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Ladinets - the source of female power and love


Ladinets serves as a traditional female amulet. It is used to protect against magical effects and reveal its feminine essence. I have long been interested in the Slavic amulet - Ladinz and wanted to purchase it for myself. Therefore, I decided to find out more about him - and now I invite you to find out the amazing properties of the amulet, the information about which I found.

The value of the Ladinets charm

An amulet filled with the power of the goddess Lada (responsible for love, family happiness and well-being, beauty) has tremendous power. Lada is a female deity honored by the Slavs. It acts as the patroness of the home, embodies the sublime image of a woman. For this reason, her charm is suitable exclusively for the female.

In ancient times, even little girls could wear an amulet depicting a Ladin cross. This was done with the goal from infancy to learn the development of harmony, beauty, female energy. Also charm defended against any negativity, the evil eye. Materials for the manufacture of Ladints were various carriers: met wooden, stone and metal amulets. The base itself did not play a big role, the main thing is that the amulet was attributed to incredible mystical properties.

The charm is formed by 8 rays that are directed against the movement of the sun in the sky. This type of left-hand traffic is associated with immersion in the other world, as well as consciousness in the world of Navi. Nav directly concerns the sphere of the unconscious, intuition - that is, qualities that are more pronounced in women.

Each representative of the weaker sex should reveal and show their femininity. Nowadays this is the most relevant, because now the female and male characteristics are messed up and often change places. Today, it is not surprising to see a courageous, strong woman or a feminine, weak man.

Charm Ladinets is intended to help open the feminine in oneself, to develop the typically feminine qualities. In this connection, it is recommended to start wearing it from the very childhood - in order to help its baby to manifest itself as a true woman, a tender mother and a caring spouse in the future.

To prevent the dispersion of the energy of the vortex field in space, the amulet is framed by a circle. The circle symbolizes protection of the person, represents the preserving beginning.

If a woman constantly carries Ladinets, then in her energy field there is the energy of the Goddess, which has its beneficial effect.

How does the talisman affect the female gender?

Let's look at what specific properties he shows when wearing:

  • Gives protection and patronage of the Divine Lada.
  • Helps to arrange a personal life - attracts a soul mate to single girls and women.
  • Harmonizes existing relationships.
  • Makes a woman calm, joyful.
  • Normalizes hormones.
  • Contributes to the harmonization of female energy.
  • It has anti-aging properties.
  • Eliminates excess weight.
  • Helps to facilitate the process of childbirth.
  • Protect from the negative, aimed at its owner.

And the action of the amulet concerns not only the woman using it, but also all those who are connected with it. Goddess Lada personifies harmony in all senses of the word, attracts peace and harmony. Accordingly, Ladinets will positively affect the overall atmosphere in the house. Harmonizes the relationship between wife and husband, will help them achieve greater understanding.

The amulet also protects against conflict situations, and from envious people, and from the evil eye.

But we should not forget that from time to time the guardian needs cleaning. It is necessary so that it does not lose its magical power. It is possible that you yourself will feel when purification is required. And if not, then choose a decreasing phase of the moon.

The traditional jewelry cleaning is first performed. Then the amulet is put for a couple of hours in a bowl filled with running water. Water must be "alive" - ​​that is, taken from a reservoir, and not from the tap. It is great if you manage to find spring water or water from a stream. At the very end, Ladinets is carried three times through the flame from a fire or a candle.

The basis for the charm and age when to start wearing

Often people are confused, not knowing which of the materials to opt for. In this case, consider the age of the girl or woman who will wear the product. Each age category has its own characteristics, which are emphasized by an amulet from one or another basis.

  1. So, little girls need a wooden amulet. Of course, they make it exclusively from female trees: mountain ash, birch, willow, aspen, etc. The use of pine, which exhibits powerful protective properties and prevents various diseases, is highly indicated.
  2. Young girls must choose for themselves silver versions of the talisman. Silver is the moon metal, and in fact it is known that the night star protects the female essence. In addition, silver has good bactericidal properties, plus it can protect against energy thieves, which take away vitality.
  3. Married women more suitable golden Ladinets. Gold - a symbol of solar energy, which generates. Also, it has inherent cleansing properties that positively affect women's health.

Now the next question: "From what age can Ladinets be worn?". If the baby is 3 years old, feel free to buy her a Ladin charm! Until the age of three, both boys and girls are protected using the amulet Lelnik.

Note! If you decide to buy an amulet or received it as a gift, you need to perform certain actions. Namely - for the next 40 days, wear only skirts and dresses. This will activate the feminine, so do not neglect this rule.

Pair mascot

If you rotate the amulet, then from its second side the swastika rays change their direction from left to right. This means that the person wearing the amulet will not be alone, because from the reverse side, Kolyadnik, which is a male symbol, comes out. Ladinets together with Kolyadnik personify the "heavenly family".

Our ancestors Slavs very honored the holiness of the family. Thanks to their moral code, the Slavic nation was kept from destruction or assimilation. The goddess Lada patronized the female principle, and the god Kolyada protected the male.

In combination, these two Slavic charms create a chariot of fire. The right-sided and left-sided vortex flows of energy that complement each other form a powerful energy field that sweeps any evil and negative from its path. This is the meaning of the Chariot of Fire.

Variations of Ladints

Amulet is applied to various material carriers. It can be wooden, and silver, and gold. At the same time, the image on the amulets is through - that is, two-way.

True, there is a version of a mono image - an embroidered or painted amulet. Then one of the rays is necessarily embroidered with red threads, and the color of the second is directly influenced by the sign of the person’s zodiac (or rather, to which element it belongs).

  • Earth element - make the second ray black or green;
  • Fiery - choose gold or black threads;
  • Air - stop at the blue color;
  • Water - suitable blue shade of thread.

In conclusion

Let's sum up:

  • Ladinets - Slavic female amulet. Gives femininity, feminine health, beauty, attracts love.
  • Suitable for any age.
  • Can be worn with 3 years.
  • Periodically need to be cleaned.

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