Dream interpretation

Vasilisa - her extraordinary character, fate and relationships


  • Star sign: Virgo.
  • Stone-mascot: amber, sard, amethyst.
  • Metal: tin.
  • Color: blue, red, brown, orange.
  • Number of name: 4.
  • Planet: Mercury, Jupiter.
  • Element: Air.
  • Totem animal: dove.
  • Totem plant: ash, cornflower.

Name interpretation

Other variants of the name: Vasya, Vasilka, Basilisk, Asya.

The appearance of the name: Greek, Russian, Ukrainian, Catholic, Orthodox.

Occurred from the male form of the name Basil, and consumption in ancient Greece meant "baselius", which means "king", hence the ancient Greek translation - "royal". Previously, it was possible to say that the name is rather rare, but now this royal name is found much more often.

Character and personality

From early childhood, the uncertain, timid and shy Vasilisa has a congenital sense of justice and nobility. She is shy and shy, does not like to sort things out, because parents should try to praise her more, criticize her less and joke with her more often. It tends to perceive other people's problems as their own.

The girl will not tolerate meanness and betrayal, neither to himself nor to others. Parents can not stop looking at little Vasilisa - she is a real housekeeper, and almost no idea can do without her participation. She becomes a very diligent student, due to her diligence and meticulousness, and also because she values ​​the opinions of others, especially her parents, loves handicraft - embroidery, sewing, origami, and even cutting with a jigsaw.

Her stubbornness goes through her whole life with her, often it helps, but sometimes makes it difficult to admit her mistakes. When a girl grows up, she begins to rethink her life priorities and guidelines, and rebuilds her individuality for them. Because of this, she gains confidence and determination, which can grow into bombast.

Vasilisa leaves her shyness behind, and can become intolerable to the mistakes of others, which often leads to conflict. She suffers a little competent approach to solving problems, although her motivations can often be considered correct. She always wants to look perfect, clean and great, to which she strives.

Possession of the ability to ironically her person helps her polish character, but the girl will not tolerate ridicule in the direction of her person. The girl is sensitive, generous and disinterested, needs help with support, love and responsiveness. Smart, diligent and hardworking Asya knows the price for her own talents, so she does not miss the opportunity to improve her reputation.

Having matured, now the woman Vasilisa gains strength and firmness of character, and thanks to the male mentality she is able to quickly make informed decisions and overcome any difficulties in difficult life situations. The innate sense of justice is still present in her, therefore, as in her youth, she is not afraid to go into conflict, and sometimes she does not neglect a variety of methods. The girl does not share indifference to human misfortunes, is responsive and kind, both with friends and with strangers.

Asya is the owner of creative nature, she likes to emphasize and highlight her individuality. Her character is more withdrawn and distrustful, so it slowly comes closer to people, but is capable of openness and curiosity. Has a sufficient number of fans.

Natural beauty and charm are its inherent attributes. Providing her with the opportunity to take care of and care for someone will soften her nuclear mixture of altruism and the desire to be first in everything. That is why it is sometimes difficult for her to keep control over her complex and difficult character.


Asya is often sick in childhood, but with age the body adapts, and the general state of health improves. However, this does not mean that you do not need to take care of him, on the contrary - you need to do this all the time, using proper nutrition, walking in the fresh air and good rest. Also, the girl is prone to mental and mental overload, so it is worth paying attention to this aspect.

Work and career

Vasilisa can easily take the melting furrows into her own hands. Any profession that needs quick reaction and courage is suitable for her - such options of activity will be most successful. Such qualities as diligence, diligence and responsibility will help her in moving up the career ladder.

It is hard to work with her, as she, with her striving upwards, forms a serious struggle. Since school, her analytical mind and firm character directs her to the path of exact sciences, where she needs courage and perseverance, and here she can compete even with men. It will suit such professions as: lawyer, banker, teacher, biologist, judge, chemist.

Owns the ability to correctly and correctly distribute and organize the entire necessary labor process, which will help to reveal themselves in the field of business. Easily builds and establishes contacts with subordinates and partners, thanks to its balance and diplomacy. It is possible that the glory of the most successful and rich business woman does not shine for her, but she may and will become independent and secured.

Love and relationships

Asya considers herself to be a flawless woman worthy of the same man, because her search can be somewhat delayed, because finding someone who would meet all the conditions and requirements is not as easy as it may seem. Behind her authority and pragmatism, men will not immediately be able to consider a vulnerable, fragile and very sensual girl who is capable of much for the sake of her beloved's happiness. You need to be patient and persistent, benevolent, correct and tactful, and keep in mind that she does not have a sweet expression of emotions and feelings.

Often a girl trusts more attractive words than actions, which makes her frustrated. She will not be wasted on light, fleeting novels, since all sorts of romantic relationships should lead to marriage. Over time, getting used to her husband, she becomes as she was before marriage, which is why marriage often collapses.

Many of Vasilis live their lives alone, regardless of their own mind and beauty. But the one who has managed to become more accommodating and long-suffering and has learned to express her own emotions, finds a happy husband, and joyful children. It is important for her to get in the relationship certainty, stability and stability, reliability and decency, which she takes into account in the second marriage.

The husband must remember that he chose for himself a real warrior, so he will not wait for her complete submission. What one should strive for is equality, which should be the basis of a prosperous and long-lasting relationship. Vasilisa is a conservative, so often life cannot be without her without specific rules.

Excellent compatibility: Alexander, Andrey, Fedor, Leonid, Nikita, Kirill, Igor, Gleb, Valery, Boris, Artem.

Good compatibility: Anatoly, Valentin, Victor, Vitaly, Dmitry, Eugene, Miron, Nikolay, Peter, Ruslan, Semyon, Edward.

Poor compatibility: Anton, Vladimir, Denis, Ivan, Oleg, Stepan, Philip, Yuri, Yaroslav.

Name day

Celebration of the birthday of Vasilisa: January 21, September 16, April 29, July 4, April 28, March 23, February 18.

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