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The magic of the ancient Slavs: features and rules of rites


Our ancestors lived by the laws of nature, conducted rituals aimed at appeasing the gods. I have always been interested in esotericism and history. Recently, I was very interested in the rites of the ancient Slavs. I want to talk about the features of Slavic magic, because this is our past.

Magic features

Long since people tried to understand the phenomena occurring in the surrounding world. They tried to find explanations for various natural phenomena. Not everyone succeeded. Some simply tried to survive with all their might, and therefore there was no time for knowledge. Others simply were not capable of analytics due to the particular mentality.

But there were also those who still tried in some way to compare natural phenomena with known physical laws. But that which did not find a rational explanation related to manifestations of magic.

Generations accumulated experience and knowledge in the field of witchcraft. At first it was passed from masters to students. Later, when writing appeared, scrolls began to appear, and after years - books. They were available only to those who were endowed with special power.

Any manifestation of magic - is the art of managing reality, which allows you to influence the laws of the world. Magic was born in ancient times and will always exist, perhaps only the name of this knowledge will change.

For centuries, people of opposite convictions possessed magical art in different countries. Some believed that magic is knowledge for the elect. They carefully guarded their experience, passing it only to proven students. But there were others who owned the Force. They sought to help people, introducing magic into society.

Initially, magical art in Russia was owned by priests and shamans. Later science joined them, translating spells into a special language of the Initiate. However, the laws of the surrounding reality remain unchanged. For those who wish to possess secret knowledge, barriers do not exist.

The rules of the Slavic rites

Slavic magic is creative witchcraft or witchcraft aimed at helping the average person in everyday life. Through conspiracies and rites, healers could:

  • cure disease;
  • protect from unkind eyes;
  • increase yield;
  • rid of pests, etc.

Most of the rites were good, bright, not carrying any destructive impact. The fame of the Slavic Magi spread far beyond Russia. To them drove from all over the continent. But, as in other laws, Slavic witchcraft had its own rules, which had to be strictly followed:

  • all the plots were read in a barely audible whisper so that the devil could not interfere and harm;
  • before the ritual, fasting should be followed, during which a righteous lifestyle should be maintained without alcohol, smoking, women;
  • to carry out rituals could only be performed by an absolutely healthy person A sick witch could transfer his negative energy during a ritual and negatively influence it;
  • the sorcerer's teeth also had to be strong and healthy. It was the teeth that determined the health of the witch;
  • only certain days of the week — the second, third, and fifth — were suitable for magical rites;
  • It was forbidden to take money for the ritual. He who was assisted could give food or material things in gratitude. But the gift must be made from the heart.

BTW! To this day, the witches and healers do not take money for their assistance. True, they have found a way out of the situation - the customer simply leaves the money in a prominent place, not handing them over to the sorcerer.

Battle Slavic magic

With the advent of Christianity in the Slavic lands, many magical local rituals began to be perceived as evil, a great sin. In fact, pagan magic was aimed at cleansing people, recognizing their sins and forgiveness.

With the help of magical rites, the ancient magi did not just improve people's health and increase their harvest. They often helped in the fighting. With the help of the rites, they could:

  • give warriors the ability to move quickly;
  • made it possible to learn the plans of the enemy;
  • strengthened the combat power of all troops;
  • managed natural phenomena that could interfere with and even harm the enemy;
  • saturate the weapon with the strength and energy of Mother Earth.

Some witches, according to beliefs, could go out into the astral, moving their spirits into the bodies of animals or birds. Thus they saw with the eyes of animals and heard them with their ears.

The secret magic of the ancients

Ancient magic has several directions, but most often it is divided into dark and light. Also witchcraft can be military, ceremonial or household. At the same time, light ceremonies are aimed at creating and getting rid of negative energy, healing and helping others.

Dark witchcraft, on the contrary, bring only harm. With the help of the rites of black magic, one could damage, curse a person, destroy buildings, send parasites and commit other atrocities. At the same time, any action performed with the help of dark forces required a victim from the sorcerer.

Initially, dark witchcraft was intended to protect the land from enemies. But at all times there were people who, over time, used their personal opportunities for revenge or enrichment.

Slavic magic does not work with dark forces, and therefore does not harm the outside world. The fact is that the Slavs did not have good or evil gods. Each pagan deity simply performed its functions to help the world. But there were initiates who even Slavic rituals managed to guide in no way peaceful. They, as a rule, worked with underground gods (Chernobog, Marena and others).

Conducting ceremonies

The basis of Slavic magic is rites or rituals. They were seasonal (calendar) or holiday. Not only the vedun himself participated in the ceremonies, but also all the inhabitants of the tribe, the community, the village.

Common rites

Each settlement had its own sacred place, which was carefully hidden from enemies. If such a place was defiled in any way (by murder, adultery, etc.), the community could gradually die out.

On the right day, the whole community gathered in a secret place to convey their requests to the Gods. It was believed that the energy of many people quickly reach the higher forces. The witch in these rituals was only a conductor. The obligatory elements of the rites were dances, round dances, chants.

According to the beliefs of the ancient Slavs, there are three worlds:

  • Rule - the world of higher powers;
  • Reality is reality;
  • Nav - the world of spirits.

Using the energy of the first and last worlds, veduns could improve Jav by means of rites. Everyone who believes in the pagan gods is not afraid of death or life, because he knows perfectly well what awaits him in another world.

However, common rituals were complex, whose action was to improve the lives of all members of the community. With their help, it was possible to cause rain, improve the harvest, or save the tribe from the plague.


But there were other magical acts - conspiracies that helped individuals. They, by the way, were known to all men and women. These whispers were designed to talk the pain, attract the groom / bride, lure good luck in any event and much more.

Some spells have survived to our times. They are aimed at protecting the family from spoilage, attracting love or protection from disease.

Plot to protect the family from spoilage

Conspiracy to love

Plot on water from the disease


Thus, it is possible to sum up all the above written: