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Milena - what does the name mean and how can it affect the fate and character


Milena means sweetheart. This name is of native Russian and Slavic origin. The root “mil” has a large related group of names of Milan, Melitsa, Miloslav, Milovzor, ​​but they are all independent. Other forms of the name: Mila, Lena, Mila.

Main characteristic

  • Zodiac sign - Leo;
  • The planet patron of the name is the Sun;
  • The tree that feeds with power and positive energy is ash;
  • Health-promoting flower - bell;
  • Totem Insect - Grasshopper;
  • The color that attracts luck and well-being is purple;
  • Charm stone - amethyst.

This name is popular not only in Russia, but also in Serbia, the Czech Republic, Croatia, France, and Italy. Angel Day Milena celebrates August 1 - in honor of the blessed Milica - the founder of the monastery in Serbia. She was a pious princess and savior of the suffering.

Habits of childhood and the ability of adolescence. What does Milena strive for?

Baby Milena grows in love and parental caress. This child is very spoiled and capricious. She is cheerful, kind and friendly with others. But often passive, capricious, does not try to show will, character and any independence, preferring to give the initiative to parents.

At school, Mila takes an interest in the exact sciences, which do not require unnecessary reasoning and frivolity. She is interested in chemistry, mathematics, geometry, physics. She is not an excellent student, but her performance makes her parents happy.

Schoolgirl Milena is also very attached to her parents, preferring to spend time with loved ones, and not in the company of her peer friends. Parents often indulge all her desires, which is why Mila becomes even more grumbling, assertive and contradictory.

Among her classmates, she is unpopular, as she is laconic, not very friendly to those she considers talkers and rascals. Mila is a conservative, she does not like change. This applies to everything: relocation, reshuffle in the house, new acquaintances. She strives for comfort and stability in everything. It gives her strength and confidence in the future. Such behavior will be traced in the mature years.

Her positive features include patience, perseverance, optimism, the ability to wait and analyze what is happening. She is confident in her lucky star, and will live peacefully in the hope of a miracle.

Student Milena varies greatly in her behavior. She is becoming more independent, sociable, drawn to interesting individuals in order to enrich their knowledge, to gain new experience. Fellow students appreciate her restraint in words and deeds, she can be entrusted with a secret or entrusted with a private task. Surrounding people are confident that she is not bold and will never reveal other people's secrets.

At this age, she begins to think independently, clearly showing her position and attitude to various things. She appreciates the opinions of others, but the final decision will follow only on the basis of their experience and knowledge.

If earlier Milka preferred to sit out at home, now she is interested in changing the situation. She needs to eat new impressions, emotions from the events around her. She becomes more active, energetic, able to charge others with her mood. But sometimes this energy is directed in the wrong direction, which will help to achieve success in your career.

In general, the work activity of the girl Mila will not be too bright, as she does not put the realization in the profession in the first place. She can easily find her destiny in her beloved person, having created a strong family with him.

The young years of Milena are in the circle of her fans and grooms. Her choice can fall on a person who can fulfill all her whims and desires. Then Mila is ready to get married early and devote herself to raising children, forgetting about labor exploits.

The choice of profession, love and health - what fate awaits Milena

The sphere of interests of Milena can be associated with those positions that do not require creative approach, excessive independence and subjectivity in views. Her specialty will require care, accuracy, professional knowledge and skills.

Mila can successfully realize herself as a teacher, doctor, accountant, nurse, economist, engineer. Its impartiality, objectivity will help to achieve good results. She will be valued and respected as a leading specialist, expert or auditor. But her leadership position is uninteresting, although Mila has the gift of persuasion and is able to skillfully influence the opinion of the collective.

Milena puts her personal life first. Its main goal is to be realized in the role of a wife and mother. Depending on the period at which Mila was born, her position toward the household can differ.

Favorable compatibility of Milena with such male names as: Victor, Andrey, Evgeny, Vasily, Maxim, Oleg, Konstantin, Rostislav. It is worth avoiding a serious relationship with Joseph, Roman, Paul, Nikolai, Leonid, Kondrat, Makar.

Winter Mila will be a little cool and selfish in the family. She loves attention to herself and appreciates reverent attitude to her. Milena, born in the spring-summer period, is more cordial, kind, sympathetic. She will take care and protect her loved ones.

Darling is a patient, flexible and calm hostess, but she does not seek to outshine her culinary skills or talent of handicrafts. For this, she needs to refuse to visit the fitness center, beauty salons, which is extremely unsuitable for this well-groomed and sweet person.

Milena loves to welcome guests, in her house she can smell delicious pies and sweets, but this will not be her merit. Often a girl with the same name prefers to live with her mother, who will prepare delicious treats and set the table.

Children Mila loves and tries to give them a lot of time and effort. But her care and attention will not restrain their independence. Understanding how important this is, she will give them free rein, not worrying about trifles.

In adulthood, Milena formed a circle of reliable and sometimes very influential friends. They appreciate her rare feminine quality - reluctance to gossip. She can be trusted with her problem or worries without worrying that your life will be known to the public. Mila is a good conversationalist, she knows how to listen, to give the necessary advice, if they ask, to unobtrusively divert from bad thoughts and apathy.

Milena's health in childhood is weak and requires constant attention of adults. It is located to such diseases as bronchial asthma, sinusitis. As a teenager, a girl needs to play sports to strengthen her immune system.

The girl Mila can have poor appetite and intestinal problems. At this time, Milena is prone to exhausting herself with diets and limiting in the normal diet that she needs.

In adulthood, there may be problems with teeth and sleep disturbance. She should not take to heart other people's adversities and troubles, try to disengage from the dark realities of reality.

Famous people named Milena