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To figure out what dreams of fat, and whether to wait for trouble after such a dream, read the article. In it, I collected the best predictions of dream books, using which you will understand what awaits you in the near future.

Psychological dream book

If you dreamed of fat, you can rejoice. An event will soon happen in your life that will lead to happy changes in your life. We will have to learn to live in a new way, but this process is a pleasure.

Other predictions:

  1. If a woman dreamed of how she holds her hands in melted fat, then very soon she will receive recognition, success, fame and wealth. She will be able to occupy a higher position in society thanks to hard work in the past.
  2. Just see the fat melted in the pan - in the near future you will experience strong sexual arousal, which has never happened before. But it will happen under completely inappropriate circumstances, so you have to not give a look.
  3. There is fat - to trouble. You too highly appreciate your capabilities, work too much, which can lead not only to overwork, but also to serious health problems. Take care of yourself and be careful.
  4. Seeing deliciously chopped pieces of bacon is a good omen, which promises only happiness and success in everything. Feel free to grasp any new business and you will get the desired result.

Interpretations of popular dream books

Gustav Miller, a psychologist and a famous dream interpreter, believes that fat is dreaming of the happy changes that will soon occur in the life of a dreamer. He will not have to make great efforts, all desires will be fulfilled as if by themselves.

Other predictions:

  1. Touch the burning fat hands - you try to achieve public recognition, but will be disappointed, not having received the desired result. Should not be so much overestimate their own capabilities.
  2. In the Muslim Dreambook, lard and fat is a symbol of the property owned by the dreamer. This dream warns: you should spend more time on education, then you can increase the capital and improve the financial situation of your family.
  3. In the French dream book, lard is a sign of victory over enemies, thanks to the fact that you gain tremendous luck. Fate is on your side, so take a moment to demoralize all detractors. But if the fat was stale, spoiled, it smelled badly, then only troubles await you.

Interpretation of the Esoteric Dreambook:

  • To see or buy fat - protect your property from theft. Do not invite unfamiliar people into the house and increase your security measures, because someone is trying to kill the goods you have acquired.
  • Eat, cook or fry - be careful of your desire to enrich themselves dishonestly. The slightest mistake will become a trigger for negative changes in your life, and you will have to pay for greed in the future.

In the Ukrainian dream book lard is a sign of auspicious. Look forward to fame and fortune. You can create a product that will become popular and will bring you as much money as you wanted. And maybe much more.

Freudan dream interpretation:

  • There is fat - to trouble. They are connected with the fact that you often overestimate your strength and capabilities. Therefore, do not always get what you want as quickly as you would like. You should more adequately look at the world and evaluate your own strength.
  • Melted lard is a sign of sexual dissatisfaction. Because of this, you often think about sex, so you cannot make the right decisions in relationships with people or business.

Folk omens indicate that such a dream promises the dreamer harm from physical violence. He may be beaten or tried to harm in another way, so one should remain vigilant and stop trusting unfamiliar people.

Dream interpretation of the 21st century

Appetizing, beautiful and fresh suet is a good sign. A white stripe will come in the life of the dreamer, he will receive from luck so much luck and good fortune that he could not even dream of. There will be an active financial growth, will improve relations with a partner.

Other interpretations:

  • Dirty - for some anxiety, which you will feel when your business will not develop as you expected. But interference is temporary, and there’s really nothing to worry about.
  • Corroded and stale lard - to failure and disappointment. Your expectations are too high, so not all of them are justified. You need to lower the bar a little and go towards the goals gradually, in small steps.

Alphabet Dream Book

Pork salty fat - a sign that all your troubles will end soon. You will successfully solve all the problems and return to your former quiet life. It takes only a little of your effort and patience.

Smoked lard is a good bargain that will bring you a good profit. Do not be afraid to even take a risk, because financial luck is now on your side.

Fried - the secret will be revealed. You will be informed of information that will surprise and reveal the cards on the circumstances of some important business for you.

Boiled - be careful on the road, there is a high risk of getting into an accident and get sick. It is better to stay at home on this day in order not to harm your health due to carelessness.

Baked - in this period of time you are not able to adequately assess the words of others, and you can even take a compliment as an insult. Try to less acutely respond to what is happening around.

A huge lump of fat is a good sign that promises only the well-being and happiness of the dreamer. But if in a dream you cut it into pieces, then it is worth saving and saving savings, because there is a risk to spend everything clean and then regret it.