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What dreams of blood on the dream book


How to find out why blood dreams, and is it worth being afraid of such a dream? It’s not worth worrying about, because “bloody” dreams often promise good health, long life and wonderful relationships with native people to the dreamer. And you will find your personal forecast in the article below, in which I collected only the best interpretations of the dream books.

Family Dream

Blood symbolizes health and longevity, and can also be a form of kinship, blood ties. Sometimes she promises some unexpected events that will occur in the life of the dreamer.


  1. See how your blood goes - your energy level is running out. You have worked too hard, not sparing yourself, so you risk undermining your health if you do not take at least a few days to rest. You need to sleep, fill with energy and calm the emotional state.
  2. Blood comes from the nose - an unfavorable sign that promises a loss of credibility. Your opinion will cease to be meaningful and important to others. There is a risk of completely losing the usual position, which will negatively affect the material well-being in the future.
  3. The blood that flows from the wound - to the conclusion of the transaction, which seems to be beneficial at first glance. But over time, it will bring great trouble and enormous losses. In the near future it is better not to sign any contracts at all.
  4. Seeing blood on your hands is wary, you are in danger. If you still become frivolous about life, you can be seriously hurt. Be vigilant, and serious trouble will be avoided.
  5. Multicolored blood - to a serious illness or to the fact that someone strongly hurt your feelings. This person will be able to put pressure on the most painful thing, you will stop controlling yourself and throw a huge scandal.
  6. Thin blood vessels with pulsating blood is a good sign that says you have enough energy and a lot of potential. You are able to get everything you want from life. You are active. active and enterprising nature.
  7. A wound on the head - you will get rich very soon, without putting any effort on it. It is possible to receive an inheritance or a big win in the lottery. Try to buy a ticket: what if you are lucky this time?
  8. Spitting blood - you will find yourself in a situation in which you feel extremely humiliated. Someone will frankly mock you, exuding an evil irony. And the worst thing is that because of this, others will become aware of some of your secret secrets.
  9. Seeing blood flow from your body and pouring it onto the floor is a good sign. Up to this point you have been disturbed by many sorrows and worries, but the unfavorable period will finally cease. Everything will be adjusted very quickly, and in life there will come a white stripe full of luck and luck.
  10. Dark, almost black and thick blood - circumstances will unfold in a favorable way for you. Everything you take will bring you success. Therefore, if you have long dreamed of doing something new, dare, the time has come.
  11. Blood from the throat - there will be a series of events that are very important for you, on which your future will depend. You need to constantly keep your ears open and monitor the situation to avoid unpredictable consequences.
  12. For a child without a child, a bloody dream promises the birth of a long-awaited child. And you need to try to conceive it during the first three days after sleep. And in nine months a girl will be born that looks like a father.
  13. Spitting blood on the ground is an ominous sign that dreams of death. Someone familiar to you will die. Sometimes a pet dies after such a dream if it was not just a pet, but a very beloved family member.

Alphabet Dream Book

Donating blood for analysis is a warning signal to the body that all is not well with your state of health. Some health problems are likely, and it is worth going to a doctor as soon as possible to rule out serious diagnoses.

More interpretations:

  1. To see a cut on your hand - to a wonderful pastime in the company of loved ones.
  2. Being a donor - to a series of emotional upheavals associated with the behavior of your lover. He will behave in a completely inappropriate way, that it will be unpleasant to surprise, grieve and upset you immensely.
  3. The bloody head without a body - to a series of minor troubles, because of which you have almost no free time.
  4. Dream dream idioms
  5. If in a dream you literally bled to death, then you will suffer greatly in reality. Negative emotions will cover you with your head, you will feel like a real victim of circumstances.
  6. Seeing blood on another person - to victory over an enemy who in the past has caused you a lot of evil and made you suffer. You will have information that will allow you to put it in place, to take revenge and neutralize it completely.
  7. Blood from the nose - in the next few days will have a lot of work, sacrificing free time. This is necessary in time to finish an important matter. Try to work as actively as possible, and within a week you will get the legal right to rest and recuperate.
  8. Seeing blood streaming out of you - you sacrifice yourself for the well-being of a loved one. And over time you will realize that you did it in vain, since he is not worthy of it.