able to wisely choose a spouse, assessing his reliability, loyalty, generosity, and determination. It is important to her that there should be not only a good lover, but also a devoted friend, comrade, ally.

Azalea will not look at a rude, cynical and narcissistic man. She herself was accustomed to sacrifice much for the sake of loved ones, relatives and is waiting for the same attitude towards herself. She is ready to indulge her beloved spouse with home cooking, care and affection, but this man should approve of her employment at work and her desire for career growth.

Azalea is quite sensual and tender in love. A favorable union is possible with men named Ruslan, Yaroslav, Yevgeny, Mikhail, Natan. It is worth avoiding a serious relationship with Solomon, Alexander, Yuri, Nile.

With the advent of children, Aza will temporarily retire from the work schedule and fully devote himself to raising and caring for babies. But this business woman is not ready to leave her job forever for her family. For her, these concepts are inseparable.

Therefore, Azalea expects an eternal race and a lack of time, which it will try to divide between working problems and household chores. This may be a reason for quarrels, discord in the family, but Aze will have enough delicacy and diplomacy to avoid them.

Happiness Azalea in its demand, it has long chosen its path, combining work with family, eliminating one thing, Aza will lose the meaning of their own purpose. For this active woman it is important to always be in demand. This will give her strength in a more mature age.

Azalea has a fairly large circle of friends, but because of its employment, it has little time to meet with friends, evening gatherings and lovely female gossip. She is not interested in the details of someone's personal life, she is not able to envy someone else's wealth and weave intrigue.

In many ways, her character recalls the behavior of a decent and honest man. But this does not deprive Azalea of ​​femininity, tenderness in the look and manners of a beautiful lady. What the Aza sometimes lacks is well-groomed. Sometimes she can forget to follow her, not paying attention to the lack of a manicure on her hands or negligence of her hair.

Aza's health is not always stable. She should be more attentive to diseases of the genitourinary system, kidneys and lungs. Even with a mild cold, the body can fail, complicating the disease manifestation of chronic diseases.

Famous people named Azalea