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The meaning of the name Leo - the origin, fate and relationships


The name of a person is not just an ordinary word, repeated many times in a lifetime. The name-form in a certain way programs the fate and character of the carrier, therefore the selection procedure should be given a little attention, having familiarized with the history of the chosen name. For example, the beautiful name Leo has a certain meaning, as well as an ancient origin, although at present it is not in special demand.

Origin of the name form

The origins of the appearance of the name should be sought in the world of ancient Greek culture, whence came the association with the king of animals. If you refer to the Hebrew imenoslov, the translation of the word form means heart. The carrier of a pleasantly sounding male name has a fair and heroic character, even with features of heroism, which fully corresponds to the meaning oriented towards the king of beasts.

Among the synonyms of the name you can find the following variants of the name form: Leon or Lyon, Levon, Love, Leys, Lyon, even Levko or Lev. A boy in childhood can be affectionately called Lyovushka, as well as Levunya or Levusya, Lyavonka or Lyovochka, Lyonya, Lyovchik, Leone, Levko. According to the meaning of the name, an obligatory but persistent and conscientious man will grow from Levochka.

If you refer to the Latin roots of the word, the name sounds like Leo, endowing the wearer with a difficult character with interesting features and destiny. An example is the Bishop of Leo the Katans who lived in the 8th century, by the power of the prayer that healed people.

Nature of the stages of maturation

A positive, kind child turns into an eloquent young man, the favorite not only of his peers, but also of the adult part of the environment. The association of the value of the name with the king of beasts, gives the adult man a balanced but ambitious character.

Early childhood

Lyovushka is a calm, sensible boy. Fate gives the talented boy a purposeful, but persistent character with high responsibility. The good-natured baby does not cry for no reason, but one should not indulge the child’s requirements so that he does not become a tyrant. With proper upbringing, parents will be proud of a careful child, bringing to the end the work begun, but Lyovochka will not become a leader according to the meaning of the name.

Teenage stage

In adolescence, a total transformation of character can occur due to the strong energy that fate gives the carrier a name. Leve easily comes the school curriculum, but more it involves active rest and communication. Favorite environment can become a leader that will turn for Lyovchik popular among peers, although he may not be interested in them at all. Fate manifests oratorical abilities in a carrier, which helps the formation of a future unique personality.

The color of adult life

A matured lion becomes a man with a capital letter. He has a lot of friends who respect his opinion, thanks to the best human qualities against the background of the desire to rise above others, Leo will be able to become an excellent leader. What features the carrier has according to the meaning of the name:

  • humorous and optimistic;
  • sociability and friendliness;
  • calm, kindness, justice.

Do not forget that Leon can flare up, then he becomes uncompromising, does not forgive others around their shortcomings, especially his partners. The main negative trait of Leo's character is incontinence of promises due to the overwhelming burden taken upon himself.

Character traits by time of birth:

  • A winter-born Leo gives fate a difficult character, but an honest and fair boy can be hot-tempered;
  • the birth of spring shows ambitiousness with a hint of prudence, gives a frivolous, unpredictable character;
  • Summer Leo's name bestows kindness, responsiveness, sincere man never betrays, protects against enemies;
  • born in the fall, the man is faithful to his principles; an energetic knight will defend the interests of the family.

Relationship with the opposite sex

In his youth, Lyon radiating warmly is famous for loving nature, preferring sincere but sexy girls. He is a supporter of long-term relations, in which he tries to bring harmony, deifying love. Therefore, fleeting intrigues or casual sexual relationships are rejected. The loving nature of Leo does not accept attempts to subdue him. The carrier is not prone to scandals, but by the will of fate often his companion becomes an impulsive person, although Leo is looking for a passionate and loving partner.

Career issues

Thanks to his excellent organizational skills, a man was born to be a leader. His patience and restraint in relation to his subordinates should not be abused, because equilibrium can be replaced by frank conflict. Businessmen with a royal name are honest, punctual, and they demand the same from others. Among the well-known carriers of the name can be called such strong personalities as the head of Russian literature Lev Tolstoy, the legendary football player, goalkeeper Yashin, the famous Soviet singer with the cult repertoire of Lev Leshchenko.

Health for Leo

Fate has endowed carriers with the name enviable health. However, the neglect of physical activity leads to diseases of the joints, problems with the spine, as well as the nervous system can be detected. In addition, Leonam needs to monitor the stomach and the work of the heart.

From a psychological point of view, carriers of the name deny suffering, avoid excitement and difficult situations. Knowing their exclusivity, they strive to manifest it, subjugating those around them, surprising by surprises.

Name Compatibility Conditions

  • For a happy marriage, Lev should choose Anna or Angelica, Victoria or Valeria, Diana, Irina or Isabella, as well as Caroline, Tamara, even Eleanor.
  • Difficulties in relations await Leo, if he decides to union with Agnes or Valentina, Eva, Susanna, one should not expect interest in Oksana and Olesya, Marina.

When Lyovushka grows up and learns, in accordance with the meaning of the name, he is able to become an attentive doctor, professional aircraft designer, well-known journalist or writer. In business, Leo is waiting for success, it can be called an egoist, but not at all stingy.

Horoscope royal name Leo

  • Aries - the novels of a loving adventurer with a sense of humor will not be stable.
  • Taurus - the demanding nature of character runs into sharp straightness.
  • Gemini - the incredible charm of the amorous balagur deprives him of constancy in relationships.
  • Cancer is a straightforward but insecure person, and becomes tender without tenderness and care.
  • Leo - the eponymous sign gives high self-esteem, self-righteousness.
  • Virgo - a modest lover of loneliness struggling with his weaknesses of character.
  • Libra - an emotional medium with a complex character prefers to be the center of attention.
  • Scorpio - fate gives an ambitious character, impervious criticism.
  • Sagittarius - the sharpness of the rectilinear carrier hurts not only those around him, but also his own soul.
  • Capricorn - career growth disciplined Leo will be rapid.
  • Aquarius - the fate of the sincere and trustful Levu hurts the betrayal of friends.
  • Fish - impressionable nature simply needs a reliable friend and adviser.

Orthodox Named Lions celebrate more than once a year, in each season there are days named - March 5, August 31, October 24, December 20. The days of the name of the Catholic canons are only three - in February it is the 3rd and 20th, as well as November 10th. Among the most famous people with the name of Leo should be noted the Soviet physicist Landau, a talented actor Durov, a Byzantine enlightener who lived in the 19th century, Leo Mathematics.