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What is the meaning of the name Agniya - character, family and marriage


There are two versions of the meaning of the name Agniya: Latin and Greek. In the first case from agnus - means "lamb" (outdated. "Lamb"), in the second - from the Greek. ἁγνή, i.e., innocent (outdated. Immaculate). When pronouncing in tune with Agnes. A number of sources indicate a connection between the two names, considering the form of Agnes, to be a shorter version.

If you rely on ancient mythology, then Agniya is fiery. Akin to consonance with the name of the god Agni among the Aryans, who was considered the progenitor of fire.

Among the nations, mostly those who consider themselves Christian, there are various variations and forms, although the church version is one - Agnia. It follows that baptism can occur under a worldly name without change, but if there is a desire, you can choose another.

  • Agnia - Ukrainian., Belarusian. lang
  • Agnieszka (Agnieszka) - port.
  • Agnia (Agnija) - Serb.
  • Agnes (Agnes) - Norwegian.
  • Ágnes - Hung.
  • Agni (Αγνή) - Greek
  • Agnis (Agnis) - Swede.
  • Anežka - Czech

AGNIIA - officially adopted for the international passport.

Forms diminutive

  • Agnya,
  • Agushka, Agnusya,
  • Agnea
  • Yeah
  • Auggie
  • Asya,
  • Agnyusha,
  • Agusya,
  • Agnieszka

The nature and fate of Agnia of different ages

Girl Agnya - always on the move, never discouraged. Emotions over the edge - it's about her, although you can always cope with them. From an early age, the child is well aware of what is possible and what is not. She is not very interested in the opinions of others. Selfishness is inherent, and pride is abundant. For father and mother it will be difficult to educate her. The baby is also distinguished by frankness, rejection of hypocrisy.

During her studies, she is drawn to create, to create beauty. If he is diligent, he will succeed. Studying medium. In many ways, her knowledge is determined by the teacher and his ability to teach.

Matured Agnes knows how to get along with others, very independent. He often argues and agrees with his opponent for visibility, but remains with him. Hopes only on their own strength, does not listen to advice. It is characterized by meritorious perseverance. If the decision is made - the goal will be achieved.


Generally, health is good. Tonus, activity - everything is fine. There is a risk of injury as it is very active. Not excluded

  • It can get sick on nervous grounds, as it is always hyperactive.
  • Problems with the digestive tract.


Distinctive features in Aggie's work activity are good taste, the achievement of the best. Things are going full. For non-professionals is arrogant, demanding on the quality of production. Through the specialty realized the thirst for beauty. Often becomes

  • By architect
  • Fashion designer
  • By the designer
  • Musician
  • Journalist

Family and marriage

Usually a late marriage. The chosen one is handsome, tall and strong. Security plays a significant role. The traitor leaves instantly and forever.

Gives the lion's share of their attention to households. From Agnes it turns out an understanding spouse, in her house there is always a warm atmosphere. If, being a young person, she allows herself to throw out emotions, then in maturity all her attention is directed to children and her husband.

Compatibility with men

In search of her soulmate, Aggie can get very lucky if she decides to start a family or simply live in a civil marriage.

with Mark, Epiphanius, Igor, Nikon, Michael, Lawrence, Demetrius, Hippolytus, Gleb, Izyaslav, Ratibor. You should avoid Felix, Igor, Sergey.

Mysteries of the name of Agnia

  • Zodiac sign - Aquarius.
  • Plant-keeper - cypress, calendula
  • Planet - the Sun
  • The color of luck is purple, brown tones.
  • Totem - Salamander
  • Ward stone - mop

Angel day agni

03.02. (21.01)

According to legend, in IV in the thirteen year old Sts. Much. Agnia resisted communication with a pagan, for which she paid with her head.

Famous personalities

  1. Agnia Ditkovskite - actress (Lithuania)
  2. Agnia Desnitskaya - an outstanding linguist (USSR, Russia)
  3. Agnia Yezerskaya - stood at the origins of the library to them. poet Mayakovsky (USSR)
  4. Agniya Kuznetsova - film actress (Russia)
  5. Agniya Polyantseva - famous female pilot (USSR)
  6. Agnes Karlsson - a popular star (Sweden)
  7. Agnete Laustsen - politician (Denmark)
  8. Agnes Mutina - swimmer (Hungary).
  9. Agneta Oske Feltskog - ABBA (Sweden), soloist of the quartet.

You should not literally take the above and take it as a truism. Everything is individual, but it is better to reflect on the information received and to compare it with those who bear the beautiful name Agniya in real life.