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What does the name Cyril mean and how to recognize the fate and character of a person by name


The meaning of the name Cyril goes back to the ancient Greek Cyrus - the sovereign and, in turn, to the Phoenician - Assyrian, even more ancient meaning of the Sun, regal, luminous. The female version of the name is Kira, mistress, mistress. The name is not simple, a child with this name perfectly knows how to reign, but is completely incapable of conquering kingdoms - this requires Alexandra, Persei, Volodya, Nikolai and Nicodemus.

In poverty, Cyril will be unhappy, and is unlikely to be able to get out of poverty. But in a rich family, the name is largely able to protect against a number of specific problems - the availability of girls and worldly goods, he does not attach any importance. He will be comfortable in a golden cradle, and he will be able to decorate it with diamonds and pass it by inheritance.

Name options

Affectionate options - Kiryusha, Kirik, Kiryushka, Kiryushenka

Other options are Cyrus, Cyrus, Kiryukh, Kiryukh.

Abusive and hard options for this name does not exist. Want to apply - please contact gently.


  • Zodiac sign - Sagittarius, Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Planet - Sun, Saturn
  • Color - blue, yellow and all shades of ocher and aqua
  • Tree - fir, juniper
  • Flower - tulip, crocus, orchid
  • Animal - maral
  • Stone - sapphire, topaz

Name Compatibility

The best names are unusual and domineering. In the family, Kirill is a henpecked, albeit a desperate gulen. If now the name Dasha is unusual, it will be the best option. Successful alliance with Alice, Olga, Tamara, Zinaida, Efrosinya, Monica. Cyril gets on well with women of other cultures and enjoys exotic.

Name Day January 31, in honor of the brothers Cyril and Methodius, the founders of modern Slavic literature.


Richly gifted by nature, he acutely feels his, sometimes imaginary, superiority, thirst for delight and worship, recognition of his primacy. Gifted with tremendous charisma, he is ready to use it to captivate and attract attention. But if he feels that he does not receive that enthusiastic love and admiration, which he is seeking, it becomes an extremely unpleasant type, which does not completely hide the complete and absolute disregard.

One of the main features is to call mistrust and tendency to hypochondria, laziness.

Weaknesses include a slight attitude towards alcohol and other stimulants. Bogatyr health he does not shine, the consequences quickly affect and lead him to despair.

The strength of Kirill is his ability to build relationships with women. If it were not for his depression, in which he is unbearable even for his loved ones, women would pass him from hand to hand to old age, without bothering to work, except around the house.

In love, Cyril is superficial. Waiting often exceeds the result. But if a woman fails to portray delight convincingly enough - after 3 minutes, change her next in line. The line is long, there are many people who want it, regardless of Kiryusha’s financial situation and his level of socialization. He does not have to try.

The problem of Cyril is his inability to friendly, partnership, equal relations. He must be the most important, the very first, the best and most beloved. To win his heart is the most brutal and irresponsible flattery. He will believe in it without the slightest doubt, since he always waited for precisely excellent adjectives. Refrain from the slightest criticism and get the affection and appreciation of the most devoted and adoring person. Unfortunately, completely uncontrollable and unpredictable.

Surrounding often annoying his pragmatism. If you are needed - he is a charm. But as soon as the need for your services disappears, he immediately disappears, not sustaining the slightest pause and often even forgetting to thank. Cyril is angry at such a reaction, because he believes it is a tricky move that should make others seek to benefit him.

He is not mercantile and willing to easily spend money on friends. Especially in order to gain credibility. He considers this type of investment the most reliable and correct. On the other hand, he expects an endless and unlimited flow of goods and gifts from outside.

Often, Cyrus is deprived of a fighting vein. Perhaps he is aggressive, ready to attack those who, in his opinion, will not offer serious resistance. But to stand up for himself, to achieve his something other than whining and smiles, he is not capable.


Until the age of transition Cyril - the very charm, charm and obedience. He is afraid of offending someone, ready to yield, obey, do housework. At a young age, he only tries the power of his charm and does not dare to use it on loved ones. He is often lazy to learn, but with pleasure he demonstrates a deep mind and rare insight, refinement.

In adolescence, he is unbearable in everyday life, but seeks to find himself in the works. If it does not get quick results or even hints that a dazzling result is possible - it leaves attempts and drifts.

Two planets control the name at once - the Sun and the prudent Saturn. Therefore, a happy or unhappy Cyril is like 2 different people who are not familiar with each other and with a completely different set of basic character traits:

  • One is the lucky darling of destiny, incredibly able-bodied, ready to inspire others with one of his appearance, generating new ideas, interesting thoughts and jokes that make you think deeply, joyfully putting your palms in the streams of love and wealth with which the world adoring him generously gives.
  • The second is a gloomy and dreary hypochondriac, with pleasure and defiantly trampling his life as an unnecessary cigarette butt. Together with the hearts and souls of those who love him, without the slightest pity, with deep aversion to the whole world. Cyril must be happy, must learn to work on his inner state, to control it.

In this case, he will be able to build his life in such a way that it will look like a delightful and fairy tale. He will get good chances, great offers - they need to be grabbed quickly, without hesitation and not filling their price with delays. The more Kirik pauses, waiting for new, more attractive offers, the less likely it is that fate will allow him to take off. But still, there are dozens of times more lucky chances in the fate of Kirill than in ordinary fate. The problem is that he is not always able to cope with happiness, grief, and his own talent.

Finding himself Cyril shines, sparkles and shimmers like a gem in the sun. He is tireless, original, generously shares his light with others and favorably accepts admiration.

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