Dream interpretation

What dreams of the forest on the dream book


To unravel the dream of a forest, try to recall and write down the dream scenario in detail, and then find the appropriate interpretation in this article. I collected forecasts of the best dream books, which I myself have been using for many years.

Esoteric dream book

See a large forest from afar - to the deep sadness that you will experience for a long time. You will remember the events of bygone days and indulge in nostalgia.

Other interpretations:

  1. To be in the twilight among the impenetrable forest thicket - you set to work that seems very simple to you. But in fact, you face many difficulties. It will take a lot of time to solve everything.
  2. Walking in the woods and collecting mushrooms - you will be invited to a cultural event. It can be a trip to the theater or a concert, about which you will get great pleasure.
  3. Spring forest with the first flowers - you will marry successfully and live with your spouse in peace and harmony until the end of your days. The chosen one will be the person with whom you have long been friends, but did not even think about a romantic relationship.
  4. The summer forest, illuminated by the sun, dreams to the advance of luck and luck. Your affairs will go smoothly, and circumstances will change in your favor. Therefore, it will be possible to solve even those problems that seemed very complicated.
  5. Autumn forest - to the conflict with the second half due to different views on the relationship. You have a different worldview, goals, desires and needs. It is worth thinking whether you chose a person as a life partner.
  6. Winter forest - to problems with money. There is a risk to spend all the savings, to lose work and be on the verge of bankruptcy. This will be a serious test for you, but do not despair, but continue to act in spite of everything.
  7. Scratching your feet on dry branches in the forest - because of a small mistake, you will lose something very important for you. You can lose the relationship, work, favorite things or a devoted friend. Have to be held responsible for the offense. It is important to draw the right conclusions from the situation so that it does not recur in the future.
  8. Sosnovy Bor - the decision on the property issue will be in your favor. Even if at first it seems that the circumstances are against you, the situation will still develop in the best way.
  9. Root-ripped trees in the forest after a hurricane are a sign that you are very stupidly wasting your time idle. It's time to start thinking about the future if you don't want to incur trouble.
  10. Singing in the woods will soon be a very happy period in your life. This time is filled with pleasure, communication with friends and relatives, vivid impressions and unforgettable emotions.
  11. Listening to forest birds is about to be disappointed in the person you are in love with. It will not be at all the way you imagined it. Feelings quickly pass and after that you will meet your true love.

Dream Miller

The author analyzed the dreams from the point of view of psychology.

Here are his interpretations:

  1. Trees in the forest with young foliage - you are on the crest of a wave. All your dreams will be fulfilled, and the goals are achieved as if by themselves. Action required a minimum amount. You only need to formulate a desire by sending a request to the Universe, and then observe how easy it comes true.
  2. Dead trees - to sadness and losses. Negative events will affect your personal life. You may have to part with a partner and say goodbye to hopes for a happy family.
  3. Climbing a tree is for professional realization. You will find the job of your dreams and will move very quickly up the career ladder. In just a couple of years, you will achieve a level of income that you have been striving for a long time.
  4. Cut down a tree - you do not use the potential that is given to you by God. You have unrealized talents. You should leave the unloved work and find a business to your liking, then you will find happiness and success.

Female dream book

The dream forest has a huge amount of interpretation.

Here are some of the predictions for women:

  1. Go through the grove, which consists of young trees - get ready to experience genuine joy. Your desires will be easily fulfilled, you can quickly achieve your goals, constantly receiving help and support from the Universe.
  2. Dead trees symbolize sadness and loss. A difficult life period will come, full of problems and disappointments. You need patience to survive this.
  3. Dense and green forest - you have become the chosen one of the Universe, and from now on, luck will accompany you in any endeavors. It is important to notice the opportunities that fate will send you, and use them for the benefit of yourself and people.
  4. Getting lost in the woods - to quarrels with the second half and problems at work.
  5. To admire the majestic and large conifers - you will get such success, fame and wealth, which you did not dare to dream of. Due to the fact that you faithfully behaved in the past, and find yourself rewarded.
  6. Impassable woodland - you are embroiled in a dubious story, because of which reputation will suffer. It will take a long time to restore it and silence evil tongues. Problems can be avoided if you find a foe who is in your environment and disguised as a friend.
  7. Wade through the impassable bushes in the forest - many difficulties will fall on you, which you cannot cope with without assistance. Either accept or seek support from loved ones.