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How to remove the maternal curse and live happily


The mother's curse is a very strong degree of magical effect that can seriously ruin a person’s life. Consider the signs of such a curse and talk about how it can be removed.

What is the power of the mother curse?

When a woman bears a child, an incredibly strong energy bond is born between them. Due to the fact that on the subtle plane the mother is a strong protector of the fetus, he, respectively, feels full and unconditional trust towards her.

After the birth of the baby, while caring for him and caring, this relationship only strengthens, becoming more powerful and powerful with each passing year. Therefore, the maternal curse is so terrible - it strikes a completely defenseless person whose soul does not expect an attack, because trust in the maternal soul is unshakable.

All these processes occur on the subtle level, on the energy level. If they had gone to the physical plane, the damned man would have died at the same second.

The worst thing is that the mother curse is almost never conscious. Often in anger, mummies completely unconsciously curse their child, committing a huge, irreparable act, for which the child will then pay the rest of his life.

Signs of

You can determine what the mother curse has imposed on you by the following criteria:

  1. You are very dependent on your parents and can’t come off of them. A person may be an adult, but at the same time be under the strong influence of the mother, not to become independent in any way. This is not a direct sign of a curse, sometimes it may indicate that psychotherapeutic separation from parents is necessary.
  2. Everything that your mother says and wishes you strong emotions comes true quickly. For example, an irritated mother can say - yes, you will not succeed in this. And you will really fail.
  3. You constantly feel unwell, problems in life do not stop, and depression is your companion every day. Poor health and unstable psycho-emotional state.
  4. These are common signs that are easily confused with those that indicate normal damage. But there are other, more specific signals that accurately indicate the mother curse:
  5. Pregnant damn girl can suddenly leave her husband, dropping all the instincts of self-preservation. After the divorce, she returns to the parental home, where she is constantly subjected to criticism and condemnation of the mother. As a result, a miscarriage occurs or the baby is born sick.
  6. Mother endlessly repeats her daughter that the university she has chosen is terrible. That the profession will not bring money. As a result, the daughter succumbs to persuasion and goes to study for the specialty that was advised by her mother. But her life as a result is a semi-basement existence without money and normal work.
  7. Sometimes a mother runs a celibate program if she does not like her daughter's fiancé. In this case, the engagement is broken, the case before the wedding does not reach, and the girl remains lonely for life.

This is not a complete list of options for the mother curse. Any other words thrown in hearts, on strong emotions, can lead to a no less sad result.

How to remove the curse of the mother

If you have accurately determined that you have a mother curse, it must be removed. There are many methods, we will look at some of them.

Highlights of psychotherapeutic treatment:

  1. In psychotherapy, such a thing as "mother curse" does not exist. But the existence of childhood traumas is recognized, after the healing of which the patient's life improves.
  2. For example, in childhood, your mother strongly offended you with some words. For example: "Yes you are a muddle, and nothing will come of you." When you become an adult, you don’t remember this, but the situation and negative, tested emotions remained deep in the subconscious.
  3. With the help of psychotherapy techniques, these emotions must be reached, lived, and released. The trauma is healed, the "curse" is lifted. And gradually life returns to normal.
  4. And if before the treatment the patient really lived poorly: he didn’t achieve anything special in his life, fulfilling the parental attitude, then after the healing of the injury, everything can gradually change.

In the video you can listen to the psychotherapeutic technique that removes the negative from the mother:

Folk ways are completely different. In order to remove the maternal curse with their help, you will need to perform a certain ritual.

For example:

  1. Prepare wax, a handful of metal coins and a container filled with cool water.
  2. Wait for the waning moon. During this period, the lunar energy is directed to carry away from the life of a person all that it is his, that prevents him and does not allow to move on.
  3. Melt the wax in a water bath and very slowly, drop by drop, pour it on top of the water (casting wax). At this time, try to feel how dense, black energy clots come out of your body along with the wax from the negative that your mother left behind her curse.
  4. After the wax is completely in the water, you need to get it and make a figure of a newborn baby out of it. It contains all the power of the maternal curse. To make it no longer work, you need to get rid of the figure.
  5. Head to the graveyard at night. At the entrance, place a handful of coins, and bury the wax doll at any burial.
  6. Then immediately go home to sleep. In the morning, get up at dawn and, without anyone speaking, go to church. Put a candle for the health of the mother. Feel forgiving her, filled with gratitude and love.

Most likely, after you get rid of the curse, not only will your life change, but your relationship with your mother will also improve significantly. Negative, resentment, evil emotions will stop standing between you. Your souls will feel this on the subtle plane, which will certainly affect the existence of the physical body.