Dream interpretation

Valeria - the character of a girl at different ages, the meaning of the name and fate


Valeria - the Latin name, which is based on the word "valeo", meaning health and strength, translates the name as "strong", "strong", "healthy". Female version of the male name Valery. Calling a girl like that, parents not only lay in her good health, but also great inner hardness, as well as great creative potential.

You won't get bored with Valeria, she is very emotional, unpredictable.

Small and insignificant reasons for happiness or sadness for Lera are very weighty, she is glad or upset she is extremely violent, but at the same time she is easily appeased. On the one hand, in her emotions she is honest and sincere, does not know how and does not consider it necessary to disguise, on the other hand, very often even she herself cannot unravel the causes of such mood swings, therefore Valeria is open and mysterious at the same time.

Valeria’s positive traits are sincerity, love of heart, cheerfulness, perseverance, self-confidence, purposefulness. She will never be bored, she will always find something to do, and if it turns out to be to her liking, she will reach heights in it. Valeria is able to be very involved and give herself to her beloved work with all the impulsiveness of her character, rich in emotions.

Negative traits - flighty, imbalance, hot temper, capriciousness, touchiness. Because of the unpredictable nature, it is difficult to communicate with Valeria - she can be terribly offended if she finds something offensive in your words or actions when you haven’t thought to hurt her and immediately let you know about it, raising her voice and feel free to expressions.

Finding an approach to Valeria is not easy, but when it succeeds, Lera becomes a faithful friend, who not only will not hide anything from you, but will sincerely rejoice at your victories, not jealous, and this is not given to everyone.

Other variants of the name Valery

The beautiful aristocratic name of the four syllables has shorter and simpler variants: Valera, Valerka, Lera, Lerka, Lerchik, Lerochka, Lerunya, LeRusha, Lerusya, Lerukha, Valya, Valesha, Valiunya, Valusya, Valiuha, Valiusha, Vava.

The name has spread around the world enough, has moved into different languages:

  • in English - Valerie (reads Valerie, stress on the last syllable);
  • in French - Valérie and Valère;
  • in Spanish - Valeria;
  • in Italian - Valeria;
  • in German - Valerie, Valeria;
  • in Polish - Waleria;
  • in Ukrainian - Valeria;
  • in Belarusian - Valery;
  • in Serbian - Valerija.

Character of Valerie

The character of the woman named Valeria is not simple, but pleasant, she cannot be disliked for her sincerity and inability to lie. Sometimes she is able to infect others with her emotions. If Valeria admires you and praises you, and she does it sincerely, without a goal to buy your price at such a price, it cannot but raise self-esteem. But if she is angry with you, it will cost you a lot of nerves, and even if you are sure that you are right, no, no, and you start looking for what you were wrong about.

However, Valeria’s judgments about people are often changeable and not always fair, based more on emotions than on analyzing a situation. Valeria, angry with you, may have a fun start in a minute to discuss something with you, and this should be taken for granted, she may not remember the insult.

This can be taken for frivolous Valeria, but not everything is so simple. She worries her small miscalculations as the end of the world, but quickly moves away, but she never forgives betrayal and lies. The traitor Valery can take revenge, and in this matter a cold calculation comes to replace the lightness of character, and if she decided to punish someone who did not live up to trust, she would achieve her goal.

Valeria's fate

Since childhood, Lera is an active child, she loves to have fun and play outdoor games. It is difficult to make her sit still, but she will not be bored and wander around doing nothing. Given that Lera is a fidget, she is very obedient, since childhood she loves housework, which allows her to become a good housewife when she matures.

Parents should be attentive to Lera - minor comments and negative assessments of her personality can offend her and incite suspicion towards people.

At school, it is important to arouse interest in studying - Lera will not waste her energy on things she is not interested in. To get excellent grades in order to get on the board of honor or for the sake of parents' pride is not for her, but if she understands how beautiful and logical the rules of the Russian language or mathematical formulas are, she will not have to sit down for lessons, she herself will do her best to independently solve the most complex and interesting tasks.

Valeria will be hard in love - she is very jealous and touchy, she can break off the relationship, even if they have gone too far, and not every man will endure such a flimsy girl with a strong and proud character. But if she really finds the same one, this relationship will be fruitful - in love, as in everything, Valeria surrenders without a trace. She also loves children very much, and such a mother will not seem old-fashioned or overly strict to children. Even if she punishes them severely, Valeria’s children will always know that their mother is a mountain for them.

Various characteristics of the name Valeria

  • Gemini;
  • planet - Mercury;
  • color - purple;
  • tree - figs;
  • Lily flower;
  • animal - monitor lizard;
  • stone - garnet.

Different aspects of life

Due to frequent stresses and excessive emotionality, Valeria may have health problems - lack of sleep, nervous breakdowns, a habit of sticking to stress, which needs to be prevented or balanced in time to develop, instilling a love for the sport so that it does not lead to unpleasant consequences in the form of excess weight. .

Valeria is lucky in financial affairs, she is able to adapt to the variability of the situation and is not afraid of unexpected decisions. In general, Valeria is not afraid of anything, so she is lucky in professions related to extreme sports or sports, travel and adventure. She is not afraid of adventures, but her monotonous activity is boring, therefore it is contraindicated. Due to the developed emotional life and creativity, Valeria will have a great success if she connects life with the stage.

Name Day Valerie

Valeria celebrates the day of the angel twice a year - on May 6 and June 20.

Compatible with other names

Happy for Valeria will be an alliance with Adam, Andron, Anton, Anatoly, Boris, Valentin, Eugene, Lev, Maximilian, Semyon.

Relations with Gregory, David, Ilya, Hippolytus, Zakhar, Rodion, Ruslan, Peter, Tryphon are undesirable.

Famous Valerie

Directed by Valeria Gai Germanika (present. Last Name Dudinskaya), public figure Valeria Novodvorskaya, athlete short trekist Valeria Potemkina. In ancient times, this name was also known - Valeria Messalina was the third wife of the Roman emperor Claudius (I century BC).