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Calculate your destination by date of birth


There are various ways for a person to determine his life purpose. One of them is the numerological method based on the date of birth of a person. By resorting to it, you will learn about your hidden abilities and aspirations. In this article we will tell you how to know your purpose by date of birth.

How to calculate the destination by date of birth

You need to record your date of birth in the following order: year, month and day.

For example: 1994 (is the year), 05 (the month) and 25 (in the afternoon) - 1 9 9 4 0 5 2 5

The final number in this list will become your destination code or your basic karmic task.

In the sample indicated, this is the number "five."

The remaining figures will tell about the qualities that a person has acquired throughout his life, but they do not play too much role. In order to maintain vital harmony, special attention must be paid to qualities that are not sufficiently developed or that are completely absent.

Separately dwell on the Numbers of Unproduced Qualities. In order to determine them from you, you will need to write out missing numbers (which are not in the list) from zero to nine, based on the date of birth in descending order.

In this example, the Number of Unqualified Qualities is:

8, 7, 6, 3

The specified numerical values ​​are the code of tasks that an individual will have to cope with throughout his life, in addition to the basic Karmic task. And the smaller the number of these numbers in the series, the more harmoniously developed personality.

It is very important that work brings you not just material stability and high status in society, it is important to search for your purpose - that work corresponds to your karmic tasks.

A person must recognize his weak and strong places, and then determine the strategy for further behavior. And, of course, it is important to develop your naturally talented talents, and not to engage in the development of abilities that you do not have.

How to Decipher Numeric Destination Codes


It is important to learn to control your first chakra. In life, a person will often encounter various unexpected obstacles that will have to be managed on their own, without trying to hang their problems on others.

For such people, physical activity is very important, as well as maintaining good relationships in the family and at work. It is important to learn to show more attention to other people, to help them whenever possible, while showing self-discipline and responsibility.

The professional purpose will be connected with the activity ennobled the world: it can be sports, dancing, massage, construction and other work in which you need to put physical effort.

At the same time, it is worth refusing humanitarian work and spiritual practices (they will be ineffective).


In this case, the 2nd energy center is involved. The main task and purpose of such individuals is to learn harmonious existence in the family, as well as improving relationships with relatives.

It is important to show more courtesy, patience, wisdom and sensitivity in relationships. Ideally - the creation of a large family.

Another task of such people is to learn to take control of their sexual energy of the mind, turning it towards development, and not vulgar comfort.

As for the professional purpose, it will be associated with the manifestation of patience, mercy and pliability. For this reason, such individuals can become teachers, educators, counselors, salespeople, help sick people, and the like. Recommended sphere of nature and ecology.

At the same time, avoid responsibility for large teams, preferring small groups.


Here is the study of the third chakra. First of all, it is important for such people to take control of their emotions for harmonious improvement in all areas of their life. It is very important to develop your mental body.

It is worth choosing for themselves creative activity. If you do not have seven in the date of birth, you should assess your financial condition and learn how to correctly allocate finances, while earning them yourself. It is important to learn how to manage the flow of money.

In terms of professionalism, it is necessary to choose for oneself any production activity related to the national economy (the position does not play a significant role).

Excellent leaders come out of such people, but only with the application of rather big efforts.


The presence of the six in the date of birth - an indicator of what should be the fourth, heart energy. The problems in this case are very similar to the problems when the figure eight does not suffice on the date of birth, but at the same time they are more serious and diverse.

There is no need to talk about emotional hindrances or gusts of passion, therefore it is important to develop your mercy, empathy and compassion, but these qualities should be extended not only to the family, but to a wider range of people.

There will also be more spiritual cultivation, rather than emotional. Individuals should open themselves more to the world, enjoy its harmony and beauty, constantly sharing their feelings. It is also very important to engage in the development and knowledge of your feelings of love.

Of the professions, the most suitable is the medical field - in particular, therapy or neurology: these people make excellent teachers, psychologists, narcologists, psychiatrists, in general, all those people who interact with the mental side of the individual.

At the same time, the sphere of art, science or exact technologies is not very suitable.


When you are in the date of birth in the final position of the figure five, the fifth, throat chakra will be worked out. It is important to concentrate on the field of knowledge and creativity. Such people should, on their own, comprehend the feeling of love, as well as the harmony and beauty of the world, and then demonstrate it to people through creativity or teaching.

It is very important for them to find a middle ground and stick to it all their lives. It is also important to interact with other people with respect. Pay constant attention to the development of this direction and do not leave it for the sake of deceptive illusions.

Professional activity should also concern art: you can become a writer, actor, artist, presenter, and so on. Diplomatic activity, translations, everything else, is connected with travel and teaching, but in higher educational institutions.


The purpose in life concerns the sixth chakra. She is responsible for clairvoyance and helps people to become aware of the reasons for what is happening, to find a way out of a difficult situation without being carried away by illusions.

Learn to make a single picture of what happened and be aware of what became the true cause of it. With this approach, you can achieve a state of harmony and well-being, and otherwise you run the risk of facing unpleasant surprises.

Professionally, there are no strict restrictions, the only thing that monotonous activity is not suitable. The work of a volunteer and the creation of creative or labor collectives is shown.


The purpose of a person affects the seventh, crown chakra. If there is a troika at the end of your date of birth, it means that you need to maintain complete order in life, it is important to study the social and God's laws, and also to develop your mental body. Here the task is already noticeably more complicated when compared with people who lack the seven in the number of births.

Such people are drawn to new knowledge, constantly discovering something new for themselves, but the more they get, the more they want.

In choosing a profession, any activity that will contribute to their full disclosure and manifestation will be suitable. For example, it can be mathematics, physics, astrology and legislative activity.

Zero, one and two

The numbers zero, one and two refer to the Divine plan and help to seek help from the Higher powers, realizing their life tasks.

Zero - help will come on the ray of Power and Will. Such a beam has a very positive effect on the individual, but will send him his help only when there is a systematic update (improvement in different areas of life, training).

If everything listed above is missing, the beam will eliminate spiritual and physical debris. The beam will help to cope with the blows of fate, to see recommendations from above and to avoid terrible shocks.

Such individuals must believe in the tremendous power of the Almighty, otherwise they may be left without anything (having lost their job, health, love, and everything else).

One — help comes from the Ray of Love and Wisdom. But it comes only in those situations when the individual realizes that everything he needs is already in him, and also does not seek to deceive anyone.

In such a case, deep changes on the spiritual plane become possible. Otherwise, the ray will place the individual in awkward situations that will provoke self-deception and the presence of illusions. But with the help of the beam, a return to reality is possible.

Two - help comes from the Ray of Active Learning the World. Such a beam will be useful in a situation with any achievements, if the individual adds to it his personal enthusiasm. It is very important to be attentive even to insignificant details, because even such nuances can drastically change people's lives. Also, be sure to act on energy laws.

People whose date of birth has the Divine Energy Numbers can count on receiving additional assistance, but at the same time they should understand that this assistance will be accompanied by additional responsibility to the Higher Forces.

Now you know how to calculate the karmic destination using the date of your birth. Now, thanks to the unlimited possibilities of the Internet, it becomes a real opportunity to calculate your destination by date of birth online.

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