Dream interpretation

What do dream corpses by dream book


To find out what the corpses dream about, read this article. In it, I prepared interpretations of popular dream books, to which I appeal myself when I want to find out what awaits me in the future. Use them and you to know about upcoming events.

Dream Miller

To see a corpse in a dream - unfortunately. You will get news about the tragedy, which is very sad. Also, such a dream can lead to trouble in financial matters. A man dream foreshadows global disappointment in love.

More interpretations:

  1. The dead, dressed in black clothes - a sign of the imminent death of a friend, in some cases - to problems at work, which can lead to dismissal. The difficulties will be so large that it will be very difficult to handle them.
  2. The bodies on the battlefield - to the onset of war in the country in which the dreamer lives. The military confrontation will begin because of the spoiled relations between political groups.
  3. The corpse of an animal - your affairs will deteriorate due to poor health. For a long time you will not be able to fully perform their duties in full force, from which you will suffer losses. The situation will improve only in a few years.
  4. To see a relative as a dead man - to sever relations with a loved one. You will face a serious betrayal, after which you can no longer trust anyone.
  5. A woman should be wary of such a dream, because the betrayal of her lover, whom she trusted, is waiting for her. He will act with her dishonestly and for a long time will make men doubt. Even if she forgives betrayal, she will never be able to forget the dishonest act.
  6. To see your boss in the coffin - to the loss of a loved one. He will move away from you, and the relationship will end with time, which will make you worry a lot and suffer. But remember that the vacant place will be taken by a more loyal and devoted person.
  7. Seeing how a corpse breaks off its head - intrigues are being weaved against you, the purpose of which is to harm. Be careful not to let enemies execute evil plans and not suffer from their actions.

Dream Council: so that bad predictions do not come true, avoid reckless actions, soberly evaluate each of your actions.

Intimate Dream

These interpretations should be read by people who want to better understand what is happening in their sex life.

Here are the predictions:

  1. The corpse is dreaming of the change that your loved one will do. But do not blame only him for treason. Responsibility for what happened lies on you too. Analyze your behavior so that the situation does not repeat in the future.
  2. To a woman such a dream does not bode well. This is a sign that her partner often uses her gullibility and selflessness. He can meet with her at all for personal gain, without experiencing any feelings at all.
  3. If a man dreams of dead animals, it means that he does not trust women. That is why it attracts girls into their lives, who cheat and betray him. He should change his mindset and work on negative beliefs about the female sex.

Noble dream

If you are frightened by the bad predictions of dream books in the previous sections of the article, forget about them and study these. According to the Noble treatise on dreams, dreamed corpses are auspicious sign.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. Raise the dead man from the ground or carry on his hands - to unintentional joy. An event will occur due to which you will experience positive emotions and again be able to look to the future with hope.
  2. Kissing a dead body is a good sign. This is a sign that you are a very kind person, there is a lot of love in your heart. And that's why you easily get everything you want from life. Make a wish, and it will surely come true.
  3. Talking or dancing dead person to have fun. You will become a member of the event, which will have a great time. It is possible that this is where you will meet your future second half.
  4. Sleeping next to the dead - to sadness due to a long illness. At first, doctors will say that your illness is incurable, but it will soon become clear that everything is not so bad. After a few months you will be healed completely.
  5. To put clothes on the dead person - in your house there is a plotted thing, with the help of which the ill-wisher has corrupted. It is because of her that misfortunes and misfortunes have happened to you lately. You need to find this item and get rid of it as soon as possible.
  6. The corpses floating on the river - your actions in the past will determine the present and the future. If you lived in peace and harmony with people, generously shared your love with them, then you will experience well-being and happiness. If you committed misdeeds, then wait for big problems.
  7. Flying corpse - you will achieve your goal very easily. If there is none, urgently decide what you want to achieve in the near future. And circumstances will develop in a favorable way.
  8. The corpse, revived and risen from the grave - the changes you have been waiting for will not occur. Life will continue its course. But do not regret it, what you are striving for will surely happen. just need a little more time and effort.
  9. The corpse that is chasing you - the black band in life will end soon. She will be replaced by a state of absolute happiness. You will live in harmony with yourself and the world.
  10. Smiling zombies - you often deceive yourself and live in illusions. It is necessary to learn how to adequately assess reality and grow up a little.