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Samadhi - what it is, how to achieve it


Samadhi - this word sounds mysterious and mysterious. What does it mean? I wanted to find the answer to this question, since I am interested in all the unknowns. I suggest you read the information I found in the following material.

What is Samadhi

Samadhi is the highest meaning of life of people deeply practicing the art of yoga. In this state, the individual loses the feeling of his personality, the elimination of the facets of the outer and inner worlds takes place.

Translating it from Sanskrit, we get the words: "collected, perfect." It is this state that the yogini and the yogi aspire to attain. It is believed that the practice of Samadhi is able to heal both the physical and spiritual body of a person, and also allows to fully manifest his intellectual and mental abilities.

Interesting information. Yoga is used as a compulsory discipline of the physical and spiritual development of people associated with extreme activities: divers, firefighters, scouts and even astronauts.

Samadhi is the eighth, final step in the eightfold path, the purpose of which is to achieve nirvana. Enlightenment is seen as an inexhaustible source of clarity and purity, which is known as the state of Sat-Chit-Ananda. But do not confuse it with loss of consciousness, ecstasy or trance, as these are different concepts.

The surest explanation is to find Samadhi as an achievement of a certain line beyond which the human consciousness ceases to exist. It contributes to the withdrawal of consciousness to a higher stage of development, where mental activity is no longer required. However, there is no need for a physical basis.

Who is available?

To achieve enlightenment is real for every person. It does not play the role of his age, social status or experience of yoga. You must have a strong desire and willpower and be able to complete the job.

Samadhi is not a material value, it is impossible to buy or deserve it, you can only come to it by your own efforts. This condition is characterized by suddenness. To achieve it, it is important to remove any restrictions that prevent it.

An important point. Enlightenment does not refer to sectarianism and can not be called "secret technique." If you meet on the Internet advertising people who promise to help achieve Samadhi, then know that they just want to cash in on you.

To reach this stage is real, but for this you need to strive to improve your spirit. In this case, you will have to expand the scope of the traditional understanding of the art of yoga, as a simple system of exercise.

Methods of achievement

As a rule, people believe that yoga is either a type of physical culture, or even find it a meaningless activity. Many do not have true information regarding the spiritual foundations of this teaching.

In reality, having opened the possibilities of your body, you can really study your hidden energy potential. Meditative practices help greatly to do this. What specific methods of achievement should be used - a person must decide for themselves independently. Then I suggest that you familiarize yourself with them in more detail.

Slow modes

In total, two slow techniques are known that allow reaching Samadhi. They are actively used by so-called "orthodox" yogis who believe that they truly follow ancient traditions.

  • First method - This is the practice of hatha yoga, that is, work on your body. It implies the adoption of various positions (asanas), which provide for the disclosure of certain energy channels and centers in the body. As a result of long-term and high-quality practice, Hatha Yoga succeeds in completely awakening and purifying them.

And after about 1 year of systematically performing Hatha Yoga, it is already possible to actually begin to awaken the energy of Kundalini. It is present in each of us, acts as the most powerful of all types of energy, but is often in a dormant state.

True, it is Kundalini that removes from the state of enlightenment, which refers to the disadvantage of this method. In connection with the rise and then decrease of the Kundalini energy, a person is tormented mentally that he has lost such a coveted state of enlightenment.

  • The second slow technique known as raja yoga (working with concentration). It consists of long-term meditative practices, during which a person learns to concentrate on one direction. In this state, he is able to temporarily move away from his body and get into Samadhi.

An interesting moment. In order to reach the highest stage of meditation, besides hatha and raja yoga, they also use the following types of practice: Iyengar yoga, Mandala dance yoga, bhakti yoga, prana yoga, fly yoga, acroyoga, Atma Kriya Yoga, Kriya yoga .

Quick ways

Not in all cases it is possible to achieve the desired result with slow techniques. Our modern life runs at terrifying speed, many people simply do not have the physical ability to concentrate for a long time on something or spend years in meditation. To help them come quick methods of achieving the goal.

Thanks to them, it is possible to achieve Samadhi if you can quickly move away from the surrounding reality. What are these ways?

  • Forget about what you just thought and concentrate on a pause before you start thinking about something next.
  • Draw an invisible line between your past deliberations and future ones.
  • Try to concentrate on the gap that follows and before thoughts.
  • When you have learned this technique, start using it immediately after your morning awakening or before going to bed at night.
  • Meditate on the void.
  • Monotonously perform certain actions or inactive.
  • Give up thoughts about yourself and the world around us.

Knowing the methods of achieving enlightenment, you must analyze which ones will suit you more, and then seriously deal with them.

Stages of Samadhi

Immediately it should be noted that there is no unambiguous description of the state of Samadhi. Enlightenment is the highest spiritual achievement, each comprehends it through the prism of their own individuality, so it is different for all people. Accordingly, enlightenment can be classified only conditionally. This is what we will try to do next.


This stage relates to objective perception, thoughts about certain objects or objects are preserved on it. The presence of such reflections indicates the lowest stage of enlightenment.

A person retains the ability to easily associate and feel objects as they really are. But Savitarka represents the first steps towards a big goal.


Here, the practitioner retains a clear objective link to feelings or objects, but notions about them, their names, are no longer important for him. That is, an object is perceived simply as an object, without any associations with it. A person has no reflections or memories associated with him.

Savikara Prajna

The object is no longer perceived as a single whole. And if at the previous stages integrity was not questioned, now the main plan is an understanding of the existence of an object in principle.

In savikara-prajna it is meant that all objects are formed by separate particles. This concept is known as tanmatra: the material side of things, corresponding to their sensations (taste, appearance, touch, smell, hearing).


The next stage is the sensation of the existence of an object outside space and time, in itself. It does not just lose the integrity of the object, but it already ceases to be something material.

Asamprajnata Samadhi (Nirvikalpa Samadhi)

This stage is the highest state of enlightenment. It shows the superconscious. At the previous stages, the person simply plunged into bliss, but did not lose the connection between the subjective and the objective. You can call them the preparatory stages of Samadhi.

And at the stage of Nirvikalpa there is a complete cessation of any thought processes, the disappearance of the causal and spatial framework. Upon reaching this stage, the practitioner is believed to connect with the Cosmic Consciousness.

Why do you need to reach Samadhi?

It is believed that a person who has attained enlightenment ensures not only spiritual development for himself, but is also capable of making scientific discoveries, creating brilliant works of art, telling future events and doing much more.

Adherents of such a position are confident that it is impossible to create something truly ingenious without surviving the state of Samadhi, even for a brief moment of time.

If you follow this logic, then by learning to enter such an amazing state, each person can become a genius. Not to mention the fact that heals his body from any pathologies. After all, yoga says that diseases (physical, mental) arise from incorrect subconscious attitudes. Enlightenment allows them to be cleansed just as a stream of water washes away dirt.

Samadhi is a truly unique state, which is difficult to achieve, but which opens a completely new world to man. Of course, not all its aspects can be explained, it is very individual. For more information on enlightenment, see the following video: