Dream interpretation

Interpretation of sleep - the dead man is as alive


Our dreams are a reflection of our subconscious, which is directly connected with higher powers. Most often in a dream we see nothing meaningful pictures, but sometimes very unpleasant scenes dream. One of these is the vision of the deceased person. In the article I want to tell you why the dead person dreams of being alive.

What does a dead person dream about - general meaning

Values ​​of dreams may vary depending on the dream book. In addition, you need to pay attention to how the deceased behaves, in what relationship you were with him and in what situation you saw.

Also, the interpretation of dreams is different for men and women, from their social status and marital status. Many consider the vision of a dead person in a dream, as a living person, to foretell misfortunes and even death, but this, in most cases, is not so.

Dream Miller

Most often we see dead relatives in our dreams or hear their voices. If in a dream you see your dead father as a living one, such a dream warns about the complexities of the planned business. He says that you have enemies who are plotting something against you. Representatives of both sexes after this dream should carefully consider their actions and protect their reputation.

The deceased mother comes in a dream to warn about health problems. She urges you to give up bad habits and inclinations and listen to the signals of your body. The deceased brother calls for help to the person who needs it. And this person is from your close environment.

The mood of a dead person who appeared to you in a dream also matters. If he is cheerful and cheerful, then you should reconsider your lifestyle. You are probably doing something wrong, so you need to change your behavior.

When the dead person needs to promise something, then wait for a quick decline in business, depression or just a bad mood. Therefore, listen to the advice of others, to improve your life and to confront the troubles, without falling into despair.

Miller also says that the advice of deceased loved ones in a dream is an echo of the subconscious mind, which in this way tries to make you remember the knowledge you once received that can help in a difficult situation.

BTW! Experience shows that by listening to such advice, you can really achieve success, precedents have already happened.

Dream Vanga

Vanga, in general, treats dreams, where the deceased person is alive, just like Miller, but more cardinally, especially if you dreamed of a famous person alive:

  • politician;
  • artist;
  • singer;
  • military, etc.

Such dreams foreshadow global catastrophes throughout the world. However, according to the interpretation of the great prophetess, to see a deceased loved one in a dream alive, is also not good. Such dreams say that you should think about your behavior and analyze the words of the deceased. Most likely they contain a warning or farewell.

Dream loft

This is a more humane dream book, which interprets the vision of dead people alive not as dramatically as Wang. According to the interpretation of Lofa, the deceased person comes in a dream in order to warn about future important events.

If your deceased loved one, whom you receive in your home, dreamed of being alive, this only means sadness for it. A dream in which the relative is alive, but at the same time lies in a coffin, has a completely different meaning. It means that in the near future you will have a very unpleasant and frank conversation with someone from your family. At the same time, it is impossible to ignore an unpleasant conversation, since this will lead to a serious quarrel, perhaps, parting forever.

Also Loff advises to think about the actions and words of the deceased, who appeared alive in a dream. As with the dream Vanga, such dreams mean a warning, advice, parting words that can change your life for the better.

Dream interpretation Tsvetkova

This dream book calls the dead people who came alive in a dream, heralds of fate. A close friend or relative who dreamed about alive means that you have drastic changes in your life. For example, you can find your love or get a new job.

If the deceased in a dream was cheerful and cheerful, then you should beware. This means that your enemies are plotting something unkind, so decisions must be made with caution.

The dead person, kissing you in a dream, foreshadows the separation from his neighbor. This can be not only separation from your beloved, but also the departure of a loved one or yours for a long distance.

Freight's Dream Interpretation

This dream book stands in solidarity with all the previous ones, that a dead person, who appeared alive in a dream, warns about something important. You should listen to his advice and, if possible, follow them.

Great Dream

This dream book interprets the vision of the deceased depending on the emotions that the sleeper experiences. If the late relative hugs you - this is one of the most successful dreams. It means that you will live a long life and be happy.

If at the sight of dead parents in a dream you experience joy, then in the near future decide a question that has been troubling you for a long time. But negative emotions during such a dream mean trouble and many trials in the near future.


Summarizing all the above written, I want to say: