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Simoronsky rituals: very effective and well working


Differing from other methods of materialization, Simoron rituals for the fulfillment of desire are different in that in them there is an opportunity for a person to come up with his own rules and magically influence the development of his life. Such rituals are very effective and work fine.

We have prepared for you a selection of the most interesting and powerful rituals of Simorona from forums on the Internet.

Ritual "Appear"

The method of simorona is determined by visualization, as well as mentality in working with images. In order to work out the skill, it is best to train on the little things. For example, to find a lost thing you need:

  1. Formulate a cherished wish.
  2. Close your eyes and try to look up..
  3. It is very good to imagine the subject and say: "(subject), appear!"or" Agreement, subscribe! ".

It should also pay attention to their inner feelings. Saying the words in this state, you can feel something disturbing. You can regard it as a reaction of the Cosmos.

Although this ritual, as they say on the forums, is designed for small requests, it is not forbidden to try out this technique on a global desire. Who knows what will happen if every day to repeat "Favorite, come!", Presenting a man.


The meaning of constant expression, proceeding from the quality of the sheet to stick to the intimate placeclear to absolutely everyone. Why is it not possible to wrap in their own benefit?

  • from thin paper should cut a sheet;
  • it's pretty clear on it write goal;
  • fragment strengthened at a certain point;

In an alternative variation, you can take the original from oak or birch, where you can assign words to the marker. Worn this kind of "tattoo" a couple of hours.

If you use for this other part of the body, which is located closer to the brainThe results of such creativity will not disappoint either. A pencil for eyeliner (or even lipstick) on the forehead should fix the result of what a person strives for: to be his beloved wife, mother, famous person. Reflection in the mirror from time to time will be reminded of the goal.

Happiness in kaemochka

The basis of this ritual of execution is taken Bender's phrase about a saucer with a rim. To the bottom blue kai platesMy need to put the symbol of your dreams:

  • who wants to get married is a ring;
  • money - paper note;
  • baby pacifier;
  • his house is his little modell;

It is necessary that, at the request of the person, this was given to him. To enhance the effect of the ceremony can cut bright shiny star (from the usual foil) and hang where the person spends the most time (on the chandelier in the kitchen). Under such a happy star will be easier to live.

Simoronsky ritual for birthday

Technique of wish fulfillment according to Simoron consists in such nuances.

  • On his birthday, a person needs to get raspberry jam. Since this berry is a true panacea for 7 diseases, and is associated with tasty life, a jar with such a delicacy will be a guide to the world of real hopes.
  • On the bank it is necessary to stick the sticker "Neither chef, but raspberry" or another kind of allegory.
  • After 27 days (magic number in Simoron) jam should be eaten. It remains only to wait for a change.

Magic mirror

  • Need to use powder box with mirror. It should be washed with water and salt to clean the entire negative.
  • After the powder box will become a real tool for transforming thoughts into happy moments. With a pencil for eyes or eyebrows you need to write a brief phrase on the glass like "I am happy", "I am healthy". It should be very brief and quite succinctly tell about your request.
  • Looking at the reflection, you need to utter the secret phrase out loud.
  • And so to do every time when opening the powder. At this moment, being in a bad mood and not believing in the power of magic is strictly prohibited.

Another interesting way to health ritual:

25 dreams

The main condition: all the "desires" need to register twice in a certain amount (25 desires twice each). After you should very quietly say such magical expressions: "All desires will come true themselves. It will be as I wish!".

In the next ten days, you should pamper yourself: get good lipstick, renew clothes, forget about the diet, and also attach importance to all the little things that elevate a person's mood. Experts have noticed that Cosmos very well and quickly fulfills the dreams of those who are in a good mood and give themselves joy.

Simoronsky ritual "Jumping Tiger"

Tigra in the foreign version of the cartoon "Winnie the Pooh" for joy high jumped on the tail. It's time to draw conclusions and:

  1. Find in your closet anything striped (or take a vest from my husband) or buy socks and panties with horizontal stripes.
  2. In the absence of such things, you can make your own body art (pencil for lips or eyes).
  3. In addition to such an interesting dress along the hair should be whipped and laid in extreme "hairstyle".

The actions performed must be matched by the image and plot of the cartoon. High jumps can be accompanied by these words: "I will fly on the tail to the sky, and along the way I will also receive money."

For the fulfillment of each specific desire will have its own rhyme.

Need to implement 27 jumps (as already mentioned, 27 is a magic number). Riding with friends will be much more fun and better, as the collective energy does real wonders.

"Magic Potion"

On the stove to put pan (best red) with water. Next should be placed spices, as well as herbs and garlic. When adding components to the container one by one, one should think about their desires, and let them be spoken while adding a fresh portion. Each new phrase should end approximately like this: "I agree to any positive outcome". The more seasonings there are, the more often they will need to be voiced.

The secret of this Simoron rite is that the vibrations of the voice are a kind of energy field (as in a conspiracy), which helps to quickly accomplish what has been said. It is important to feel the very moment, not missing a single detail.

Cooked "soup" can be improved with sauce, sour cream, lemon or other tasty things, but remember that the dish should be edible. At that moment, all desires gain strength again. Then the soup should be poured into a plate with a gold rim, and three spoons should be put in the mouth. The process is needed to activate the necessary program, which a little later should be fixed with the second portion of broth.

Nodal ritual

Many people admire the results of the "tied" desires. For a simple acting ritual will be needed shoelaces (just not black). The technique is very light: holding the laces in your hands, you need to speak the desire. The words "wish", which should be formulated in the present tense, negative parts cannot be pronounced. The proposal should be very capacious and specific. After the main phrase you should say another phrase: "as the lace is tied, so desire becomes attached". Tied knot. After the rope clings so that it hangs slightly (from the door handle or chair). How many wishes, so much to impose and eyelets.

A dream in a matter of days

You can test this in practice. It takes about 20 minutes to do this. Need to:

  • Make a wish and write it down.
  • Go into another room, cover the door and attach a piece of adhesive tape to the canvas of wood.
  • Inspired to read the text and boldly go beyond the threshold.
  • Then go back and repeat the whole process. And so do 27 times.

The goal is to make up the ease where people greet lightness, laughter and naturalness. The portal of the door will be a true guide to a new life, where everything comes true.

Rite with assistants

Virtual assistants can also help in the fulfillment of desires. First you need to cook photos of famous personalities who created money empires or distinguished themselves in another field. In this case, with their participation can be resolved problems, including love. It is better not to consider the artists' personalities, since almost everyone has very scandalous stories. Pictures can be cut or printed.

A photo of one millionaire must be in the wallet, the second one is sprinkled with the decoy, the third one is in the safe or it can be attached on the table. Once a week, all posters for the night should be placed in a bowl with cereal. At the same time you need to follow the events, deservedly praise or reproach yourself.

Amazing rituals simorona can be called absurd, but they are very interesting and high-quality, and also quite simple in execution. Moreover, according to reviews on the forums, they work quite well.