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The meaning of the eastern name Dinara - character, family and destiny


The Middle Eastern name Dinar has several variants of origin from the Arabic language:

  • from the coin Dinar, translated "dear";
  • from the word Dean, translated "religion."

Meaning of the name dinar

Very popular in Tatarstan and Bashkortostan. In France, the name is pronounced Du Dinard.

Affectionate form of the name: Dink, Dinarochka, Dinushka, Dinochka, Dinka, Nyura, Narka, Nara.

The female name Dinara has the male name Dean.

The name is absent in the Orthodox faith; at baptism for girls, any other name is chosen. Celebrated on July 13, the day of the patron saint of the Georgian Queen Dinara.


The character of the name Dinar depends on the time of year of birth:

Winter - Beautiful, persistent, since childhood, she puts money into a piggy bank, just like that, without a specific goal. It can make a decent capital.

Spring - Windy, likes to have fun, is popular with the opposite sex, early to tie the knot. After the wedding turns into an exemplary wife.

Summer - Selfish, self-confident, has a refined taste, carefully monitors its appearance. Always dressed in the latest fashion.

Autumn - Business, calm, with a well-developed intuition, with which it easily rises through the ranks. Often holds a high post.


Since childhood, Dinara personally selects true friends for her company, which remains faithful to old age. Able to support any conversation, does not open to unfamiliar people. It is useless to give advice to her - she will still act in her own way, preferring to learn from her mistakes.

He always helps his parents, takes care of them in old age. She learns home affairs quickly in her childhood; at a young age she can cook a simple breakfast for the whole family. Dreams of long journeys, it is difficult to tolerate the monotony of life.

At school, in good standing with teachers and classmates, all tasks are carried out carefully, having studied detailed information, all sciences, best of all, humanitarian, are easily given. You do not need to press on it in order to achieve what you want; it is enough to ask politely, listing the arguments in favor of this request. Is capricious very rarely and always in the case to which you should listen.


Grows painful and weak girl, not getting out of colds. To improve health, parents need to give the girl to the sport, for example, swimming, which helps to strengthen the respiratory system. In adulthood, there are often headaches and stomach pains.


Does not like idle chatter, appreciates every minute of his life. He has excellent organizational skills, he will leave an excellent leader who knows how to find a way out of a difficult situation.

Criticism is difficult, but does not respond in response to aggression. He tries not to teach anyone and stops all attempts to give her advice. An excellent lawyer, doctor, translator of a foreign language or an economist will come out of Dinara.


There are always a lot of fans of the opposite sex around Dinara, from which she slowly chooses a man for herself. They most often become an intelligent, adult and serious man, on whom she can fully rely. Never forgive betrayal or betrayal, without regret will part with a man who allowed these flaws in their relationship.


She will choose a husband in whom she will be fully confident that she will be able to become not only a wonderful husband, but also a true friend. Before marrying his lover, Dinara tests his strength for several years without giving consent to the marriage. The financial viability of her beloved is not as important as spiritual.

Building a family in an atmosphere of complete trust, without deception and understatement. If necessary, give up a career for the sake of her husband and children. He tries not to show how he loves his children very much, raises them in strictness and lack of balance.

Horoscope named Dinar

Aries - Confident and persistent, has the gift of persuasion. Friends selects carefully and for life.

Taurus - Rough and sharp, goes straight to the goal, without turning off the path. Husband with her will be hard, but the children are happy with their mother, who will always protect them.

Gemini - Kind, calm, charming. Enjoys the frenzied success of the opposite sex.

Cancer - Indecisive, unsure of herself. Afraid to start a new business and defend their opinions. She will not be able to build a career because of the softness of her character; her family life will be smooth and quiet.

Leo - Sharp in statements, persistent. May lead the people for themselves, will achieve his own in any way.

Virgo - Calm, pliable, does not like noisy companies. In her husband chooses a strong spirit of man.

Libra - Has an oratorical talent, outwardly it seems strong and impenetrable person. In fact, she is vulnerable and fragile.

Scorpio - Loving independence and freedom, his achieves in any way. Very afraid of betrayal, so her personal life does not add up.

Sagittarius - Sociable, open. He attributes positive qualities to others, and then he becomes disappointed in them, including in his personal life.

Capricorn - Restless, energetic, grabs at the same time for several cases at once, not all of them bring to the end. Financially wealthy.

Aquarius - non-conflict, predictable. Her husband will become a devoted wife, children of an excellent mother.

Pisces - Naive, dreamy, with a violent fantasy. In husbands will choose a man, firmly standing on his feet.

Male Name Compatibility


  • Good: Alexander, Roman, Arseny, Konstantin, Stepan, Eugene, Makar, Ruslan, Vadim, Mikhail, Yegor, Timofey, Sergey, Nikolay, Denis, Semyon, Igor, David, Oleg, Yury.
  • The bad ones: Artem, Ivan, Andrei, Nikita, Alexey, Lev, Anton, Victor, Vasily, Maxim, Dmitry, Kirill, Ilya, Vladimir, Pavel, Leonid, Timur, Vyacheslav, Peter.

In business:

  • Good: Michael, Egor, Roman, Arseny, Denis, Eugene, Matvey, Sergey, Konstantin, Gregory, Yuri.
  • The bad ones: Artem, Andrei, Nikita, Alexey, Vladislav, Timur, Anton, Vyacheslav, Ivan, Kirill, Ilya, Vladimir, Pavel, Leonid, Vasily.


  • Planet - Venus.
  • The color of the name is Pink.
  • Happy day of the week - Friday.
  • Lucky number - 5.
  • Happy season - Autumn.
  • Metal - Tin.
  • Zodiac sign - Taurus.
  • Element - Water.
  • Totem animal - Cat.
  • Plant - Melissa.
  • Mineral talisman - Aquamarine.

Famous women named Dinara