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What to cook and how to celebrate the New 2018th year so that it will be successful for you


Many people know the common expression: "As you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it." That is why it is very important how your New Year's celebration will take place, what kind of people will surround you this evening, and what kind of food will be present in the New Year's menu.

How to meet and what to cook for the New 2018 - this is what we will tell you in this material.

How best to celebrate New Year

The most appropriate option would be to celebrate the New Year's celebration in the family’s family, that is, the family. Ideally, if you can combine all relatives at once. You can also invite to celebrate with you the new 2018 and close friends.

The patroness of the coming year is the Yellow Earth Dog, she doesn’t really like different “pomp” and solemn atmosphere, giving her preference for more family comfort.

Under strict prohibition is riotous and indecent behavior, loud chants, dancing until the morning and busting alcohol. If you drink alcohol, then take care not to "fall asleep face in a salad."

Note! In anticipation of the year, Dogs should abandon their favorite restaurants, cafeteria, saunas, motor ships, discos and other establishments. Home - this is the most suitable place for celebration in the coming year.

What to cook for the festive evening

What dishes should decorate your holiday table? Consider the fact that the Dog is distinguished by unpretentiousness in food, it is a bad gourmet, it is not very interested in delicacies. Therefore, the main trend of the New Year's solemn table is maximum simplicity. Do not buy on this New Year a variety of not cheap gastronomic delights.

A good recommendation. Try to have more meat on the table. After all, this food is a favorite for dogs.

Let us consider in more detail which culinary masterpieces should decorate your New Year's table.

The first dishes

The ideal solution would be cooking soup with meatballs, chicken hearts, shurpa or pickle. In addition, you can make a hodgepodge, consisting of different types of sausages and meat. Another suitable solution is traditional Ukrainian borscht.

Hot Snacks

Of the most relevant second meat dishes can be called meatballs with rice, beef liver, meatballs, chops and goulash.

Boiled potatoes, buckwheat porridge, cereal from wheat or macaroni are perfect as a side dish - everything here depends solely on your culinary wishes.

Cold appetizers

Mandatory attribute of the holiday table - a variety of cuts of meat or sausage. Also welcome lard with meat layers, beef tongue and heart.

In addition, it is necessary to focus on simple salads - for example, Olivier, mimosa or herring under a fur coat. Another excellent option of cold dishes - aspic meat. Also suitable option with meat or fish rolls, canapes, decorated with ham and olives.


In this menu item is also worth observing modesty. You can advise to decorate the festive table with the usual options of desserts - gingerbread, candy, cookies, cakes, pastries or fruit salads.

In the presence of free time, the hand-made making of gingerbread, cookies or other sweets in the form of figures of dogs is shown. In this way, you can establish a more harmonious relationship with the mistress of the coming year.


There are no strict restrictions on the issue of alcohol. The only point that should be followed is to remain vigilant and have a sense of proportion. If in another way - then drink in moderation.

In no case do not get drunk to a state of severe intoxication! In this case, the mistress of the coming year will be offended at you and deprive her protection and patronage, which is fraught with problems with money, health, personal life and career.

For sugary drinks, we advise you to use compotes, fruit drinks, freshly squeezed juices, kissel and various mousses. The ideal option is that all of the above be prepared personally. As decorative elements, use cinnamon, powdered sugar, pomegranate seeds and zest from fruits.

How to decorate the table for the new 2018

Here pay your attention to the following points:

  1. Treats for the patroness of the year. The main decoration of the New Year's table is, of course, the favorite treat of the dog. And what do these animals most love to feast on? That's right, under the bones, meat and giblets.

Therefore, it is necessary to take some kind of beautiful bowl, surely of a yellow color, fill it with all the above tasty items and place it in the central part of the table - at the place of honor. So you can tame the mistress of the coming year and will be with her "in good standing." Then the next 12 months will be more successful.

  1. Original decorations. A very stylish option - the decor of the table with the help of figures of dogs and puppies, which are made with their own hands. They can be different - fabric, wooden, foam, cardboard, cut out of colored paper or sculpted from plasticine.

Turn on your imagination at full capacity - Doggie will appreciate your ingenuity and ingenuity. Made figures should place an empty space between the plates.

  1. Cutlery and kitchen utensils. As mentioned in the beginning of the article, the Dog gives his preference to simplicity, chic is not his choice. Therefore, purchase wooden or earthenware. Of course, in the absence of an opportunity, it is permissible to take advantage of traditional customary dishes.

Ideally, all products will be yellow or brown, although it is allowed to dwell on classic white.

Make sure that the tablecloth also matches the color scheme of the year. Napkins can be decorated with images of dogs.

And, of course, we can not forget about the candles! Be sure to decorate the New Year's table with them. In the central part of the table, next to dog treats, it is recommended to put three tall candles (white, yellow and golden). Other candles (small in size) should be placed among the dishes. Use stylish candlesticks.

What to wear for the New Year

The first thing is to choose the most suitable color scheme, which must necessarily be maintained. The ideal solution is an outfit in which one or two colors will be the main ones, and one more - auxiliary. Shades are permissible and to combine, but then carefully make sure that it does not become too motley and devoid of taste.

The ideal colors of 2018 are all tones of yellow, sand, olive, gold, brown, coffee, ocher and khaki. From neutral colors for Dogs you can call: white, cream, dairy and a touch of champagne. But it would be better if you choose the traditional colors related to the patroness of the coming year.

An important point in choosing a dress for the New Year 2018: buy clothes that are not too bright, but more soft, muted and pastel colors. In no case should you buy vulgar clothing, therefore, under a strict ban are different deep cuts, neckline, translucent "frank" fabric. Remember that the Dog is a very reserved and chaste animal and it is better not to irritate it.

Of course, this does not mean that the tail patron of the year does not appreciate attractive things. She likes them a lot! But she focuses more on sophistication, grace and sophisticated style. Therefore, it is quite acceptable to buy a "spicy" outfit with a twist, but in any case not frank, vulgar or making any hints of sex.

In matters of decoration, also be modest. Under the ban are diamonds, you remember that the dog does not like the frankness and pretentiousness. It is permissible to buy elegant jewelry in harmony with the basic style of clothing.

Note! If there are any family jewels in your family's piggy bank, you don’t need to turn out to be from them, on the contrary, be sure to put them on New Year's Eve.

It is great if you decorate your outfit with different fur details. For example, it is recommended to attach fur strips to the cuffs, collar and hem of clothing. Auxiliary elements, focusing on the refinement of your style, will be a clutch with gloves, a cape, a shawl, a scarf or a belt with a belt.

Now you know how to properly greet the upcoming New 2018, what dishes to decorate your holiday table and outfit of what colors to wear.

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