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Joint life of 24 years - how to mention what to give


A satin wedding was recently with my girlfriend, she and her husband lived together for 24 years. It turned out that a serious anniversary requires a lot of preparation, during which I had to learn a lot of new things. How to celebrate this holiday, what to give, you can learn from the article.


24 goals together are a big part of the time, during which people have a lot of positive and negative emotions. An important role is played by the organization of the event, since it is considered to be a kind of rehearsal for the silver wedding. This anniversary is popularly called satin. Atlas can be the main motive of the solemn event, it is associated with most of the traditions. Celebrations can be held in the presence of family members or in private.

The atlas clearly emphasizes the strength of the relationship between married spouses many years ago. Atlas is a semi-silk material with a smooth shiny surface. Matter is widely used in the decoration of various items of clothing for everyday and ceremonial purposes. Atlas is used in the manufacture of flags, draping leather goods, furniture upholstery.

Between spouses after 24 years of marriage should also develop a smooth, tender and bright relationship. Their fates are woven into a single whole, which allowed them to create a strong family. In this period mutual understanding is established between people, they reach agreement, they are bound by love and loyalty.

After 24 years of marriage, it is easy all scandals, conflicts and misunderstandings remain in the past. They no longer seem to be global problems, but look like whims and egoism. New relations testify to greater trust, people relax by this period of cohabitation, begin to respect the opinion of the opposite side, devote more time to relationships.

Above the family, you can safely build a flag from the atlas, it will be considered a symbol of victory over time. Spouses have successfully overcome all difficulties, such a strong alliance has become almost unbreakable. Marriage as an atlas absorbs only positive moments from the environment, all toxins, negative moments of minutes a family boat, cannot shake harmony and happiness.

On this day, appropriate exchanges of oaths are appropriate; beautiful ribbons tied at the wrists, which will symbolize the strength of marriage, will help to decorate the moment. Joyful day is suitable for decorating the table, interiors in oriental motifs. Oriental motifs are especially relevant when celebrating such an important anniversary. The fact is that it is from there that the atlas comes from, decorating the dwelling with candlesticks, non-standard lamps, pillows can attract good luck to the house.

What to give to the wife and husband to each other

Choosing a gift for such an event also requires a certain approach, as people have lived together for many years. An excellent tradition since ancient times is the exchange of satin clothing. Husband on the eve of the event should present his wife a satin nightgown. She will help bring a little romance into relationships, become a symbol of undying feelings. A woman can give an elegant shirt or pajamas.


  • jewelry, jewelry - a gift that will emphasize the depth of male feelings;
  • satin clothes, underwear, decorated with the same material - will not leave indifferent any woman;
  • a bouquet of 24 flowers - symbolizes every year spent by a couple in marriage; dinner by candlelight - can bring a zest to the union;
  • beautiful picture of satin ribbons;
  • weapon, fishing rod;
  • a tie or an unusual butterfly;
  • alcohol aged 24 years.

The selection of each gift is made individually; the preferences of the wife are taken into account. Some women like bouquets, others like books. A collage of 24 photos can also be a good gift; it should illustrate the years together. A touching gift will not leave anyone indifferent.

Choosing clothes

The best option to celebrate this solemn event is satin clothing. A wife can wear a blouse with a skirt or an airy dress with an elegant cut. An elegant white satin shirt will suit her husband;

Guests ideally should also follow wedding traditions. They can be recommended to wear ribbons, hairpins, brooches, headbands, decorated with artificial or fresh flowers.

Guest Gifts

When choosing gifts, you should first of all pay attention to the date - 24 years. In this case, you should connect the fantasy, try to think creatively, take into account their own preferences. The most important thing is the confidence that the gift will bring maximum pleasure for the spouses. If there is a need to follow traditions, it is recommended to tie up the packaging with satin ribbon.

You can always choose a gift from the following list:

  • satin textile items made of satin or similar material (curtains, bedding, tablecloths);
  • any satin clothes;
  • accessories;
  • a set of 24 items or a gift associated with this figure;
  • drawing a photo of a pair on clothes, dishes, canvas;
  • a picture made of satin ribbons;
  • Appliances;
  • sets, dishes, housewares;
  • Jewelry;
  • tourist tents, sleeping bags, special folding chairs and tables (if spouses like to conquer tourist routes);
  • trips to rest, tickets to events, going to a restaurant;
  • bouquet of flowers, houseplant;
  • pet with a tied satin ribbon on the neck.


  1. Satin wedding is celebrated after 24 years of marriage, this is an important event that requires preparation, search for gifts.
  2. On this day, spouses can give gifts made of satin, it can be textiles, clothing, household appliances, jewelry.
  3. The celebration is held in a narrow circle or in the presence of guests, who also must have elements of atlas in their clothes.