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Cancer and Libra compatibility: no chance for love


The compatibility of Cancer and Libra is under great doubt. These are ideal friends or business partners, but harmonious and happy relationships between them are almost impossible.

Compatibility in love

When Cancer and Libra meet, they instantly interest each other. They can chat for hours, and interesting topics will not end. They are very comfortable and easy to be in the same space, always happy to spend time together.

Because of the similarity of opinions, attitudes, intellectual compatibility, they may have the illusion that this is the very love that is written about in books and made films. But the impression is deceptive.

Dreamy and impressionable Cancer will begin to dream about how they will marry and live happily ever after. rational Libra at the same time mentally calculate what they can get from a partner, and what they will have to give in return.

In the end, everything ends with either parting or strong business relationships that these two signs are able to build with each other almost perfectly. Therefore, it is better for them to create a common business, rather than trying to start a love relationship.

Scales in such a partnership will be a source of ideas and inspiration, and Cancers will provide energy and resources to translate all ideas into life. Together they can achieve great success.

As for love relationships, in such a union they have the following features:

  1. About romance can not speak. Spiritual compatibility is almost zero. Therefore, all the forces of the partners will be thrown at strengthening financial well-being, improving social status. There is no question of love.
  2. Cancers will constantly begin to send doubters and hesitant Libra in the right direction. Libra in return will share their resources - they know how to be grateful. From the side of such a union seems pretty happy. Yes, the couple is quite happy, but as a rule, there are no strong feelings between the partners.
  3. Sometimes Cancers become intolerable emotional, overly sensitive, which annoys Libra, who are also quite sensitive, but tend to not only live their emotions, but also to analyze.
  4. With time, the scales will seem to Raku to be very cold, insensible, from which he may begin to suffer without receiving the emotions he needs.
  5. But partners always have something to talk about and teach each other. Scales will share with Cancers their ability to control feelings and make decisions based on common sense. Crayfish will inculcate in the partner the habit of everyday and everyday practicality.

Over time, the partners become each other unbearably boring. Scales is sickened by the fact that Cancers are homebodies and introverts, and they want to travel, constantly expanding their social circle. Cancers are sensitive and rely on emotions, and Libra is very superficial in feelings, preferring not to understand their shades.

Causes of conflict

If you are already in such a pair, it is important to understand what can become a source of conflict in order to learn how to get around the critical moments of relationships in time.

The reasons for quarrels and disagreements in a pair of Cancers and Libra may be as follows:

  1. Hyper-responsibility and the desire to control everything in Cancer morally destroy the freedom-loving Libra, which categorically do not accept borders and frameworks. They will zealously defend their rights to independence, which Cancer will perceive as coldness and will be offended.
  2. In any conflict, Libra becomes the winner. Yes, and in everyday life, he will constantly impose their opinions and decisions. First, Cancer will tolerate it peacefully and agree with everything, but sooner or later it will not survive, and an explosion will happen.
  3. Financial stability for Cancer is very important. Libra is quite wasteful and almost never think about tomorrow. Therefore, Cancer perceives the partner as unreliable, does not make serious plans for the future. It is possible that these will be easy and non-binding relationships without commitment.
  4. The partners' emotional needs of each other also do not satisfy. Scales seem too cold, Cancers - passive before irritation. It is better for these signs to build couples with brighter, more temperamental, signs of fire elements that will not let them get bored.
  5. In such a union, the probability of betrayal is great precisely because of the absence of bright feelings and emotions. But with a strong desire of both to preserve the relationship, they can try to do it. There will be no great love, but calmness and measured stability are quite.

Watch a video about the relationship between these two signs in terms of astrology:

Cancer Woman and Libra Man

Separately, consider the special cases of the relationship between signs.

If Libra is a man in a pair, then he will almost certainly begin to change, filling the lack of love from his cold beloved on the side. This happens most often already in marriage.

But while the partners just meet, the woman seizes the attention of her companion entirely. She skillfully manipulates his feelings and gets everything she wants. Very often this is a relationship of benefit - a poor girl and a status, rich man who pampers her. But for the time being.

The girl will often be offended, and the man will strive for reconciliation, smoothing his imaginary guilt with gifts, but this will quickly bother him and he realizes that next to him is an insincere companion. Disappointment is almost inevitable.

If the relationship is already serious, the man will begin to cool. He suddenly appears a lot of cases. Meeting friends, work or just "I'm busy." He will by all means begin to avoid the dull society of his anxious passion without end.

The gap in the end is almost inevitable.

Cancer man and Libra woman

At the initial stage, such relations proceed easily and freely. A man is crazy about the romantic disposition and tenderness of his companion, ready to move mountains for her.

But due to the fact that both of these signs are passive, they love to dream, relationships can quickly die out, because no one is throwing firewood into a love fire. Emotions are extinguished, passion passes, and only complete indifference remains.

Very rarely, such couples reach marriage. More often calmly and easily part, with no complaints and scandals.