Dream interpretation

Why dream of dreaming mushrooms?


To unravel the fungi dream, read the article and choose the appropriate interpretation. It will help shed light on the future, prepare for the coming event and avoid problems. I collected forecasts of the best dream books you can trust.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

According to Freud, the mushroom is a phallic symbol.

Here are his interpretations:

  1. See a lot of mushrooms in a forest glade and collect them - to an active and rich sex life. But you should beware of promiscuity in connections, because it can be a source of many problems.
  2. Clean the mushrooms - you are tired of active life and need a rest. You are tired of the search for personal happiness and you dream to meet a person with whom you can spend the rest of your days in harmony and love.
  3. Hold mushrooms in your hand - you are not alone because you have too high demands or have any fears about relationships. You just have enough quiet happiness alone with yourself, and you satisfy your own sexual needs.
  4. Cooking mushrooms for diseases of the reproductive system. It is necessary to check with the doctor to catch the disease in the embryo and quickly cure it, not bringing the case to serious complications.
  5. Throwing mushrooms - a sign of a tendency to homosexual contact. You may not realize this yet, but sooner or later nature will take its toll.
  6. Worms mushrooms - to the birth of offspring. Your family may have children or even grandchildren. Pregnancy will be unplanned, and at first nobody will be pleased, but over time you will accept and love offspring.

Interpretations of popular dream books

There are a lot of interpretations about mushrooms in dream books. Read them all, and then select the one that most responds in your heart. Intuition will not deceive, and the forecast will come true.

Here are the predictions:

  1. The dream book of Tsvetkov - you will receive valuable advice from a loved one who will help you very much in solving a problem. Poisonous mushrooms - to the happiness and well-being that you will find unexpectedly. There are mushrooms - for longevity and happy old age surrounded by native people. Collect - get a decent reward for your work.
  2. Dream interpretation Hasse. Collect - the results of your efforts will be appreciated, you will be respected. Mushrooms in sour cream - all your life you will live in prosperity and without financial problems. Poisonous - a happy accident will save from great danger. There is - to a happy and happy old age.
  3. The correct dream book. You will find yourself in a difficult situation from which you can not find a way out. But if you ask for help and advice from a person you trust, the matter will be solved with the best outcome for you.
  4. Electronic dream book - get to know a man for whom you will experience strong emotions and real passion. A whirlwind romance will start, which, although it will end quickly, will give you a lot of unforgettable feelings.
  5. Esoteric dream book. Collect mushrooms - to a profitable marriage of convenience, which in time will come true love. Family relationships can also improve if you already have a spouse. See mushrooms - feel that you are aging and young years behind, appearance will deteriorate. There is - live a long life and keep a clear mind to old age.
  6. Dreambook Azar - you are waiting for big trouble because of their own frivolity. You need to be more cautious and remain cautious, then you will avoid a huge disaster and a threat to health.
  7. Dream Cananita - to pregnancy. A child will be born who will become an assistant and support for you in everything. Thanks to him, your old age will be prosperous. Collect - get a good reward for the work done. There is - you will live to a great old age, although you will remain miserable. Poisonous mushrooms - happily avoid big trouble thanks to the support of a loved one.

Ukrainian dream book

Poisonous mushrooms, toadstools and toadstools, dreams of making a profit. You can break a big score. The more money you invest in the business, the more you increase your capital, so do not regret the investment.

Collect mushrooms for a valuable acquisition. This can be both the birth of a child, and the creation of a new business, winning, receiving an inheritance or relationship with a loved one.

Dried - you will be on the verge of great misfortune, but, thanks to a happy accident, you will avoid big trouble. Do not forget to thank later fate for giving you a chance to stay safe.

There are mushrooms - you will live happily ever after, meet old age with a healthy and strong person. All this is due to the fact that they led a righteous life and helped people, although to the detriment of themselves sometimes.

Champignons - you are lucky, so you can safely take up any business. You do not just bring it to the end, but also understand that the results exceed your even the most ambitious expectations.

Mushrooms stewed in sour cream is an excellent sign, which promises a tremendous wealth to the dreamer. But only under the condition that he becomes involved in his favorite work, following the desires of his soul. But the opinion of others, even the closest people, should not be given much attention.

A woman has mushrooms in her sleep - for an event that will leave an indelible impression and will be remembered for a long time. It can be both positive and negative. But what gives a lot of emotions - that's for sure.

Mushroom soup - a close person who you previously trusted as yourself will become suspicious. You will get information about his unseemly deeds in the past. It is possible that you will be seriously disappointed and wish to stop your communication.