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The value of the courageous name Arseny - character, fate and career


The Greek male name came to Russia with the beginning of the Orthodox faith, which translates as "courageous". In each of the countries, this name is pronounced differently: Armenia - Arsen, Belarus - Arseny, Hungary - Arsen, Spain, Italy - Arsenio, Germany - Arsenius, France - Arseny, Greece - Arsenius.

The diminutive form of the name: Senya, Arsyusha, Senka, Arsenya, Arsenyusha, Arsyushka.

According to the Orthodox calendar, Arseny Day is revered 18 times a year. Usually choose the day of the Angel, which is closer to the birthday of Arseny.


Depends on the time of year of birth Arseny:

Winter - smart, resourceful, heroic, lazy. Able to position the interlocutor to yourself, can be a great friend. The wife will find smart, resourceful and witty.

Spring - sociable, kind, incredulous. In life, easily overcomes obstacles. Favorite women.

Summer - a loner, purposeful, self-confident, loves to chat, but does not let anyone into his inner world. The wife chooses a homebody, calm, intelligent.

Autumn - smart, prudent, neat, hardworking. Calculates his steps in advance and draws up a plan of action.


Arseny is growing kind, shy and gentle in communication boy. It does not cause its behavior to parents, except for excessive stubbornness. If parents manage to direct his stubbornness in the right direction, for example, a hobby or a sport, this can be to his advantage. Can play both in the company, and in loneliness. It is easy to make acquaintances, but he has no real friends. He adores animals, he will carefully and carefully take care of his pet, walk, feed and play.

He does not like to study, but he gets good grades, skillfully pretending to be a clever and knowledgeable schoolboy. This quality of skill will help out Arseny in adult life. Can embellish words reality to raise the status. He endures treachery badly from friends, after frequent betrayals he withdraws into himself and ceases to meet new friends.

He loves music very much, goes to music school with pleasure, if he has talent, he can become a famous musician as an adult if he takes this direction seriously. Touchy, the first steps to reconciliation does not, preferring to sulk for a long time. In Arseny there is no hardness of character, he cannot stand up for himself and go over his head to achieve his goal.


Arseny grows extremely well with a strong body, almost never gets sick. Regular exercise will allow him to forget about the ailments, it is important to stick to a diet so that there are no problems with the stomach.


Does not like to be the center of attention, but can make a good career. Physically does not like to work, but is able to communicate. Communication professions will suit him, for example, a sales manager, a translator, a journalist, a writer, a TV host, a radio journalist. The financial side of his little interest, they usually earn a little.


Arseny knows how to take care of beautifully, sincerely falls in love with the opposite sex, but he does not dare to take the first step for a long time because of natural shyness and fear of being refused. Prefers serious novels short-term and stormy. May long suffer in silence for the object of love.


Arseny does not seek family life, most often the future wife conquers him and pushes him to family life. If a girl with his qualities suit him, then he marries her. The leader in the family will always be a wife, if the apathy of her husband Arseny withstands. Daughters will love more than sons.

Horoscope named Arseny

Aries - Sensitive, shy. May be offended for a long time, the first will not make a step towards reconciliation. Constantly self-improvement. Marries the one who can change it for the better.

Taurus - Sociable, cheerful, lives as he wants, open to the whole world. In the wife will find similar to itself.

Gemini - Changeable, unbalanced, but gets along with people around him. In his wife, not every fit.

Cancer - Successful, leader. Able to achieve established goals, likes to be in the spotlight. Marries a gentle and caring.

Leo - Self-confident, selfish. Everything in life is seeking himself, without help. Marries the one that will withstand his difficult character.

Virgo - Dreamy, calm. Strives for a calm and measured life, which is periodically diluted with adrenaline. He is attracted to positive people, an optimistic wife will suit him.

Scales - Educated, sociable. Charming in communication, always surrounded by the female sex.

Scorpio - Calm, easy-going. Valued leadership for hard work. Marries an ideal and calm wife.

Sagittarius - Fun, optimistic. His friends and colleagues adore the easy and simple character. Wife will be a great husband and an excellent father for his children.

Capricorn - Imperious, responsible. Able to subordinate people to his will, does not deny responsibility. A patient wife can stand him.

Aquarius - Adventurer, prudent. Adored in society. Marries an unpredictable woman with whom he will create a strong family.

Pisces - Unsure, doubting, pushy. These qualities are uniquely combined in it. Will be happy with an imperious woman.

Compatible with female names


  • Excellent: Anastasia, Galina, Varvara, Olga, Tamara, Polina, Maria, Tatyana.
  • The bad: Julia, Angelica, Uliana, Veronika.


  • Planet - Mercury.
  • The color of the name is Brown.
  • Season - Spring.
  • Happy day of the week - Wednesday.
  • Lucky number is 8.
  • Metal - Tin.
  • Gemini.
  • Element - Fire.
  • Totem animal - Swallow.
  • Plant - Bluebell.
  • Tree - Ash.
  • Mineral mascot - Jasper.

Famous people named Arseny