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The fate of a man named Taras - the nature and significance


Not the most common name in modern Russia Taras is of Greek origin. His first form, which was used in Greece, was the word Tarasios. Subsequently, the name changed to such a form as Tarasii, which subsequently migrated into the newly adopted Orthodox culture. In Russian, Tarasius altered to the usual for us Taras. Translation from Greek - "Restless, rebel, troublemaker."

Of those qualities for which the people around them appreciate and love Taras, they highlight his determination and insubordinate will. In society, he always strives to be individual and original. In any team quickly takes a leadership position. The combination of unusual qualities - suspiciousness and the ability to instantly make volitional decisions attracts attention to it.

His constant inner experiences based on doubts spoil the picture. Also, people around him do not always find his jokes funny - with a sense of humor he has problems at all.

He also tends to be overly assertive, since he is actively seeking self-assertion. He himself is inclined to believe that his stolidity, detachment and gloominess expose him in the light of an independent person and cause respect, but they can push people away.

Different name options

The male name Taras has various derivatives and abbreviated forms. Brief versions of the name are: Asya, Tarasco, Tarasik, Taraska, Tarasiok, Tarasio, Tarasunya.

The patronymic of children is Tarasovich and Tarasnovna.

Also this name has two Greek synonyms - Tarasios and Tarasios.

Character of Taras

From an early age, he believes that he is destined to something more than other people, and is waiting for his finest hour, preparing for great things. Only over the years it comes to him the realization that they require appropriate circumstances and hard work on his own personality. The most suitable profession for him is military service, medicine or rescue.

The will of Tarasik is unusually strong and strong, and thinking outside the box and even paradoxically, so that none of the people around him can subdue him to his influence. He perceives failures calmly, but he is not too happy about victories either, since he understands that his stubbornness can lead him to any goal.

He is deprived of the ability to calculate the situation for many moves ahead. However, the currently tricky and complicated cases are solved in one or two actions. Relentless pravdorub, telling others everything that thinks. It is not always pleasant to his friends and relatives, but everyone is sure that he is not tati evil.

Often, he is very talented, but he doesn’t have any idea how to fulfill himself Going to the goal in a direct way, not looking for loopholes. This man is laconic, but he will always find the right approach to the person interesting for himself. He loves women, and women love him. The family is always the leader.

What fate awaits Taras

In childhood, Tarasik will be active and mischievous. To a greater extent will delight parents, entertain and amuse them. This child will have exceptional resourcefulness, which will allow him to successfully get out of various situations caused by his mischief.

Parents prefer to keep away from their affairs, so they often see their son only in a perfect light. In the process of growing up reckless acts and mischief in it is becoming less and less. At the forefront are prudence and prudence.

In the study will show success, both in the exact sciences, and in the humanitarian sphere. Also in it will be traced a developed creative beginning, which parents need to reveal, make the child believe in himself and give him the opportunity for self-realization. In the chosen case can achieve considerable success.

An adult Taras will have good health, but this picture will not be formed immediately. In childhood, due to weak immunity, it will often hurt, and its mischievous nature creates the risk of various injuries, however, these problems will be eliminated with age.

Taras will be distinguished by high vitality and good sports abilities. If for some purpose there are not enough resources, laid down in it by nature, - he will achieve his goal at the expense of stubbornness. The ability to fight to the last more than once to help him out during life.

Different characteristics of Taras

It is worth noting that Tarasik rarely advertises his volitional qualities and inflexible character. For his enemies, such qualities of personality become a surprise that can confuse, and they pleasantly surprise friends.

  • The patron planet is Uranus;
  • Animal mascot - crucian;
  • Zodiac sign - fish;
  • The color of the name is red;
  • Tree-mascot - elm;
  • Plant mascot - catchment;
  • Stone mascot - topaz.

Twice a year, Taras celebrates the day of the angel - March 10 (in honor of the Patriarch of Constantinople - Tarasia, who built many temples and hospitals), and June 20 (in honor of the holy martyr Tarasiya).

Taras in work, family and love

In this work, a man named Taras is able to show maximum commitment at the initial stage of a newly started business. However, such a fighting spirit may weaken over time if Taras doubts the need to bring work to a logical conclusion.

Passion for boxing, wrestling and other strength sports occupy the mind of Tarasik from an early age, so it makes sense for him to try himself in a military or rescue field. Also from Taras get a great coach. However, this man can choose any profession in which you can apply assertiveness and courage.

In love, Taras will be happy with such a woman who, firstly, is able to take the initiative, and secondly, will tolerate his uneasy character. Resolute and strong-willed in all spheres of life, in matters of romantic relationships, he may delay and doubt for a long time.

Housework, most likely, also should be engaged in the wife. However, Taras will remain the head of the family - he will make the most important and right decisions. From his wife will need the ability to admire him and obey him. Also, this man carefully monitors the spending of money of all family members, avoiding waste.

Tarasik turns out to be a good, albeit strict father, who devotes time to raising his children. The owners of this name rarely become susceptible to bad habits - among them it is difficult to find smokers or alcoholics.

Compatibility Taras with women

The most comfortable and favorable union awaits Taras in a pair with girls with the following names: Lyudmila, Uliana, Veronika, Antonina, Regina, Raisa, Galina, Larisa, Renata.

A marriage of average compatibility will develop with such women as: Tatiana, Nina, Lada, Zinaida, Victoria, Taisiya, Vladislav.

Avoid relationships with girls whose name is: Bronislava, Barbara, Zoya, Anastasia, Vera, Polina, Rosa and Faina.

Famous people named Taras

Among the men who bore the name of Taras, there are many prominent and famous personalities. Among them is the holy Tarasius-Patriarch of Constantinople, the hero of the story N.V. Gogol - Taras Bulba, Ukrainian boxer - Taras Shelestyuk.