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How to find a loved one with the law of attraction


Even if you have already resolved the issue with your loved one, the information will be useful for you from the point of view of the attraction desired. All that you want to have in life, you must first present before your mind's eye. This principle of the law of attraction applies to any area of ​​life, and not just to relationships. To attract the desired, we need the help of the subconscious, as well as the universal forces.

Let's start creating a mental picture. First you need to determine the characteristics of the person we are going to find and love. Because these characteristics must be loaded into the subconscious, so that they help him look for the necessary image of a person for us. If you are going to find a loved one with whom you hope to spend your whole life, then do not take the time to do this. So make yourself a cup of tea. You will also need a pen and paper.

Step-by-step instruction

Determining the parameters and you yourself will allow to clarify the image of a person, and facilitate the work of your subconscious. The mental image of a person will be in steps:

Step 1: Sketch the Image

Make an unlimited number of qualities that are important to you in a person. This is only a sketch, so do not think too much, write what comes to mind. Before you start writing, headline the sheet "What do I want?" Think about how you want to see the image of your chosen one (your chosen one).

The answer may be, for example, “I want this person to be smart, honest, kind, athletic, attentive, polite, responsible, loyal, caring, single, have a sense of humor, keep his word, love fishing, ride a mountain skiing, cooked well. "

It is recommended not to write anything with denial. All specifications must be in an affirmative form. That is, do not write, for example, "does not stay at work until late in the evening." Instead, it is better to write "comes from work on time." And, let's say, the phrase “does not put on a tight-fitting dress for work” can be replaced by “for work is dressed in a restrained style”.

Step 2: Choosing the Most Important

Here you need to select from the list only the ten qualities of a potential loved one that are most important to you, and select them with underlining or in some other way.

Step 3: Prioritization

Place these ten qualities in priority. That is, in the first place will be the most important characteristic, and then - in descending order. It is advisable to rewrite the top 10 in the chosen order. You may have to think over the list and drink more than one cup of tea. But when you meet a person of the opposite sex, your internal scanner will quickly determine if it has qualities that are important to you.

Your subconscious mind is an effective filter. The reticular formation of your brain constantly filters out for you what your attention is about. This list of ten parameters will be the key thing for focusing your reticular formation. She has access to the maximum amount of information from which she makes a choice.

The fact is that your consciousness cannot cope with such work, because it has scanty opportunities for such a process. With the help of consciousness, you can only adjust the operation of the filtering system. That is why we compiled a list of the most important qualities of an ideal lover. It will help direct the work of the subconscious in the right direction. View this list more often, at least every morning.

And what else can you do to enhance the work of the reticular formation? Look for positive aspects in every person you see. So you start to attract those people who have these positive characteristics. But remember that when you see a quality in another person that you don’t like and say: “No, this is not at all what I’m looking for,” then you sort of encourage your reticular formation to search for exactly what you don’t want.

Therefore, never make statements with the words “I don’t want it” and “I don’t like it”. Such statements work against the attraction desired. Do not mentally criticize anyone, act in the opposite way, that is, notice the beautiful sides of a person. Make the following statements:

  • "Oh, what a kind man this is,"
  • "Oh, what is he responsible,"
  • "Oh, what a smart man this is,"
  • "Oh, how well he cooks,"
  • "Oh, how beautiful this man is to his wife."

What happens when you focus on the positive aspects of people, even if they are already busy? By this you show your reticular formation that it needs to look for you. You activate the attraction in your life of people with the same qualities. Look for what you want. Do not focus on what you do not want.

Let's turn to creating a mental image of relationships. Emotions are your energy of attraction. And we begin with the fact that we will create good energy for this.

Step 4: Emotion

Take a pen, paper and headline the sheet with the following question: "What do I want to feel in a relationship with a loved one?" In fact, you need to write what kind of emotions you want to experience in this relationship.

The answer may be, for example, this: "I want to feel happiness, joy, ease, freedom, love."

After that we will use Andrew Carnegie's secret formula. This formula is designed to fulfill any desires. Carnegie's secret is this: for desire to manifest itself in reality, a sum of two elements is necessary: ​​desire + faith. Now we will proceed to the formation of these two components. First we need to formulate a desire.

Step 5: Formulation of Desire

Again we take a clean sheet and write from above: "What do I want? I want to be in a relationship of love with a person who ...". And write those ten qualities that you identified in the first step.

So, one component of wish fulfillment is ready here. Go to the second element - faith. Napoleon Hill said: "If you believe that you can, you will succeed!".

So what is the meaning of faith? The fact that you believe that your desire will necessarily be fulfilled, that this will actually happen. Having faith, you enter into a state of anticipation, anticipation that this will happen. And this state fills you only with positive emotions. If this does not happen, then this is not faith at all. Due to the positive emotions of faith, you jump out on high vibrations. And there energies will flow to you that will help you.

But how to fill yourself with positive emotions and expectations for a new relationship? For this you need to create in your mind a mental image of ideal relationships. This image should fascinate you as a beautiful film. One of the few things a person can control is his own thoughts. Therefore, the creation of an ideal mental image of relationships with your loved one is entirely in your power. No one else will create these thoughts for you. And no one can get into your thoughts.

The more perfect the mental image you create, the better. Because from the ideal image positive emotions will go off-scale. And the more positive you feel, the better the law of attraction will work. Because positive emotions have high vibrations. They attract the best.

What is the mental image of the relationship? This is just a short story about your desired relationship. Our goal now is to come up with a story so that you feel a surge of positive emotions, emotions of joy and happiness.

What intimate dreams related to relationships would you like to bring to life? Unleash your imagination and write them in the form of a story. You should be very pleased with the anticipation of the relationship, which will certainly be attracted to your life. You should have great pleasure when you think about your desire. Therefore, the story should contain only the most pleasant thoughts and stories. The only criterion for such a story is that it should be extremely pleasing to you.

Step 6: Creating a Story That Strengthens Faith

But how to come up with such a story? To do this, you can, for example, ask yourself the question: "Why do I want a relationship with a loved one?" Write this question on the sheet and write down the answers. Remember that your task is to choose joyful thoughts for this story and write down the ideas of what you expect from this relationship.

Answers may be:

  • "I want to fall asleep with my beloved person and kiss him when I wake up,"
  • "I want to lie on the couch at the weekend and watch movies with a loved one",
  • "It's fun when you have someone to chat with, as well as have breakfast and dinner together,"
  • "In a relationship, I feel like a happy person,"
  • "I want to take care of my loved one",
  • "Together it is fun to go on vacation at sea and walk at sunset on the wet sand, holding hands",
  • "When there is a relationship, life becomes much happier,"
  • "I want to feel love for myself and express my love",
  • "I want to feel caring about myself."

Come up with those relationships that are ideal for you. You will do it perfectly. Especially do not focus on the answers given, these are just examples to make it easier for you to understand in what form to write. One of our friends wrote: "I want a relationship, because it would be great to lie down on the floor and shake the press, and then put on my sneakers and run." The most amazing thing is that she met just such a person. So there are practically no limits to the answers.

Please note that here all proposals must be in an affirmative and positive form. Once again we will repeat the most important criterion: it must be so tasty a story that it will lift you up to heaven. Your goal: to create a starting point of attraction that would be filled with the energy of happiness and joy. You can come up with these "why" as you like. Dream it. All you need is to think about what you want, and also how well you will feel having it.

But if you wrote down some thought and realized that you are not experiencing joy or other pleasant emotions from it, cross it out immediately. Be sure to watch your emotions. Record what feelings you have from your thoughts. You need only those thoughts that are accompanied by positive emotions. The more pleasant the emotions, the faster everything will happen. Idealize. Embellish. Imagine that you have a magic wand. Remember that you can completely dispose of your thoughts.

In this approach, there is an additional benefit: you divert your attention from any negative thoughts. And when you do this, then any negative goes out of your life. Reverend Hayk said: "Do not be mean in your dreams." So do not skimp on the good for yourself. And Brian Tracy said the same thing a little differently: "If an angel descended from heaven, what kind of ideal life would you ask for?"

Therefore, your answers about why you want relationships are an essential element of attraction; they will connect you to the energies of the universal forces. Almost everyone loves to dream, but dreams often remain unfulfilled. We must not just dream, but do it, armed with a pen. After all, as Bob Proctor said: "A pen is the most magical tool in your life."

Step 7: Thanks

Throughout the day, express gratitude for all that you already have. Using the energy of gratitude, you will keep yourself on higher vibrations. This will give you access to energies that can help you realize your goal.

And do not forget to read the answers in step 6, at least twice a day. So you will constantly maintain a focus on this relationship. With the help of seven steps, you sort of order a pleasant life for yourself from the Universe. The power of each person to consciously organize their thoughts and direct them in the desired direction.

Important Instructions

Also give three small instructions:

  1. You create thoughts. No one can limit you in how and what to direct them to. Therefore, you have complete freedom for your pleasant mental journeys.
  2. Your thoughts are the first cause of your life experience. Think good.
  3. The law of attraction organizes and organizes the attraction of all that creates the manifestation of thoughts in reality.

Reticular formation

Almost all of the next part we devote to deciphering some points that might not seem clear to you. Let's start with the reticular formation. There is an old example that demonstrates how it works. Suppose one evening you decided to buy a car of a certain brand. The next day, after leaving the street, you suddenly begin to notice that you are constantly caught by the cars of this particular brand. What happened? Did over one night such cars become more? Of course not. You just made a decision, and your reticular formation automatically became active in the perception of just such machines.

As soon as you determine the ten most important qualities of a future chosen one or chosen one, the same thing will happen to you. You will instantly begin to notice these traits in those people with whom you will intersect. Because your reticular formation will become active in relation to people with such qualities. She will be constantly focused on finding the qualities you need.

Consider this example. Suppose in people you value a sense of humor the most and you want your loved one to have it. The next morning you come to the office to work. Your reticular formation is busy with its usual business, that is, it sorts the incoming flow of information, leaving unnecessary information in the subconscious, and sending the necessary one into the consciousness. She does this based on what you are most focused on. She sharply distinguishes people with a good sense of humor.

The reticular formation receives data from the external environment and, finding a person with a sense of humor, immediately sends a signal that activates the cortex of your brain. And you turn your head to this person and say: "Hey, hello. And you, it turns out, have a wonderful sense of humor." But you might have known this person for several years and not even notice this quality in him.

But today you noticed it for the first time, because last night you focused on it. And your reticular formation discovered this quality in this person and sent a signal to your brain. She told you: "Look at this man, he has an enviable sense of humor." Therefore, for your subconscious, the TOP-10 signs are the image on which the reticular formation will be oriented.

Where and when will you find your beloved

Now we’ll tell you why you don’t need to worry about how, where and when you meet your loved one. Here, Earl Nightingale’s words will be useful to us: “Do not worry too much about how you will achieve your goal. Fully trust a much more powerful force than the one you are. All you need to do is to understand where you are going ".

We did just that with you - determined where you were going to go before you even got there. We have built a mental image of a person and a relationship with him before they appeared in your life.

Suppose you are visited by the desire to enter a room full of people to talk with them a little. But suddenly you say: "This is not the one I'm looking for." However, do not rush to leave, because one of these people can lead you to the one who will lead you to another, which will lead you to the next, and the next will lead you to the next.

By this we want to tell you that you cannot see the path that leads you to the person you want to meet. The law of attraction does this job very well. And you just need to decide on what you want and focus on what you want. You should not worry about how everything will happen. The most important thing is to keep the desired result in focus.

Thank everyone, live positive!

Now tell you why you need to be grateful for any previous relationship, whatever they were. If your past relationships were not perfect, then this is what you can do so that they do not interfere with your thoughts. Just be grateful for them. Because the experience that you did not like, let you know exactly what you do not want.

We always get more clarity about what we want when faced with what we don't want. We are aware of our desires with maximum clarity precisely at the moment when we experience something unpleasant. Therefore, the old experience gives you today an excellent opportunity to understand what you want, and allows you to adjust the vibration to the attraction of a good future.

After you make a decision about what you want, allow yourself to remember only the positive aspects of past relationships. Do not forget that only what you invite through your thoughts can come into your reality. Поэтому когда кто-то думает о негативных сторонах прежних или даже настоящих отношений, это то же самое, что он начинает стучать в барабаны и громко просить повторить этот опыт.

Так что абсолютно бессмысленно сокрушаться о том, что уже произошло. Такому человеку можно посоветовать следующее: остановись, скажи "стоп", прекрати бить в барабаны. Лучше рассказывай себе волшебные истории о своем прекрасном будущем. Because in this universe, similar attracts like, positive attracts positive, negative attracts negative, magical attracts magic. And only what you call with your thoughts can come to your reality.

Invite the good. Think good. Allow yourself the main intention: "I am here to enjoy life. I want to see my relationship as part of my joyful life.".

You must succeed. The attraction will take place. You will see that someone else is looking for you just like you are looking for him.

In addition, an interesting video about the psychological side of relationships and how to find that person: