Dream interpretation

The nature, fate and importance of the name Asya


The name Asya is of Greek origin, translated as "resurrection" or "city dweller". It is believed that happened on behalf of Asta, which now almost does not occur. Often, the name Asya is used as a short for other names (for example, Anisya, Anastasia, Arseny). This name has no name.

Affectionately Asya is called Assenka, Asechka, Yasya.

Character Asi

Both in childhood and in adulthood, a girl is distinguished by tenderness, sensuality, the concept of beautiful is important to her, she is able to see what others usually do not notice. Slope to creativity and has the ability to create new things.

Usually Asya is a universal favorite. People are attracted to her delicacy, moderate modesty, goodwill. The main weakness for the girl is curiosity, the desire to constantly discover something new. Gray everyday life can ruin Asya and she will lose what attracted everyone in her. Generosity, love for loved ones and honesty are another strengths of the owners of the name.

For all the positive characteristics, Asya has one major drawback. The girl takes everything happening very close to her heart. Any misstep, life difficulty can knock Asya out of the rut, and at the same time, innate modesty will not allow the girl to show emotions for all, and therefore there are serious intrapersonal conflicts.

Asi's life

Asi's life is filled with bright colors. In addition, the girl herself is able to embellish even minor events that occur in her life.


Usually already in a maternity hospital it easily picks up minor minor diseases, therefore the mother and her child do not immediately discharge.

Asi's weak point is her lungs, her bronchi are usually weakened, and in childhood ARVI and ARD are a constant cause for trouble. After 5 years of health improves somewhat. In adulthood, there are problems with the teeth, as well as with the nervous system, which is associated with the sensitivity of the girl and a slight susceptibility to stress.

Despite the pain, Asya lives a long life, often up to 90 years. It has been observed that the Asya family usually live longer than others, which is associated with the mild nature of the hostess of the house.

Relationships with men

Asya is very demanding of a partner with whom she wants to build long-term relationships. For her, honesty, mutual respect and attentiveness - three whales of marriage, and until she is satisfied that the man suits her on all counts, she will not give consent to formalize the relationship.

But if a man showed himself from the best side and achieved the location of Asi, the girl would become the best and loyal wife. Her house is always warm and cozy, guests want to come back here again and again. And as Asya's mistress, she can be very surprised - usually husbands do not look at other girls when there is such a beautiful wife at home.

A girl after marriage is entirely given to her husband and family, she believes and is very hard if her husband betrays her. Ready to follow her husband to the end and even look down their own interests.

Asya falls in love quickly, but once and for all life. Her modest character allows you to create wonderful marriages with completely different men. Nevertheless, the most successful partners for Asi are Eugene, Gleb, Nikita, Peter, Alexey, Artem, Makar, Dmitry, Ruslan and Sergey.


At school, the most important guarantee for successful learning of Asi is interest. In general, the girl copes well with the school program, the support of parents and teacher is the best motivation for Asi. Having good teachers, the girl often breaks out in excellent students.

Despite excellent household talents, Asya rarely refuses to be able to earn money independently. Although a quick climb up the career ladder is not an end in itself, Asya’s work is distinguished by assiduity, thoroughness, high quality of work and diligence, especially if it is not under pressure.

In addition, Asya is very thrifty and economical. She can, having a little money, organize any events at the highest level, which makes her an indispensable employee in the field of entertainment, children's leisure.

The best work options for Asya are those where she interacts with people and creates the atmosphere herself. For example, a psychologist, doctor or teacher.

Name characters

  • Planet - Mercury
  • Stone - Emerald
  • Color - purple or green
  • Animal - Monkey
  • Zodiac sign - Virgo, Gemini

The most famous girls named Asya:

  1. Russian poetess Asya Gorskaya
  2. Ukrainian artist Asya Kozina
  3. Soviet poet Asya Schneiderman
  4. Chechen singer Asya Abubakarova
  5. Russian sound engineer Asya Zvereva