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Molvinets will save from bad words and the evil eye


Molvinets is a strong sacred sign of Slavic culture. What properties has a talisman? Who can wear it and why? I propose to find answers to the questions posed in this article.

The value of Molvinets charm

Molvinets refers to solar (that is, related to the energy of the Sun) symbols. In appearance, it consists of two kolovrata, closely intertwined with each other.

It is noteworthy that in the guardian the rays always close to the base - this is done on purpose and shows us the effect of the boomerang principle. Any negative energy (whether it is mental or spoken to the eyes) will return back to the person who sent it and cause damage to it.

From here we get the main action of the amulet - protection from bad words, the evil eye.

In addition, Molvitsa has other properties. So he is called upon to support in man the memory of his kind, ancestors, to honor family traditions and not to violate them.

The name of the mascot comes from the Old Russian "say". You can figuratively compare Molvinets with a shield that takes on all the negative that is inherent in the energy of words.

There is another version of the name of the charm. It is formed in two words: Mol and Crown.

Take the first part of the word and decode it as follows:

  • M - tells about the material realization of human thoughts;
  • O is the energy of each of us;
  • L - symbolizes the image of a person.

The crown of the Slavs was the headdress. The result is that Molvinets is a headdress designed to protect people from the evil created by the thoughts and thoughts.

The main properties of the amulet include:

  • Protected by the envy of others regarding the success or achievements of its owner;
  • neutralization of evil wishes;
  • mirroring of damage, bad slander;
  • save you from verbal abuse, unflattering comments about the person said behind him;
  • protects from flattering, insincere joy (which acts as a masked evil eye).

Historical background of the charm

Slavs have always been considered to be believers and very superstitious. They paid much attention to the magic of words, especially bad ones: wishes of evil, negative emotional utterances, curses. No wonder that it is considered that "a word can be cured, it is possible to kill."

Negatively charged words can cause great harm to both the physical and moral health of a person. They take away his life energy, making him weak and defenseless.

You may have heard stories of completely healthy people who suddenly died in a few days. Why it happens? Perhaps there is a bad magical effect?

Or another situation - a person in a short period of time destroys the whole life. He faces problems at work and in his personal life, his health deteriorates.

Wishing to protect themselves from intentionally induced by the words of negativity, the Slavs created Molvinets guard. Moreover, it influences not only man, but also his whole race. The sign was applied in the form of embroidery on garments, worn as a neck amulet, painted on the walls of his house and on household items. There is information about Molvinets tattoos that were applied to his body by powerful Slav magicians.

How does the amulet affect people

Molvinets is an excellent protection for women who are in a position for babies who have given birth, as well as for all those who have deteriorated health. The listed categories are most exposed to negative influences from the outside.

Molvinets will also assist organizations' leaders, politicians and creative people. That is, all those who are forced by virtue of their professional activities to regularly contact with large masses of people.

The Slavs used to have an interesting tradition: women embroidered Molvinets on the shirts of their baby. They believed that the symbol would protect the child from envy, and also help him quickly begin to speak. And, of course, the important role played here by the power of maternal love, embedded in the product.

Schoolchildren and students with the help of a talisman will be able to establish new friendships, harmoniously fit into a new team or improve relationships in the old. Adolescents are especially favorably worn, as it increases school performance. To do this, it is recommended to wear around the neck. We must not forget about the properties of Molvitsa to eliminate speech defects, to treat stuttering.

An important clarification. Wearing an amulet is permissible only for those people who do not harm anyone. And if you like to condemn others, often say nasty things about them - the talisman will direct his power against you.

Proper wearing of amulet

Like other Slavic amulets, Molvinets is best to wear as a pendant. Silver is the most suitable material for it.

But often people make a tattoo with a charm on his body. So they provide their permanent protection, because the tattoo will be with you for life. Of course, before making such a decision, you need to think very well.

A talisman can also be made from a wooden carrier. It is better to dwell on the wood of oak, spruce, ash and birch. Another popular use is embroidery on home clothes. It is important that only natural threads and fabrics are taken in this process.

In fact, it is not so important how exactly the talisman was made. Much more important is that a person truly believes in his power.

Legend of the origin of the symbol

It is not known which deity patronizes this symbol. By assumption, Molvinets is presented to people by God, the Most High, and is filled with his energy. There is even an interesting legend about this.

Once Rod saw a very hardworking person who worked tirelessly from morning till late night. God appreciated such diligence and sent man talents and material wealth.

His neighbor, lazy and angry, saw Divine gifts and decided to damage the lucky one. Then Rod gave his pet a special symbol - Molvinets, so that he would always protect him from evil words, mirroring them like a shield.

The Slavic sacred symbol Molvinets will be a reliable talisman for any person who has exceptionally good intentions. It neutralizes both apparent and hidden evil.

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