Dream interpretation

Elina - the meaning of the name, the nature of the character and variants of fate


The name Elina has ancient Greek roots and means Greek. This name was very popular in post-revolutionary Russia. Then he came up with a different interpretation of the interpretation associated with the first letters of words - electrification and industrialization.

Elina does not celebrate the day of the angel, since she is not on the list of church worshipers. Short pet forms of the name: Ale, Lina, Lena. They are also separate names.

General characteristics and interpretation

  • Zodiac sign - Virgo;
  • The planet patronizing Elina is the Moon;
  • The plant, restoring health and strength - heather;
  • Totem animal - horse;
  • The color that attracts good luck and well-being is green;
  • Charm stone - jasper.

Features of behavior of Elina in childhood and adolescence

Elina grows a wayward baby. Since childhood, she shows her temper, independence, temper and irritability. At the same time, it can be quickly appeased, funny and kind.

Baby Elya will never share her toy in the sandbox, demonstrating a vivid sense of ownership. And her mood swings, surges of emotions, whims will take place in the behavior of an already adult girl.

During her school years, Elina could ruin her relationship with her mother. Since Ella will in all seek to independence and self-expression. She is completely not restrained in her words, actions, can easily offend a loved one, defending a fair attitude and independence to her.

In high school, Ella does not hold stubbornness, perseverance, but she becomes more calm, sedate and learns to control her emotional intelligence. Showing leadership among peers, she builds a relationship from the position of "own" or "alien." She sees only good qualities in a person, or only bad ones. Those who do not fit the positive criteria for her assessment, she tries to ignore, avoid or ignore.

The teenager Elina does not try to find contact with her parents, they, in turn, try to improve relations with their daughter through dialogue, communication on an equal footing, without applying pressure or punishment.

Studying Lina is easy. She does not make much effort to get good marks. With a broad outlook, good communication skills and natural charm, she quickly succeeds in gaining prestige among teachers and educators. She seeks to get a decent education in order to find a prestigious job in the future.

By nature, the girl Elina is a person of creative origin. She is interested in music, art, fashion. She likes to attend exhibitions, fashion premieres, concerts. In it all is also present sensuality, mild excitability and emotion. But now she has learned how to use it. To cry loudly or loudly laugh will not be difficult for her and will look so sincere that others will not suspect a trick.

Having learned to manipulate people, she does not always adequately perceive the shortcomings of others. Can directly say about this, showing incontinence and aggression. At the same time, she can completely ignore the negative qualities of her character.

This wayward person is of great interest among the male half of the population. She has many fans who admire her beautiful features, slim figure and high temperament.

Often she takes advantage of male weaknesses in their own personal interests. In the energy plan, the name Elina characterizes a gentle person, but with a hidden intuition, cunning and agility. This is its main weapon in achieving its goals.

Family, professional realization, health - what will be the most significant for Elina

The older the ale becomes, the more wisdom and discretion awakens in her. She tends to get married early to get rid of parental care. Spouse often chooses with a complex and authoritarian character, but influential and secured. She is satisfied with this state of affairs, she wants to feel weak and protected.

Elina expects good compatibility with Alexander, Andrey, Maxim, Vyacheslav, Yaroslav, Vladimir. Unfavorable union may occur with Cyril, Leonid, Ivan, Denis, Danil.

Elya is a good housewife, a caring mother, but she does not put household chores, cleanliness and order in the house above her personal interests and desires. A woman named Elina rarely becomes a housewife, devoting herself exclusively to her husband and offspring. It is always important for her to do something for the soul and self-realization.

Elina cherishes family relationships, her private intimate life will always keep secret from her friends. For her part, she will not allow conflicts or quarrels with her spouse, valuing tranquility, well-being and harmony in the family.

In Eli's house is always beautiful, cozy and modern. It has an exquisite taste in the choice of interior, furniture and various household items. She does not like littering and avoids petty bourgeois happiness. Electric combines and expensive multicookers - this is not about her.

In her work, Elina is often successful and sometimes achieves good results where others cannot show themselves. The girl treats money quite sparingly. She is prudent and prudent, knows where and on what to save. But if she wants to spend a lump sum on herself, she will have nothing to refuse.

In the professional sphere, Elina can be a good teacher, doctor, art historian, journalist. Not excluded career model, actress or singer.

Among colleagues, she is always restrained and cold, able to keep the word given to her, honest, straightforward and principled. Sometimes it seems modest and quiet, but this is only a mask, under which a fighter for justice and love of truth is hidden.

In solving important problems, Alina cannot be persuaded or inclined to her side; she does not tolerate interference in her professional affairs, in which she considers herself an expert. Finding a compromise and getting its approval is possible if you have undeniable evidence relating to the problem situation.

Her health will not bother her if she devotes more time to the sport and physical exertion. Since childhood, she suffers from colds, is susceptible to various seasonal infections and has a weak immune system. She will be hardened, swimming, table tennis. In adulthood, she will be able to maintain a gorgeous body through fitness and yoga.

Lina's ability to endure difficulties, to help others in dealing with difficult situations over the years has a negative effect on the nervous system. The accumulated negative energy in her body will look for a way out. It will be harder for her to hold back and control her emotions. She can suddenly cry or not to refrain from anger and irritability.

To avoid this, Elina needs to come up with ways of emotional relaxation that will help only her. The stability of her mental state will help to maintain peace, peace and harmony in the family for many years.

Famous and talented people named Elina