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Salim: the meaning of the name and the whole truth about the character of the owner


This is the name Muslim nations got together with Islam. Many eastern countries perceive it as their own, dear. Meanwhile ...

Meaning and etymology of the name

It was spawned by the ancient Arabic language. It is fully translated either as "a beautiful-minded, bright person," or as "an owner of strong, good health."

By the way, others were created on the basis of this name: Salimgarai ("a person with good health"), Salimbeg ("a lord with good health"), Salimzade ("a son with good health"), Salimetdin ("prosperity of faith").

It gives a middle name: Salimovich (in a friendly way you can exclaim: Salimych!), Salimovna.

For friends and relatives he: Salimchik, Salisha.

In other cultures, it sounds like: Selim, Sali, Salya.

What character does it impart?

These features can be proud of: sociability, ability to converge with any interlocutor and support any topic. Friendliness (although this boy or man can become a close friend not for everyone, but he will never let those whom he called friends).

These traits would not be a sin to correct: talkativeness (in the company of friends, this is not a vice, but when dealing with a single interlocutor, this guy will not let his opponent even insert a word). Sneak: Salim will be easy to talk about movies, weather or politics, but she will never let something particularly personal come out of it.

That's how Salim's fate changes.

  • Childhood. In general, it is a calm child. Sometimes he falls into real despair if he cannot achieve what he has in mind. However, it does not last long, and little Salyusha again turns into a charming optimist.
  • Youth. The guy brighter loom creativity. However, sometimes the carrier of this name reveals a great interest in the sport. He learns very quickly (he can become a polyglot, since foreign languages ​​are given to him more easily than his peers). Choosing a profession, this guy should not go on about a minute impulse or circumstances. It is necessary to think well, to consult with older people - very much depends on this choice in later life.
  • Mature years. This is a "light" person who lives the same day. He likes to meet different people, go somewhere (preferably every time to a new place). He does not think about retirement, black bottom. Temporary success can be especially harmful for him: Salim will easily spend the money he has fallen on him on an expensive car and a representative suit, and in a couple of months he will have to sell the car, since there will be no need to pay a loan for it.

Astrology and esoteric

  • The ideal sign of the zodiac is: Capricorn (birth from December 22 to January 20) and Aquarius (from January 20 to February 18).
  • Color name: purple, purple, blue. Esotericists are sure: even if the carrier of the name wants to attract attention to himself, it is not worth doing with the help of bright, colorful clothes. It is better to rely on the cut, the quality of the fabric of the suit and tie of a business color, than on the orange shirt.
  • Patronage Planet: Jupiter.
  • The stone considered to be the mascot of the carrier of this name: amber, aventurine, amethyst, diamond, ruby, sapphire (but only pink), topaz (only blue), tourmaline (black).
  • Lucky metal: tin and zinc (by the way, the last metal is a part of table alloy, nickel silver, so spoons and forks for the carrier of this name are better to buy precisely nickel silver).
  • The number of the name: 1, 2, 3, 10, 12.
  • The day of the week, which is considered to be successful for the carrier name: Thursday.

Nameday: Salim does not celebrate them. Yes, and not very worried about this, because the majority of carriers of the name - Muslims.

Here is what Salim does in different life situations:

  • Love. This is the same necessity for a carrier of a given name, like water or air. This man at first glance may seem like an ideal partner: so caring, so gentle and affectionate! True, some girls eventually get tired of it, and the relationship begins to seem like a "golden cage" to them. Salim, for his part, may be offended if the partner does not appreciate his sincere care.
  • Friendship. This man has almost no enemies. During communication, the carrier of this name can wake the best feelings in a person, incline him to himself, even if initially he was angry at Salim.
  • Job. This is a very diligent, diligent employee. A high iykyu and an innate analytical mind enable it to compare favorably with other colleagues, even if everyone is engaged in one boring and monotonous affair.

With which woman to create marriage, and which is not created for this man?

Excellent compatibility: Arina, Milan, Polina. And there are girls who can be ideal wives or mistresses of Salim, but numerologists advise not to build a business with such a woman: this is Barbara, Veronika and Irina.

Medium compatibility (that is, the couple has every chance of being happy, the main thing is not to miss them, and in case of something to be ready for compromise): Anastasia, Alena, Amina, Anna, Victoria, Vera, Dariya, Ekaterina, Elizaveta, Elena, Kira, Camilla, Xenia, Olesya, Marina, Maria, Natalia, Julia.

Bad relationships: Valeria, Natalia, Sophia, Tatiana, Taisia.

Namesakes that made contemporaries to look closely at the name Salim

  1. Salim Jawad (1919-1961) - famous artist from Iraq.
  2. Salim Aitkulov (1913-1975) - Tatar, Hero of the USSR. This honorary title he earned while serving in the army during the Second World War.
  3. Salim Khan (1935) - actor (several roles) and screenwriter (many films) from India.
  4. Sheikh Salim or Salim Abu Umar al-Ghazzi is an Islamic preacher.
  5. Salim Keshyush (1979) - French film and theater actor, of Algerian origin. The most notable role: "Life Adele," "Paris at any cost."
  6. Salim Abboud Ashkar (1976) is a world-famous pianist. Israeli of Palestinian origin.
  7. Salim Mukhidinov is a professional MMA fighter.

There are people who can boast a last name consonant with this name:

  1. Dar Salim (1977) - actor from Denmark. Played in the films "Freefall", "Devil's Double", the series "Game of Thrones" (season 1).
  2. Haydar Salim is a songwriter from Afghanistan.

And in the end we offer to enjoy amazing religious singing. This is the prayer "Prologue of Salem" in Arabic: