Dream interpretation

What dreams of zombies on dream book


To find out what zombies are dreaming about, read this article with the interpretations that I have gathered in the best dream books. And you will find out what awaits you in the near future, get tips on how to behave.

Interpretation of dream books

Zombies in a dream can personify the bad habits and vices of a person that prevent him from living. This can be a signal that says - work on yourself, otherwise you will not avoid major problems.

More interpretations:

  1. According to the Dream Book of the House of the Sun, you should stop indulging in your dreams and go to real actions, otherwise you risk staying at the bottom of the trough. You should engage in the development of their own abilities and talents, to bring benefit to people and learn to achieve their goals.
  2. If you shot from the living dead and desperately resisted them, it means that in real life you always give a fitting rebuff to all difficulties, successfully overcome obstacles and you can take any job.
  3. To be in a falling plane and see how people around are turning into zombies - to survive the collapse of hopes. Your dream, the fulfillment of which you went for many years, will not come true. It is worth thinking about whether you chose the right path for yourself.

Psychological dream book

If you see a loved one in the image of a zombie, this is a dream warning. You are in danger, but you are not aware of it yet. Therefore, you should strengthen security measures and be attentive to everything that happens around you.

Other interpretations:

  1. Hearing zombies talking - to the bad news, because of which you plunge into despondency and will fall out of normal life for a long time. You should rest and gain strength to return to the usual affairs fully armed.
  2. Talk with the living dead, realizing that this is your father - you need to beware of enemies and detractors who are trying with all their might to prevent you. You are plotting intrigue against you, so you need to try to beat the enemy a few steps ahead.
  3. The image of a zombie mother - you are mired in idle and riotous life. And if you do not stop, do not overcome their addiction, then this may sooner or later lead to unhappiness. Try to pull yourself together.
  4. Jolly zombies at the festival - you make small mistakes that can eventually lead to your personal big catastrophe. You are confused and moving through life in the wrong direction. It is worth slowing down and reassessing your values, aspirations and desires.
  5. Zombies that start torturing you - you often don’t fulfill promises made to other people. And that is what can lead to big troubles. It should be more responsible attitude to their own lives and obligations that you assign to yourself.

Tutorial on the interpretation of dreams

In this dream book, death and, accordingly, the living dead are a symbol of destruction. But not in a negative sense. This is the destruction of bad habits, of a relationship, of an unloving job, for example. That is, a symbol of what you leave in the past, to continue to move forward and develop all areas of your life.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. Pregnant zombies - you get rid of the character trait that harms your life the most. At first, it will be difficult to get used to the new state, but gradually everything will return to normal.
  2. Seeing yourself as a zombie will change your life dramatically. We will have to adapt to new circumstances, which at first will be difficult to do. But gradually you will realize that what is happening has become a huge impetus for your development and self-realization.
  3. To see the many living dead in military uniform on the battlefield - to longevity and happy old age. The rest of your days you will live in prosperity and surrounded by loving people, loyal and loyal friends.
  4. Fabulous zombies in unusual clothes dream of the news, having received that you will be greatly surprised. It may also be the news of having a child among your close friends.

Family Dream

To see the zombies under the leadership of death in the form of an old woman with a scythe - to cardinal changes. You can start a new business and quit your old job, get acquainted with the second half, or solve a problem that tormented you a long time ago.

Here is another interpretation:

  1. The zombie politician you often saw on TV is a prophecy for all of humanity. This means that in one of the large countries a new ruler will come to power. He will be wise and fair. And his policies will change events around the world.
  2. Hospital zombies - to the injustice you face in real life. And you can not prevent it, it remains only to accept and fully submit to the circumstances.
  3. The crowd of the living dead who attack you and behave threateningly - to the disease. You have health problems that you have launched. And very soon it will make itself felt. You will lie down for a long time and find yourself cut off from business.
  4. Zombies, torturing living people - close people are deceiving you, and this will soon become known to you. Because of this, your social circle may change, it will include other, more faithful and loyal people.
  5. If zombies talk about your imminent death and even call a date, you can rejoice. This day all your problems with money will end. You will stop saving, will earn more and forget about all financial problems.