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Anniversaries of weddings by year: traditions and signs


On the wedding day, the newlyweds dream to live together happily. Subsequently, the newlyweds happily celebrate their weddings every year. There are many traditions and traditions about these anniversaries. After marriage, I became interested in this issue and want to share my knowledge.

Common traditions of each wedding anniversary

Many celebrate the anniversary of their own wedding, but not everyone knows that each of them is called differently, has certain customs and omens. As a rule, the whole holiday, if any, is only in the arrival of guests, gifts and feast.

Meanwhile, each anniversary has a name. At the same time, it is taken "not from the ceiling", but has a psychological background. In addition, there are dates when a crisis occurs in a family that has even lived together for many years.

1st decade of marriage

The names of wedding anniversaries in the 1st decade are soft or fragile names:

  1. The 1st anniversary is named Calico. Traditionally on this day they drink champagne left on the day of the wedding. The name itself suggests that in the first year, if there were quarrels, then you need to be patient, because the spouses are still attributing to each other's character. Relationships in marriage are rather fragile, as is the fabric that gave the name to the date. True, there is another interpretation of the appearance of such a name. At this time, the newlyweds lead an intense intimate life. That is why on the first anniversary give new bedding, because last year from frequent use, probably dirtied.
  2. The following year, the newlyweds celebrate a paper wedding. Paper is even more fragile than cloth, but this is due to the fact that by the second year the child is most often born in the family. Not everyone is able to cope with such tests, passing which the attachment in the family only get stronger.
  3. This wedding is leather. The skin is much stronger than chintz and paper, as well as marital relations. If the couple has gone through the difficulties of the first years, then family relations will improve. But the skin is also soft, which symbolizes the flexibility of the wife and husband in disputes, the ability to make concessions.
  4. Date has two names. Linen it is called, as the spouses have already acquired the property, in particular, expensive linen in the old days. A wax was named for the same reasons as the previous one - because of the softness and flexibility of the material.
  5. The first anniversary year of marriage is called wooden. During this period, the couple is still fit and healthy, so the date is celebrated very noisy with a lot of guests.
  6. Wood is a fairly strong material, as is love between the “newlyweds,” however, you should beware of fire. On the first anniversary birthday of the family give, as a rule, wood products. By the way, this day they traditionally plant their family tree. You need to take care of him so that it grows big and gives the family happiness.
  7. This is the first date with a metallic name - cast iron. Relationships in the pair are already very strong, but at the same time fragile. Cast iron cracks after strong impacts. Therefore, the spouses are still too early to calm down and it is worth thinking about further strengthening the family.
  8. 7th anniversary - copper. The love of a couple at this time is like copper - beautiful, valuable and strong. By the way, copper says that the family has acquired all the most necessary things, the children have grown, and their affairs are very successful.
  9. Tin is named the 8th anniversary. Now the word "tin" put a negative meaning, but it is not. In this case, it is not the cost of the material that is meant, but its brilliance. New tin glitters, not worse than silver. During this period, the relationship of couples shine with all parties.
  10. This anniversary is called faience. The origin of the name has two versions. One characterizes the attachment between husband and wife, comparing her strength and sweetness with tea in elegant mugs. The second interpretation is negative. This period can be described as a crisis in the relationship. Spouses are already somewhat tired of each other, nothing interesting happens in life, and therefore their love can be broken by any carelessness, like faience.
  11. This first truly round date from the date of the wedding is called Tin. Tin - the material is quite flexible, but durable. The relationship of the couple is the same. The second name of this wedding is pink. This color is a sign of tender love. Also referred to as the 17th anniversary.

2nd decade

This period is characterized by an even, strong relationship, from which the fire of passion has already gone, replaced by tenderness and even calm love.

  1. This anniversary is steel. Love has already been tempered by numerous troubles, and therefore has become as strong as this metal. However, this material can be smooth and sparkling, and feelings in marriage are smooth, without strife and scandals.
  2. At 12.5 years celebrates a nickel celebration. Relationships of couples become as brilliant, reliable and resistant as this metal.
  3. Lacy anniversary is celebrated on the 13th year of marriage. The name indicates that the life of the pair becomes beautiful and light, like lace.
  4. The 14th year of marriage was given precious status. Agate is a beautiful and mysterious stone with a large number of shades. Family life has become as strong and iridescent, but the spouses in some matters remain a mystery to each other.
  5. 15th anniversary - glass. In a relationship crisis comes. They become fragile as glass.
  6. This anniversary is once again precious - topaz. Topaz - a crystal clear and transparent stone, as well as family relationships.
  7. And again tin / pink anniversary.
  8. This wedding is turquoise. This stone is very bright, and what are the feelings of the spouses. Children are old enough, and therefore a lot of unknown and bright things open up before the couple.
  9. The 19th year of marriage is not celebrated.
  10. This is a china wedding. The history of the name has two versions. According to the first, for 20 years of marriage, all china has already crashed and it is time to give the spouses a new one. The second one says that the life of the couple has become as valuable as fine Chinese porcelain.

Anniversary Dates

Further wedding anniversaries are usually celebrated once every five years. True, other dates are named, but they are usually celebrated together or in a narrow circle.

21-25 years

The first five years after the 20th anniversary of the marriage of the couple still celebrate each date:

  • 21st - opal;
  • The 22nd is bronze;
  • 23rd - beryllic;
  • The 24th is satin.

The 25th year of marriage is a silver wedding. This is one of the most significant dates. It should be celebrated with a special chic, and as gifts to give silverware:

  • jewelry sets;
  • sets;
  • dining sets;
  • vases and stuff.

To reach the 25th anniversary is given not to many. Spouses who were able to carry their love through all adversities deserve special attention and warm congratulations.

26-30 years

During this period, only two anniversaries are celebrated: the 26th is jade and the 29th is velvet.

But the 30th anniversary is once again celebrated in a big way. It is called the pearl wedding. The sea waves the pearls in waves so that they become smooth and shimmering. So all the troubles make the marriage life strong and exquisite, like real pearls.

31-35 years

Weddings are celebrated during this period:

  • The 31st year is dark;
  • The 33rd year is stone;
  • 34th year - amber.

The 35th year - another anniversary date - coral. From tiny polyps grow true "cities" of coral. In the same way, a couple of small feelings managed to cultivate respect, affection and love in each other.

40th year

The fortieth anniversary is dedicated to the unique precious scarlet mineral - ruby. Needless to say that the decoration of the holiday, and gifts must match the name. Ruby means the union of souls and destinies.

45th year

Once again, the wedding anniversary is devoted to jewels. Sapphire is a stone of bright blue color. He brings prosperity and good fortune to the owners. So the spouses keep each other's peace and happiness.

50th year

Once again, the most important date is gold. To live 50 years together not all couples. It is clear that we are not talking about parting, but rather about the state of health. In the golden wedding, it is customary to give new wedding rings that are worn with the old ones. By the way, the latter can be transferred to idle descendants.

Rare wedding anniversaries

Not all couples survive even before a golden wedding, and after this time, very rare couples can celebrate a new anniversary date:

  • The 55th year is an emerald anniversary. This stone is a symbol of wisdom and unity acquired by couples, 55 years after marriage.
  • The 60th year is a diamond wedding, named after the most durable stone.
  • 65th year - iron. This name describes the strength of the marital relationship.
  • The 70th year is a blessed anniversary.
  • 75th year - the crown. On this date, they organize the royal celebration and the festival of the soul - paying all attention to the couple.
  • 80th year - oak wedding.
  • The 90th year is a granite anniversary.
  • The century is red. This is an incredible event. In the entire history, only one couple was able to celebrate the century together - the Agaevs. The name of the wedding they gave the same.