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What is mental strength: how to restore them after stress


Emotional forces are often confused with willpower, moral character, and strength of character. However, these concepts are not identical. Mental powers have nothing to do with morality or temperament features. It is the will to live, the desire to survive at all costs. From the availability of mental strength depends on the viability and resilience of the person. To emerge victorious from a difficult life situation, not to lose the taste for life, to struggle with the last of our strength - this will to win determines the presence or absence of spiritual strength.

When my girlfriend betrayed my girlfriend, she was close to suicide. Only the support of friends and relatives saved the situation and returned to her a taste for life and mental strength. In the article I want to tell you how to become a mentally strong person, and how to restore mental strength after a stressful situation.

Mentally strong person

He is the one who has within himself an adequate supply of mental strength. A mentally strong person is always generous and bold. He is not afraid of dangers, but he knows how to properly assess the degree of risk so as not to rush into the pool with his head and not make vain sacrifices.

Distinctive properties of a mentally strong person:

  • increased sense of duty;
  • ability to withstand large psycho-emotional stress;
  • the ability to maintain presence of mind in any difficult situations;
  • do not bend under the circumstances, but win over them;
  • not content with what has been achieved, but constantly strive for perfection.

Note! A mentally strong person is always filled with a feeling of love for the world and people, he never commits crimes against humanity.

It is the love of the world that distinguishes a mentally strong person from other strong and strong-willed personalities who may be criminals and aggressors. They also do not bend under the circumstances and triumph, but at the same time they are distinguished by cruelty and misanthropy.

A mentally strong person is always motivated to succeed and win. Unquenchable thirst for life gives impetus to the implementation of the plan and opens up internal reserves to overcome obstacles and obstacles.

So, mental strength is a collective term that characterizes such qualities of a person as stamina, inflexibility of will, vitality, optimism and resilient nature.

Mental strength

What are spiritual forces needed for, and can one live without cultivating willpower? Mental strength is needed to become the master of your destiny, and not to go with the flow of life.

The advantages of a strong spirit person:

  • able to control and subdue their emotions and feelings;
  • never gives up and resigns himself to evil;
  • physical strength and health appear along with the strength of the spirit;
  • always wins in the fight with circumstances, preserving the human face;
  • possesses generosity, knows how to ignore the shortcomings of others and forgive insults;
  • will never be depressed and not going crazy.

Mental strength helps to withstand huge psycho-emotional and physical exertion, while maintaining the love of life and people. An example of tremendous fortitude is Valentin Dikul. This man did not break under the weight of life circumstances, but found the strength to get out of bed, overcoming body paralysis.

Emotions are an integral part of our life, without them a person would turn into a robot. However, an excess of emotionality is extremely dangerous for the psyche, as well as a lack. Emotions can simply subjugate the will of a person, paralyze the psyche with fear, or drive insane with unbridled imagination.

Mental forces allow you to control your emotional sphere, not allowing feelings to prevail over reason and reason. For example, a mentally strong person will not be afraid to go to the cemetery in the evening, since he understands that there are no ghosts. If the feeling of irrational fear begins to permeate the whole being of man, the strength of the spirit and the mind can cope with it.

To give up and be reconciled with injustice is not for a strong-willed person. At the first obstacle, weak and cowardly people, big egoists, for whom the zone of their own comfort is more important than anything else, give up. A mentally strong person knows that there are no hopeless situations, so he never despairs and does not give up.

Important! The only irreparable situation in our world is death. Always keep this in mind when faced with difficult circumstances.

The mental health of a person is connected with the control of the emotional sphere. A strong spirit will never go mad and will not be depressed over the imperfection of life. Mentally strong person is healthy in body and soul. Seeing the imperfections of the world, he makes efforts to correct them, but does not fall into a stupor or despondency. Despondency is a sign of a weak and not self-sufficient person who sees no opportunity to change the situation.

Achievement of mental strength

The strength of the spirit is trained, as well as physical strength: a person is not born with a developed musculature, a formed worldview and character. Each is given a certain makings that develop and polish throughout life.

Ways of training mental strength:

  • giving up something for a certain time;
  • replacing old habits with new ones (useful ones);
  • creating a new personality with a new worldview.

Remember that avoiding difficulties only multiplies their number. If there is an obstacle in the way, it must be overcome. In this situation, the saying "a clever hill will not go" does not work, just like "my hut is on the edge." If you ignored any problem in your life, after a while it will appear again: in a new capacity and not one.

To cultivate the power of the spirit, you need to set high noble goals. This may be love for the motherland, the defense of the fatherland or the search for scientific discoveries Helping a neighbor, volunteering is also a manifestation of nobility and spiritual strength. A person was able to go beyond his own selfish interests to solve the problem of another person or group of people. Nobler goals come up hard. This also includes the help of homeless animals, protection of ecology.

Strength of mind and spiritual qualities are formed with the ability to forgive the mistakes of others. A person has the right to make mistakes, and this right must be recognized. Only a strong-willed person can forgive and understand the actions of another.

Do not pay attention to the opinions of other people about you, if you are sure of the correctness of the chosen path. People of their weakness can envy the success of a strong man and try to blame him. Be in harmony with yourself, and no one can stop you from moving towards your goal.

Do not be afraid; nothing is more terrible than fear itself: fear is the strongest obstacle on the path of life. Because of fear, the best beginnings can perish, and only fortitude can overcome any fears and doubts.

Restoration of mental strength

Even the most powerful person can sometimes succumb to feelings of despondency and powerlessness. Therefore, you need to be able to restore emotional balance after failures and falls. There are several ways to do this:

  • relaxing music;
  • dancing;
  • reading of books;
  • creativity, hobby;
  • communication

Musical sounds are able to harmonize mental state, soothe and restore composure. It is necessary to pick up pleasant musical compositions, with the help of which you can completely relax. But sometimes you need to listen to vigorous music to restore the tone. This is a matter of taste and characteristics of the situation.

Dance classes relieve internal tension and stress, give vigor and tone. You can enroll in a dance studio and learn the art of plastic arts of different nations: Latin American sports dance, Indian, Arabic, Irish step.

Reading literature helps to take the brain with new information, to distract from problems and to look at the world from a new angle. Sometimes empathy for the heroes of the novel helps to understand the deep essence of their problem and see it from a completely different angle. A literary work leads to another dimension, opens up another world and fills with new feelings and sensations.

Hobbies and creativity can saturate the soul with new impressions and experiences, restore emotional balance and distract from sad thoughts. Hobby is very useful for mental balance, because it allows the soul to enjoy. Take the time to create any masterpiece made of yarn, wood or paper. If possible, take a vacation at your own expense for a week or 10 days.

Communicating with friends or nice people distracts from despondency, fills the soul with new impressions. Closing in oneself is not the way out. Communication plays an important role in our life, and our mental state of mind depends on it. Man is a social being, therefore it is impossible to live without communication.

The more friends you invite to yourself, the more energy and mental strength you will receive in return. You will be filled with their energy, a set of new desires and aspirations. All this will give strength and energy to restore emotional balance.


An inexhaustible source of mental strength is inside the person himself, if he has a purpose in life. It is the advancement to the goal that gives us confidence and strength, sometimes it opens up a second wind. Finding the right goal in life is the greatest happiness. Purposeless existence is similar to the life of animals that are engaged only in meeting the minimum needs. Choose noble goals that never bring disappointment. And remember that true happiness lies in helping other people.