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What dreams of own death in the dream?


How to find out why dreams of own death, and whether to be afraid of such a dream? All the answers to these questions can be found in the article below. I explained the interpretation of popular dream books, which I use myself when I want to know what awaits me in the future.

Dream loft

Own death dreams people are not so rare. And, as a rule, they get scared. But you should not worry, because these are just games of the subconscious, in which you can find hints on how to proceed.

Here are the interpretations of the astrologer and the occultist Lofa:

  1. Seeing yourself dead - you suppress a feeling of self-hatred, and this very much prevents you from living. You must learn to love yourself and accept all your character traits completely. Otherwise, you will become your most important enemy.
  2. A dream of your own death can be a reflection of your inner anxiety. It is possible that you have been in alarm for too long. You should learn to live in the present moment, not regret the past and not worry about the future.
  3. If you saw in a dream the death of a loved one, it may mean that your relationship will end soon. You yourself have a premonition of this, that's why you saw such a dream. But the important point is that the separation will only happen if you have sincere romantic feelings for him.
  4. See how a person completely unfamiliar to you dies is a sign of change. Your development has reached a point after which irreversible changes occur in life. You are on the verge of transition to a new life stage. It will be difficult, but the result is worth it.

Islamic Dreambook

I love the dream books associated with religious teachings, because they contain deep wisdom. There is always something to think about.

Here are the interpretations:

  1. Death is a symbol of destruction, the beginning of something new, the transition to another life stage. All this will happen to you if you manage to say goodbye to the past and boldly step forward.
  2. And if you can destroy and remove from your life everything that hinders further growth and development, then in the future you will have a happy life in full prosperity and surrounded by close people.
  3. If you realized in your dream that you died, but did not wake up right away, it means that in real life you are a very perceptive and enterprising person. You are used to not complaining about problems, but looking for ways to solve them, so you often achieve success.
  4. Seeing your death several times is an unfavorable sign. You live in complete chaos and you can not order your life, so you are constantly accompanied by all sorts of problems. You need to learn how to control everything that happens, only then your life will get better and you will get everything you dream about.
  5. Seeing yourself smiling and in a good mood before death - you will go to heaven, because you live in accordance with divine laws, regardless of what religion you profess.
  6. To die on the porch of the church is an unfavorable sign that promises problems not only for the dreamer, but also for the entire population of his country. The state expects devastation, the people will begin to grumble because of the constant poverty and lack of money.
  7. To die and then rise - you have to repent of some sins that you have committed in the past. The past will make you think about yourself and teach you an important lesson. Make the appropriate conclusions and try not to make such mistakes again, then your life will play with bright colors.

Psychological dream book

To hear someone's voice in a dream, and then see your own death - wait for bad news that will upset and upset you. It is possible that even make suffer.

Other interpretations:

  1. To see the deceased mother - pay attention to your health. It's time to defeat bad habits, until you have completely destroyed yourself. Such a dream is a warning that you must learn to control yourself without external reminders.
  2. If you are a victim of murder, then in reality there will come a period of complete collapse and endless despondency. But you must collect all your self-control and not allow yourself to plunge into these hopeless emotions. Try to fight with yourself, otherwise you can bring great trouble.
  3. Survive clinical death - an event will occur that will deprive you of peace for a long time. And to return balance, calm and comfort will have in a few years. But during this time you radically change life for the better.

Vanga's Predictions

Bulgarian clairvoyant believed that seeing your own death in a dream is a good sign that promises you a long and happy life together with your loved one. In past lives, you have fulfilled all the karmic debts, and that is why you will be rewarded.

But if you were in a dream sick, and then died, then you have to face a great injustice, which you can not resist. Therefore, it remains only to accept and wait until the circumstances are on your side.

The massive death of people dreams of a terrible epidemic that will happen in your country. Many people will suffer, and doctors will not be able to immediately find a cure for an unfamiliar disease.

If you saw your death and then woke up, then you need to pay attention to an important event that will happen during the day. It can change the whole course of your life. And it depends only on your behavior whether the changes will be positive or negative.

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