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Compatibility of Libra and Virgos - there are chances for happiness


Compatibility of Libra and Virgo in terms of astrology is in great doubt. Their elements are poorly combined, and the relationship is held under the motto: "Envy under the mask of love." Let's talk about the features of such stellar alliances.

Compatibility in love

Libra and Virgo usually like each other, so these pairs are formed quite often. Many things unite them: both intellectuals do not tolerate conflicts and avoid them, have a developed sense of beauty and do not like change. Therefore, at first glance, it is a fairly stable and durable union, based not only on physical attraction, but also on intellectual closeness, coincidence of views.

In the first minutes of dating, Libra and Virgo feel a mutual attraction. They want to communicate endlessly, they consider each other interesting and clever interlocutors. There is also an element of competition - everyone wants to show their intelligence in all its glory.

Relationships usually start quickly, everything is smooth and beautiful at the beginning, but very soon the first problems begin.

Virgo will always feel its superiority, especially in the intellect. But subconsciously, he will understand that Libra, on the other hand, is more flexible, creative, and has a wider view of the world. Because of this, envy gradually ripens in the soul of the Virgin, which increases when she realizes that Libra gets everything quite easily in life.

Therefore, if at the very beginning of the relationship Virgo infinitely admires Libra, falls in love with them, even tries to learn something, learn something, then in time she will feel this superiority and begin to envy.

This will be the beginning of conflicts. They will intensify even more when the Maiden will receive less from Libra of emotions for which they are extremely stingy. From here - disagreements, misunderstandings and the first serious quarrels, which already at this stage often end in parting.

This couple can exist for a long time, but only because of Libra’s filigree ability to get out and diplomatically avoid conflicts, preferring a thin world to clarifying relationships.

They can tolerate each other for a long time. But if they decide to live together and start a family, this will be the union of two unhappy people who are completely dissatisfied with the relationship.

Causes of conflict

Stormy quarrels and acute conflict situations in the union of Libra and Virgo are practically non-existent. These are calm signs that can negotiate, or are silent about their offenses, for fear of scandal. They will not exactly shout at each other and sort things out, because they are afraid of strong negative emotions, like fire.

Reasons for disagreements in such a union may be as follows:

  1. Virgo in this pair takes a dependent position, she has to obey and adapt. But she will do it, only in case of strong love or from material gain. If feelings are not enough, Virgo will show all her independent character in all her glory, which will be the cause of the first quarrels.
  2. Libra is very kind to his opinion, which speaks out loud. He does not tolerate when his words are challenged, they are trying to prove the opposite point of view, he hates objections. Therefore, Virgo needs to make concessions, pushing in itself the natural love to criticize and lower the interlocutor from heaven to earth. Otherwise there will be quarrels and long debates about who is right and who is to blame.
  3. This pair has very serious differences in finals. Virgo seeks to earn, save and increase capital. Scales prefer to spend and do not bother with financial planning. They are better to lower the entire salary of the trip, entertainment. These emotions are more important to them than stability. A virgin attitude toward money simply kills and plunges into panic.
  4. Virgo is a very closed person, "on his mind", which is very angry and annoying sociable, sociable Libra, who never keep feelings in themselves. They are enraged by prejudices that limit the beliefs and secrecy of the orchestra, they lack the ability to speak out.
  5. Virgo is often jealous of Libra. Because of her closeness and caution, she often cannot achieve success in her career, while Libra does it just fine thanks to her innate ability to negotiate.

The initiator of conflict will almost always be Virgo. Scales simply do not always understand why their companion is so often offended, breaks out, or is in an emotionally depressed state.

Watch the video about the compatibility of these two signs of the zodiac:

Woman Scales and man-Virgo

A man will miss the emotionality and determination of a girl that is peculiar to him. Over time, these "flaws" will start to annoy him, the first quarrels will arise.

A woman will often become offended in response to the attacks of the chosen one, but will never tell him about it. The habit of silencing the claims and not talking about the insults can eventually go sideways - the negative will accumulate, and one fine moment all the claims come out.

If partners learn to hear and understand each other, everything can turn out well. Otherwise, they will simply coexist together, silently suffering and not understanding where the feelings have disappeared.

Virgo man and Libra woman

Such a union seems to be more successful. Romance, courtesy and gallantry in love with a man in the first stage will conquer the girl. She sees in it all the qualities that are characteristic of her ideal, long drawn in the imagination.

A woman sees in a man-virgin a wonderful family man, a breadwinner, she feels that he is able to take responsibility for solving any problems, which is very attractive to her.

She also plays the role of a beautiful princess in the relationship, the inspirer who gives her man the energy for achievement.

If she always looks after herself, remains a beautiful and interesting companion, does not stop her spiritual development, and learns how to spend money rationally, their relationships have every chance of being happy and successful.

We summarize: this union is not the most favorable, but if you wish, you can save it and make it happy. The main thing is the willingness of both to change and adapt to each other.