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Scottish male and female names: list and meanings


I was always interested in British movie actors, but I could never understand why some of them had such strange names: Rory McCann, Sam Hughes ... It seemed that their names were abbreviated, but they are really in official documents! I decided to find out what are the traditions of naming in Scotland and the mystery of the Scottish names.

How are Scottish names formed?

The Scottish language was divided from the Irish only recently (from the point of view of historical and philological science). That is why the similarity between Scottish and Irish names is obvious: usually only the pronunciation of some letters and the endings indicating gender are different.

The most obvious groups of names in Scotland are the names of Christian origin and Gaelic names borrowed from the ancient Celts. As for the semantic origin, they usually indicate professional activity, birth geography, personal qualities of a person, his nickname. Names may also be derived from the names of the tribal clans of the Scots.

Another feature of the formation of Scottish names is that the abbreviations (for example, Will from William) are used here as full names (sometimes this practice is observed in Ireland and Wales). The number of names in either men or women is not limited. Therefore, there are chances to meet as many as six-digit named constructions.

Scottish Name List

Most of the names listed in both lists appeared in Scotland in 1066, when William the Conqueror entered the land of the ancient tribes. The connection between such names and the original English is obvious. But it is impossible not to notice their unique interpretations or original prefixes and suffixes.

Male names and their meanings

  • The name of Islayl is quite direct meaning - "island". Names with geographical overtones are common in Scotland;
  • Aodhagen or Aodhan in the ancient Scottish dialects means "fire";
  • Beistin is the “servant of the bishop” or “the bishop's assistant”, which speaks of the Christian origin of the name;
  • Bhatair is an example of the traditional name for the Scots, its meaning - "the ruler of the troops";
  • The names of Forks, Vili means “helmet”, which also shows the great military past of the inhabitants of Scotland;
  • Weston speaks of the historical dependence of the region, the translation of the name is “Western manager”;
  • Greg or Gregor is identical with the meaning of "alert" or "careful";
  • Gordon translates as "great hill" or "front," and often is also the name of the Scots;
  • Dabhglas is a somewhat outdated traditional Scottish name for "dark stream of water";
  • Gilchrist is synonymous with the phrase "servant of Jesus Christ";
  • Imher is the primordial Scottish name with the meaning "good archer";
  • Irwin or Irving (both spellings are equal) means "green river";
  • Kirk translates as "cathedral" or "church";
  • Koinnich is synonymous with the phrase "just made." So the Scots called the boys with good health;
  • Ljall means "wolf". This name has Gaelic roots;
  • Lindsey, Lindsay or Lincey - names translated as “wetland”;
  • McIntosh also means "well done", this name includes the prefix "poppy", typical of the Scots;
  • Muridhak and the name of Moray have a common meaning - “sea warrior”;
  • The original abbreviated name of Norrie means "man from the North";
  • Nicole or Nicol is synonymous with the phrase “victory of the people”;
  • The name Pal or Paul (in different parts of Scotland there are different pronunciations) means "small";
  • Paisley translates as "high class." So usually called babies with good addition and health;
  • Rabbi or Rab are abbreviations in the name of Robertfemus, translated as "radiant with glory";
  • Renalph means "old wolf" or "experienced wolf";
  • Sigdh or Sigdhu is an alternative to the phrase "like a hawk";
  • Somerled is an English name, translated as "summer traveler";
  • Tomeg or Thomas translated as "twin." So often called one child of twins;
  • Thorburn - the name inherited from the Scandinavians, meaning "Thor's bear";
  • Willie, Willig or Willim means "military helmet";
  • Ousdin is synonymous with the phrase "stone from the island";
  • The name Fergus translates as "strong personality";
  • The original Scottish name Fraser has an unusual meaning - “strawberry”;
  • Eiderd means "guardian of prosperity";
  • Euon - an ancient name, translated as "successfully born into the world."

Women's names and their meanings

  • Aline or Aileen means “bird”, in other sources you can find the value “competing”;
  • Alice is a name common in different parts of the planet and denoting “the victory of elves”;
  • Barabel is an adaptation of the name Barbara. It, in turn, translates as "foreigner";
  • Beitrice means "traveler through life" and is considered the Scottish version of the name Beatrice;
  • The name Glenn means "valley";
  • Gormlate is the traditional name for the Scots and is translated as "the glorious noble maiden";
  • The names Gin, Ginny, Ginna, or Ginty mean “good god”;
  • Donaldina is the female form of the name Donald and means "world ruler";
  • Iona, Innis or Inessa (the last variation of the name is common in Russia) means "island";
  • Imhare is the classic name for the Scots, synonymous with the word “ready”;
  • Christie or Christine are identical with the phrase "follower of Jesus Christ";
  • Cam, Cam or Cameron have a single meaning - "curved nose." The name also sometimes turns into a surname;
  • Ljall can be a female name. The interpretation of "wolf" is maintained regardless of gender;
  • The name Lyusaidh has Gaelic roots and is translated as “light” or “weightless”;
  • The Scottish names Maygrid or Maryrid mean "pearl";
  • Marsaly - the name comes from Greece and means "warlike", "dedicated to the god Mars";
  • Neilina and Netta have the same meaning - “champion”;
  • Nandag is a classic female name for the people of Scotland and is synonymous with the word "grace";
  • Paisley translates as "church";
  • Peigi has a similar meaning with the names Merid and Maigrid. It means "pearl" or "pearl";
  • The name Homeland, incomprehensible to a Russian-speaking person, is synonymous with the words "island" and "swamp";
  • Ron or Rhona means "wise ruler." So often called girls of noble birth;
  • The names Sile and Silis stand for "blind";
  • Sondra is translated as "defender of humanity" and is a form of the name of Alexander;
  • The name Fenella is identical to the phrase “white shoulder”;
  • Typical of the Scottish naming tradition, the name Frangag means "free";
  • Ainsley translates as "the hermit's forest hut";
  • Aytbhrik - the classic Scottish name with the meaning of "new", "variegated" or "distinguished."