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Compatibility Taurus-Aquarius: friendship and cooperation


Pets of the earth and air Taurus and Aquarius are too different to be together. However, they can create a harmonious union if they cope with the peculiarities of their character and make the choice of a compromise instead of confrontation. What is the compatibility of Taurus-Aquarius in reality? What do astrologers advise for this pair? Consider the article.


The earth gives Taurus constancy, stability and purposefulness. Aquarius, too, may be in a fixed state for some time, as if waiting for the right moment for a hurricane. At the moments of coincidence of these states, the couple feels harmony and mutual understanding. However, if the air element decides to break free, we can observe the magnificent spectacle of the storm and the storm.

What can be common to such different signs of the zodiac? They are united by the desire to help people. In difficult times, you can always count on the help of Taurus and Aquarius. The idealist Aquarius lives according to his laws, which are clear to him alone. Taurus is prudent and honest — for him, helping others is based on a sense of justice. If signs can put emphasis on the coincidence of their qualities, and not be annoyed by the manifestations of features, they can create a wonderful union.

What can annoy Taurus in Aquarius? Of course, the well-known slowness and commitment to the established order.

Aquarians are always full of innovative ideas and look at the world through the eyes of genius.

For Aquarius, there is no concept of "tomorrow" - they live in the moment and do not care about the future. This causes misunderstanding in Taurus, as they always plan a life strategy for a long period of time, and for them the future is the goal of today's moment.

What do Aquarius like in Taurus? Perseverance in achieving goals and decency towards people.

This is fully consistent with the idealistic view of Aquarius, since they, too, are distinguished by decency and mercy. It is this general quality of characters that must be put in the basis of the relationship, and the rest - to find compromises.

Taurus woman and Aquarius

Easy to lift Aquarius takes Taurus a bit ponderous and cumbersome. Astrologers believe that the union is possible under one condition - Aquarius feels dependent on Taurus or owes something to it. If a couple does not have a common goal or a common cause, the union will fall apart at one fine moment due to a difference of opinion, because the idealist Aquarius cannot understand the materialist Taurus.

Aquarius constantly needs new experiences, variations and changes. Taurus woman strives for constancy, thoroughness and inner peace; changes in the emotional sphere of Aquarius perceives as an attempt on their inner foundations.

Why is it possible to meet Aquarius and Taurus, if they are so different? Astrologers believe that Aquarius can get acquainted with Taurus in one of its unsuccessful periods of life, when it needs consolation and attention. At this moment Taurus is perceived by Aquarius from the most positive side, because only he will be able to provide invaluable service and support to Aquarius entangled in the twists and turns of life.

The danger of the situation lies in the fact that after solving all their problems with the help of Taurus, Aquarius will again want to change impressions and rush in search of adventure. Aquarius constantly needs adrenaline, it needs risky situations and circumstances. He is bored in the conditions of stability and certainty to which Taurus aspires.

Taurus should not limit the imagination of Aquarius.

In order to preserve the union, a woman Taurus must learn to turn a blind eye to the chaotic thoughts of her lover and put up with his long absence and risky adventures a la balloon flight. Aquarius always needs new impressions, so a Taurus woman should be able to constantly reincarnate, or at least more often change the appearance - hair, makeup.


Living in the same house, Taurus and Aquarius will lead completely different lives and move in a different rhythm. If they do not try to redo each other, the union can be a long one. This can contribute to either unearthly love, or a pragmatic calculation. If Aquarius appreciates the help of his wife, who with persistent constancy pulls him out of unpleasant circumstances, the union will become mutually beneficial. And Aquarius will always get into the ridiculous stories.

However, the Taurus woman should remember that she accepted the mission of the savior voluntarily - therefore, it is impossible even to hint Aquarius about her actions. Aquarius is well aware of the role of Taurus in his life, but does not like to think about it. In addition, he categorically does not want to recognize the superiority of his wife over himself.

Sex compatibility also leaves much to be desired, because the spouses have different preferences. Aquarius expects more diversity from Taurus, and Taurus considers his desires rather strange and incomprehensible. Therefore, Aquarius will begin to seek satisfaction of their sexual interests on the side. In this situation, all attempts to keep Taurus Aquarius are not realized - he will go either to his mistress or to another wife.

Male Taurus and Aquarius

A solid Taurus does not consider the windy woman of Aquarius as a contender for a serious relationship. If the connection is still getting better, then this happens unnoticed by Taurus. The heavy son of the earth is admired by the ease of perception of life by Aquarius, because he himself lacks that. Aquarius woman becomes for him a breath of fresh air, which he needs.

Aquarians differ in one feature - they do not make anyone heavy, and so do themselves.

Aquarius woman in Taurus appreciates the ability to find a way out of any difficult situation and to provide friendly support at any time. This quality of Taurus is exploited by many zodiac signs, loading their problems onto their broad and strong shoulders.

Tauruses are generous and responsible, they are decent in their essence and will never leave a person in trouble.

What attracts a woman Aquarius Taurus? She is always in high spirits, does not burden problems and does not find fault with anything. Lack of criticism for Taurus - the perfect state of comfort. What else do you need for happiness? However, over time, Taurus begins to realize that the ease and carelessness of Aquarius simply knocks the ground out from under his feet and deprives him of a sense of stability.

The tricks of Aquarius, inspired by unpredictable intentions, deprive Taurus of the necessary internal balance and peace.

What to expect a girl Aquarius from Taurus? If he “doesn’t moo, doesn’t calve,” then he decided to end the relationship. If you do not interrupt, then do not build them into official status. Taurus realized that this was not his dream of life, so he would not move in the direction of creating a family. Making him go to the registrar will not succeed with any tricks.


If Taurus still married a woman Aquarius, he will take the reins of power in their strong hands. It is Taurus who will manage the family budget, plan for the future and make responsible decisions. If this marriage is beneficial to the woman of Aquarius, she will not lead an eyebrow. Due to their inexperience, young women of Aquarius can begin to make trouble and prove their case - and such scandals will be endless, because Taurus cannot be argued.

Taurus is sure that he is right, because he is acting for the good of the family! A woman of Aquarius regards such acts as an attempt on her opinion and freedom of choice instead of thanking her spouse for her care. Taurus makes decisions without the knowledge of the spouse and then puts it before the fact - he does it without malicious intent, but Aquarius sees this as a manifestation of disrespect for his person. Therefore, astrologers regard the union of Taurus with Aquarius as one of the most difficult and problematic. To save the situation can only marriage of convenience - in this case, the couple can get along, tamed their emotional outbursts.

Friendship and cooperation

Dreamy Aquarius are idealists. Among them are many talented fiction writers, for example, Jules Verne. Tauruses stand firmly on the ground and are not inclined to dream - they are realists to the bone. What can there be in common? Overall quality is dedication and decency. In addition, Taurus attracts an extraordinary sense of humor Aquarius - you never get bored with them. Aquarius - the soul of the company, the plant and the humorist. His archive of memory contains a lot of jokes and funny stories that can be listened to endlessly.

A partnership can be ideal if Taurus and Aquarius properly distribute their roles in business. Taurus is great for the role of administrator, Aquarius is a generator of innovative ideas. If Taurus can pacify his distrust of everything new, the union will bring excellent dividends.