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Taurus Woman: Character and Behavior of the Sign


Among all the zodiac signs, the Taurus woman is the most beautiful and desirable for the opposite sex. She has strong sexual energy and attractiveness, so she is always in the spotlight. Also, nature has generously endowed her with a host of other qualities, including: dedication, wisdom, perseverance and talent. Representatives of this zodiac are quite ambitious and they like the competition, but they are not fanatical and will not seek to stand out in society by any means.


Taurus girls are realists, they do not build illusions, and they do not dream of something transcendental or inadequate. Their ideas about life are very clear, and coincide with the opinion of most people. Taurus always follow the rules and try to avoid conflicts, so get along well in society, and easily join new teams.

"Real Woman" - such is the characteristic of the Taurus sign. His representative behaves with dignity and restraint, does not speak out harshly or rudely. Due to the enormous patience and iron will, the girl is difficult to ruffle. But, despite the colossal restraint, an unjustified complaint, criticism or a rash joke can shake the psychological balance and cause a violent reaction. Taurus, who was repeatedly offended, becomes vindictive, domineering, and sometimes even unbearable with age.

The beautiful half of humanity, born under this sign, does not strive for intellectual knowledge, but rather gain life experience, and receive the necessary information as they mature. Such women are not prone to spontaneous actions or insane acts. Before deciding on any act, they carefully consider and analyze their actions. And this applies to various areas of life, whether it is a personal relationship, work or travel.

Appearance and behavior

To look beautiful, the girl Taurus does not need to put a lot of effort, because she is by nature always attractive and fresh. This zodiac sign has a sense of style, skillfully combines outfits, chooses high-quality cosmetics and good perfume. When a girl walks down the street, men by the will look at her radiant skin, thick, neatly styled hair and graceful movements.

Despite the fact that Taurus looks "expensive", they do not spend on themselves fabulous sums of money, and manage to fit into a limited budget. The only weak point of women is jewelry, and sometimes it is difficult for them to keep themselves from buying expensive. But it should be noted that such cases occur very rarely, and in any case they are thought out, because Taurus does not like to incur debt, but rather save on ordinary things.

In their youth, the persons of this zodiac sign have a slim figure and a magnificent chest, but after marriage they often “relax”. Practically every Taurus girl is prone to fullness, therefore, in order to maintain a good shape, she needs to watch her food and play sports. Nevertheless, the lady of this zodiac sign, even with its magnificent forms, remains beautiful, and everything also attracts men.

Work and financial income

Taurus women love a “beautiful” life and want to be financially secure, so as not to deny themselves anything. At the same time, they do not seek to get a rich man, but they achieve everything themselves. Despite the sophistication and extreme femininity, representatives of this zodiac sign know and love to work. Self-control, patience and great willpower help them to easily take off the career ladder and achieve great success in their work.

Taurus is scrupulous about the choice of future profession, because In addition to material income, a girl must receive moral satisfaction from work. She will never do what the soul does not belong to. The following professions are suitable for this zodiac:

  • Social worker;
  • psychologist;
  • pharmacist;
  • secretary

Despite the love of luxury, women Taurus knows how to manage money wisely. She is afraid of the lack of finances, so she used to set aside a certain amount for a rainy day. Also, the ladies of this zodiac often invest money, but not at all in risky projects. They are aimed at the long-term perspective, and they can only be interested in 2 areas - art and real estate.

Romantic relationship

The girl under the sign of Taurus knows exactly what kind of man he wants to see as a partner, therefore, he usually looks for him on his own. First of all, it is important to have common interests, and beauty and manners fade into the background. In addition, the desire to achieve a prosperous life, pushes the representatives of this Zodiac to search for a promising guy who will be just as hardworking and purposeful.

Taurus can not tolerate annoying pugs, and do not even consider the possibility of building a relationship with them. Also, women will not pay attention to men who do not watch their appearance, constantly complain about life, and do not have specific goals for the future. Thanks to the developed intuition, they immediately recognize the unsuitable gentlemen and, without hesitation, screen them out.

Horoscope Taurus predetermines the zealous character and possessive nature. A wise and restrained girl under this sign will remain silent about her suspicions for a long time, and hide the feeling of mistrust, but at one point the cup will overflow and her elect will not have a sweet time. Over time, she will be able to forgive an unfaithful man, but will not miss the opportunity to recall this during a quarrel.

Taurus passionate lover - every guy will be happy to have such a wife. In bed, they behave liberated, and are ready for experiments. These women are able to give pleasure to their man, but they demand the same in response, and not having received it - they can break off relations or find a lover.

The strongest relationships of the Zodiac girl Taurus can build with representatives of the signs Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn and Virgo. There may also be a good union with a male calf, because they have much in common, but their life together will be full of conflicts over money and jealousy.

Family relationships

Taurus woman believes that the head of the family should be a man, so it does not even claim leadership. She respects her husband and supports him in everything. In the house of the representative of this sign is cozy, clean and comfortable. She welcomes guests, and sets a chic table for them, but on the condition that the visit was negotiated in advance.

Children in the life of a girl Taurus have a special meaning. She is happy to take care of them, devotes all her love to them, and also devotes practically all her free time. In the mother, the children see reliable protection and support. She builds a relationship of trust with both daughters and sons, which persist throughout life.

The wives of the Zodiac Taurus, who truly love their spouses, are faithful and loyal to them. However, by its nature this sign is prone to polygamy. Its representatives often give birth to lovers, and there may be several of them at once. Such loving Taurus negatively affects their family life, and not rarely leads to a rupture of relations.