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How to call a daughter - how the name Ilona can determine the fate


The origin of the name Ilona is a mystery for its owners and those who are close to them. It is not known where this name came from. According to one theory, Ilona is the Hungarian version of the name Elena. If you believe in this version, Ilona will mean "sunshine", "bright". According to another theory, the name is an abbreviated form on behalf of Iolanthe, the designation of which is "violet."

Use name

Abbreviated - Ilonka, Il, Ilka, Lona, Ila.

Affectionately - Lonochka, Lonushka, Ilonochka, Ilonushka.

Other languages ​​used: Ilona in English, Czech, Hungarian and Finnish, Ilona in Bulgarian, Ilona in Ukrainian.
In the passport - ILONA.

In the Orthodox calendar, the name Ilona is missing. Usually baptized under the name of Helen.

Fate and features

A girl named Ilona - the very modesty and obedience. She is often shy and communicates very little with anyone. However, despite all his isolation, Il will stand up for himself, and her abuser will receive surrender, having offended her. At times it seems that she does not want anything from life, but this is just laziness.

The progress in studying with Ilona is average. She does not want to learn, although she is intelligent and reasonable. This is a consequence of laziness and low tone. She is interested in creativity, which will be useful to her in life. Ilona has good progress in painting, and with the support of her family there can be some success.

Having matured, Ilona becomes sociable and attractive enough. She may not be outwardly distinguished by beauty, but she has the alluring charisma and charm, that you want to be with her and get to know her filled inner world. Her insanely beautiful eyes charm their depth.

Ilona is a sympathetic and very emotional person, but often she doesn’t show these emotions and keeps her inside. Ilona is leisurely. But this is not a minus. It is useful to her where it is dangerous to rush.

Some people tend to think she is weak. But this is fundamentally not true. Ilona is a very strong woman, she will not have the strength of will, but she will show it in exceptional cases when it is especially necessary. This is because of her lazy temperament.

She does not accept the help of close people, always refuses, but then begins to lament the fact that she is surrounded by soulless people. Ilona in the shower is a rebel and a nagger. She resents and grumbles for any reason.


Illona is little, but you can't call good health. She has a weakened tone. Because of him, she may suffer from chronic fatigue and other similar problems. To avoid them, you need more physical activity, a lot of walking and breathing fresh air. Special attention should be paid to nutrition, as there may be problems with the digestive organs.


Activities usually Ilona chooses the creative. Her goal is to make our gray and dim world bright. She can be a good designer. Here she can fully realize her creativity and fantasy. Ilona will perfectly prove herself in the beauty industry - she will become an excellent hairdresser, stylist or cosmetologist.

She will achieve all the successes and heights without any help, since she refuses to accept her. Let it come out longer in time, but she will proudly say that she has achieved everything herself. Thanks to his rebellious spirit, he will become a respected leader and leader of the company, skillfully managing the team, motivating him for the result.

Marriage and family

Ilona does not seek to be conquered. On the contrary, she herself is trying to conquer them. Although having achieved his, changes the object of conquest, starting a new relationship from scratch. Ilona will marry late, but it will be a balanced and thoughtful step. Her emotionality will bring many trials for the family, but for her sake Ilona will temper her ardor and change. At the beginning of family life for leadership in the family will argue with her husband, but she will continue to struggle for laziness, which will make her marriage happy. Moms out of it will be good, even too caring.

Astrological characteristics

  • Planet - Mercury.
  • Stone - Jasper and Topaz.
  • The color of the name is Blue.
  • Zodiac sign - Virgo.
  • Totem animal - Dove.
  • Plant - Lily.
  • Tree - Ash.

Famous Ilons

The name Ilona is popular mainly in Hungary. Quite rare in Russia. Famous owners of the name: singer Bronevitskaya (daughter of Edita Piekha), basketball player Korstin (player of the Russian national basketball team).