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Ignat: the meaning of the name, how its innate character changes


This Russian name is revered by Christians (both Orthodox and Catholics). And how do numerologists and astrologers treat it? This you will learn from this article.

What does this name mean?

He has only one version of origin. Among the well-born Romans, the name Egnatius (incidentally, of Etruscan origin) was common. Later it changed to Ignatius, because such a sound was closer to the Romans ("Ignis" meant "fire", and this name for the Romans sounded like "fiery").

An abbreviated version of "for their own": Gnatyusha, Ignatka, Ignatych, Igosha, Ignatushka, Ignasha.

Patronymic: Ignatovich (Ignatych), Ignatovna.

In other countries, it sounds like: Gnat (Ukraine), Ignacio (Italy), Ignas (France).

All facets of a typical Ignatka character

Positive sides: he is an optimist with a strong inner stem. By nature, he is endowed with a sharp mind and wit. Even if his heart is broken, this guy will smile upon fate. This is not windbag, he will never give a promise that he is not going to fulfill, and in general, he does not throw words in vain.

As an adult, he is prone to decisive, responsible actions. He looks important, reliable - a real boss. Colleagues and friends love to listen to his practical advice.

Negative sides: he is too strict. This guy can be greedy for feelings, even for relatives. Constantly “swallowing” anger and resentment, it may eventually explode into a fountain of negative. Ignat is selfish, a little arrogant, always trying to command, to be a leader.

What fate awaits him?

  • Early childhood. This is mom's joy - a quiet and obedient boy. And in the kindergarten it is almost not offended, because the boy has a strong self-esteem and willpower. He does not beat others (weaker than himself), but teaches him to stand up for himself. This is a very independent child.
  • School. Since nature at the same time endowed the guy with a penchant for creativity and analytics, he studies well, getting the highest marks in all subjects. He is not a "wise", but one who wants to really understand the set at home. He does not like physical culture, but it would be nice for his parents to take him to a sports club.
  • Mature years. This is a serious person, always thinking ahead. He has few friends. In his work, it is important for him to constantly grow, learning something new.

All patrons of this name

  • Planet Name: Saturn.
  • Bringing good luck color: gray, like ash.
  • Zodiac sign under which luck is guaranteed: Capricorn (from December 22 to January 20).
  • Talisman from the world of minerals: onyx.
  • Totem animal: antelope.
  • Plants that can serve the bearer of the source of power: edelweiss and fir.

Nameday. Orthodox: June 10, January 2. For Catholics: May 28, December 20.

Ignat actions in different aspects of life

  • Love, relationships. This is an amorous guy who quickly get bored with his partner. Jealous of his girlfriend, he may even dissolve his fists. And in general, he is terrible in passion. Girls may not like the fact that this guy does not know how to compliment and care for - in general, many people consider the most restrained suitor to be not in love at all.
  • Family life. This is the head of the family, he would never give this role to his wife. It will be easy to help her around the house or with children. With the mother-in-law does not argue, because these scandals are simply inconvenient. If his feelings with his wife cool off, Ignat will not think about divorce, because he values ​​stability in life, and he has become accustomed to marriage. In order for a marriage to be successful, a man needs to take a balanced, restrained woman, such as himself, to the registry office. If, at the behest of his heart, he is "besieged" with an explosive, capricious person, the marriage is doomed, and very quickly.
  • Children. With them, he is a real "father": children must obey his every word. If they begin to misbehave or dare, he will punish them severely without blinking an eye. This is the father who thinks: if you indulge the children, they will grow spoiled. Therefore, he brings them up as Spartans.
  • Job. He will reach the heights anywhere: in music, in politics, and in the army he can become a good commander. True, the best carrier of this name can work with electronics or technology. At work, he doesn't like being helped. It is more convenient for him to do his job without external intervention.
  • Health. In general, Ignat has no problems with internal organs. But due to the fact that he wears a lot of “nerves” inside, this sounds for a man to be insomniac, a nervous tic, and in old age can turn into paralysis of the legs or arms.

With which woman will he be happy, and with which only scandals are possible?

Happiness: Faith, Nastya, Masha, Rosa, Emma.

Failure: Elena, Nina (and variations from this name - for example, Ninel), Tonya, Elsa.

Namesakes respected in their country and not only

  1. Rostov Bishop Saint Ignatius. His relics are known for many miracles.
  2. Ignatius the God-bearer, the Holy Great Martyr. During the persecutions of Christians in Rome was thrown to the lions.
  3. Gnat Hotkevich (1877-1938) - Ukrainian composer, writer, playwright.
  4. Gnat Yura (1888-1966) - actor, theater director from Ukraine. For his performances he received the Stalin Prize, the Order of Lenin.
  5. Ignat Dvorchanin (1895-1937) is a public figure and writer from Belarus.
  6. Ignat Buinitsky (1861-1917) - actor, theater-goer from Belarus. He founded the first professional folk theater in his country.
  7. Ignacy or Ignatiy Domeiko (1802-1889) - a geologist and ethnologist from Chile, the national hero of this country.
  8. Ignat Solzhenitsyn (1972) - American pianist and conductor. Born in Moscow. The son of the very writer Solzhenitsyn.
  9. Ignatius Akrachkov (1976) - Russian actor (Chekhov Moscow Art Theater). Many act in film (TV series "Soldiers", the film "Inhabited Island").
  10. Ignat Zemchenko (1992) - hockey player, played in Russia and Ukraine.

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