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Spider in the house - is it possible to kill a living creature


An unpleasant sight is to see the spider in the house. For some reason, this small creature is disgusting to many people, so the only desire at the sight of a spider is to immediately kill it. But it must be remembered that the class of arachnids or arthropods (which include spiders) is the most important part of the ecosystem to which we belong.

Moreover, spiders are predators, they act as defenders of the house from harmful insects. There are signs in which it is described that it is impossible to kill a spider. But what to do at the sight of a small creature? This is the problem we will consider today in the article. I will tell you whether spiders can be killed in terms of religion and magic. Also list the common signs associated with these unusual living creatures.

Spider in the house - what does this mean?

Spiders can often be seen in every home. These creatures weave the finest cobwebs (usually in the corners) and wait patiently for some insect to fall into them - a mosquito or a fly. Other arthropods can be contemplated when they unexpectedly descend from the ceiling and hang in space on their cobweb. In any case, this creature causes discomfort, people often fear them and try to kill them.

In fact, spiders are the most ancient creatures. Even a few thousand years ago, they settled in the dwelling of man and existed alongside him all his life. In ancient times, these creatures were the main helpers for people, they exterminated harmful insects, thereby protecting the health of people from misfortunes and various misfortunes.

A little later, when modern technologies were developed effective means of annoying flies and mosquitoes, they began to forget about arthropods. Moreover, these creatures were ranked among the class of enemies and unpleasant creatures, from which it is necessary to get rid of.

Nowadays, many parents tell their children that spiders are harmful. But why? It is believed that their bite is poisonous. Indeed, in the salivary gland of the creature there is a small concentration of poison, but it is deadly only for small insects, but for humans it is absolutely safe. The second aspect, hostility to the spiders - is their appearance. But it certainly should not be the cause of killing these creatures.

Our ancestors never destroyed, did not remove, and even more so, did not kill spiders. On the contrary, it was believed that if they live in the dwelling of a person, then this is a good sign. Spider could predict the onset of trouble and trouble. This creature also indicated negative natural factors that could become destructive for humans.

There are many signs in which it is stated that the arthropod is not the enemy of man. And there are no signs that would indicate that at the sight of a spider, it is required to immediately destroy it. If this neighborhood is unpleasant for a person, then you should not go for a kill, you just need to shift the living and defenseless creature onto a scoop or piece of paper and take it out to the street.

Beliefs and Superstitions

Believers with special trepidation refer to any living beings. Religion states that one cannot take life and go to sin, that is, murder. There are a lot of stories associated with spiders.

  • In ancient times, prophets and priests were driven from cities and settlements. Believers were forced to hide in crevices and caves. Spiders lived in large caves, and this was for most people the most terrible and terrible place. But for believers, the caves were absolutely safe. Arthropods, whose home was invaded by wanderers, never attacked people. The clergymen noted that such a neighborhood helped them survive and escape from the harsh imperial punishment.
  • Another significant fact in favor of spiders comes from the religion of Buddhism. According to her, the spider is a living creature, and since any life is priceless, then killing is the worst sin.

  • Ancient shamans were preparing miraculous drugs, one of the ingredients of which were spiders. But in order to prepare decoctions and infusions, living beings were not specifically destroyed. Shamans used only those creatures who died accidentally. If it was necessary to urgently prepare a miraculous mixture, but there was no dead spider, then spiderweb was used instead of the animal. It was believed that such drugs saved the sick from the most terrible and serious diseases.
  • Today, the most popular sign says that if you kill a spider, then a person will take 50 sins on his soul. Our ancestors firmly believed in such a sign, so they never went to kill living beings, even if it was very unpleasant to see them in their home. If the spider accidentally turned out to be killed, then the person immediately hurried to the church to pray for his sin. It was assumed that the killing of a living creature attracted to the house of misfortune and misfortune.

Spider in the house - a symbol of good luck

Today, spiders in apartments are infrequent guests. More often these living creatures can be observed in private homes, basements or sheds. At the sight of a spider, the question arises why it is impossible to kill spiders. How are these living creatures useful?

  • The spider brings happiness to the house. His web is a symbol of positive energy. As the web attracts flies and mosquitoes to itself, in the same way it attracts happiness and well-being into the house.
  • Thick “thickets” of cobwebs in the attic or in the basement promise people great happiness. This means that such a house bypass the troubles, quarrels and misfortunes.
  • In ancient times, people deliberately enticed arthropods into their homes in order to attract well-being and good fortune to their homes. As baits “live bait” were used - fat flies and mosquitoes.
  • It is forbidden to kill or beat spiders, in this way a person scares away from himself and his house the good fortune that a living creature “carried in its paws”.
  • To find a spider on clothes is a sign of a quick good news. If you treat a living being with goodness, then such mercy will be generously rewarded - a person will soon receive pleasant news or a precious gift.
  • Finding a spider in the house and not offending him is a sign of good news, speedy material well-being and family well-being.

  • If the creature descends from the ceiling, then this promises good news soon.
  • When the arthropod falls unexpectedly on the floor or on the table, it is a sign of an unexpected financial replenishment, perhaps an inheritance or a chance to win a large amount of money.
  • Finding an Arthropod in Your Pocket - Unexpected Receipt of a Large Amount of Money.
  • Arthropod down the wall - you can soon expect good news or a rich guest.
  • If you see the spider in the early morning, it foreshadows the arrival of good news. To contemplate creatures during the day - to a nice gift. When the arthropod appears in the evening, it means pleasant trouble.
  • You can very rarely see a red spider, if such an unusual creature appears in front of a person, then this means financial wealth and family well-being.

Talismans for good luck

In many countries, very respectful of spiders. Since this creature is the advocate of man, it is customary to make special talismans and amulets that resemble the weaving of cobwebs in their appearance. Such a talisman acts as a protector from misfortune and misfortune, helps save a person from the evil eye and domestic troubles.

To get rid of the ailments, folk healers offered to patients to eat a miracle cure. Such a tool was prepared as follows: the cobweb was collected, rolled into a small ball and coated with butter on top. It was enough to eat a miraculous drug once to get rid of even the most dangerous diseases.

If a person went on a difficult journey, then he is recommended to put in a pocket of outer clothing a dried spider. It is believed that the spider will help make the path successful, protect the person from trouble and help achieve their goals.