Dream interpretation

Danis - the freedom-loving name, character and distinctive features


Danis is a male name, a putative meaning: "fame," "science," "knowledge." It has Persian roots. It is distributed in Central Asia, in the Middle East, among the Tatar - Bashkir Muslim population in Russia.

Variants of the name: Danik, Dania, Daniska, Danchik.

Angel Day is not celebrated due to Muslim origin.


Danik since childhood endowed with the makings of freedom and independence. Active prankster, does not tolerate monotony and does not like to sit still. Very good-natured.

From his youth, he is separated from his parents, begins to run his own farm, has an opinion and actively defends it.

Continuously working on his image, self-improvement, his task is to be different from others.

To frequent change of place of stay and work, does not accept domination from the side.

Artistic by nature, Danya has a good taste and sense of proportion. Can not afford to look pretentious.

Sociable, positive, easy to start dating. It has an outstanding sense of humor. Rarely doubts his abilities. Arising disagreements are extinguished by negotiation and prudence.

Danis is a good friend, many friends. Detractors do not have. May remain alone, but does not suffer, but quickly finds an occupation and an incentive to develop. Self-sufficient nature.

Love and family relationships

A man needs an object of love, cares and takes care of the girl. He is a sensual and passionate partner, in the relationship certainly dominates. Prefers not to wonder about the desires of the chosen one.

Danis loves his spouse to listen to him, unconditionally fulfill the requirements. Solves all household issues independently. The imperious and proud woman is not for him.

In a family union, misunderstandings, resentments and quarrels on the basis of total control on the part of Danis are frequent.

For this reason, marriage is rarely happy. The family creates in the middle years, becoming more tolerant and less discriminating.

To avoid disappointment in love and union, Danis needs a partner who also needs attention signs. One whose soul will be in search of a devoted, sensual partner. You cannot think of a more harmonious union if these two find each other.
A companion can be: Valeria, Angelina, Veronika, Anastasia, Regina, Liana, Zhanna, Anna, Zalina.

Undesirable union: Victoria, Vera, Surya, Gulia, Gulnara, Elena, Tatiana, Lily, Polina.

What profession to choose

Danis is a sensible man, prefers informed decisions. Service with a strict framework, a certain algorithm is alien to Dan. On the contrary, creative work submits perfectly. He is a creative person, can choose a creative profession. By the way, you will have a great sense of humor, a non-trivial taste, and a freedom-loving nature.

By nature, Danis is a pioneer; he achieves crazy results with uncharted ways and his knowledge. Invention is the real version of professional use.

Many ideas and rational proposals are being implemented in production. The moment of misunderstanding is simply envy, Danis has been pursuing all his life. Management can hinder career growth, seeing how easily it overcomes professional barriers. Possible change of work for this reason, and not once.

It is necessary to know that the obstinate and independent Danis is a valuable employee, who is not subject to submission to the insane chief. Prefer conflict rather than unresponsive silence.

There is a chance of getting a good education, and then managing a large company.

A business created personally is also possible. This is a bright prospect to build a successful enterprise.

Danis will become a professional athlete, entrepreneur, artist, engineer, creative director, manager.

Astrological features

  • Heavenly body - Uranus or Mercury
  • Zodiac constellation - Aquarius, Gemini and Taurus
  • Rock - chalcedony, chrysoberyl
  • Name shade - all shades of yellow, orange

Famous carriers named

  1. Danis Zaripov - famous hockey player
  2. Danis Glinstein - psychic
  3. Danis Shcherbakov - musician, composer
  4. Danis Huzin - actor