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Male Sagittarius - marriage compatibility, relationship with partner


Romantic and impetuous Sagittarius is a representative of the fire element. He easily makes new acquaintances, knows how to be pleasant in communication - this is the soul of the company. However, in the marriage union, the male Sagittarius is not always happy. Let us see why this is happening, and what needs to be considered to build long-term relationships.

Temperament features

Male Sagittarius is always in search of the perfect romantic love, this is its special characteristic. In each new acquaintance he finds many pleasant moments and is fascinated by the mystery of a person’s personality. This is a lover of adventure and thrills, which over the years does not lose the flash of romantic impulses.

In love, Sagittarius seeks to conquer a multitude of female hearts and finds meaning in it. To conquer the female heart of the Sagittarius is worth nothing - in his arsenal an extensive stock of all kinds of tools. This is a flexible mind, the ability to talk, sparkling humor, optimism and mystery. Dinner in a street cafe can be a real romantic adventure if Sagittarius is near you.

Ease of perception of life, lack of standard for comfort and conventions lead Sagittarius along vital roads with a cheerful song on their lips. Romantics from the high road, charming erotomans and conquerors of hearts do not clog their own and someone else's head with a commitment to traditions and social conventions.

If you think that the goal which he pursues is important to the man Sagittarius, then you are deeply mistaken. It is important for him to move towards the goal, not its achievement. In this lies the cunning of Streltsov, who behave thoughtlessly and freedom-loving. They do not need problems in life, so they are trying in every way to avoid responsibility for anything.

Strelets Troops will never go to a serious showdown, and in every possible way will try to avoid it.

However, the jolly shooters Streltsov have one terrible quality - unbridled jealousy. This feature can turn the life of a chosen one into a living hell. Be ready.

Relationship with partner

What are they, Sagittarius, in love? What kind of women do they like? A Sagittarius man always acts impulsively, so the choice of a partner depends only on his personal momentary impression. Compared with Taurus, who approach the choice of partners thoroughly, Sagittarius act as a god put his heart.

However, one cannot trust ardent assertions of love, because Sagittarius does not pursue the goal of building long-term relationships. The passion and passion of Streltsov hides under a certain contempt and arrogance, which not every girl can discern. Many simply fall for the bait of a gallant and passionate boyfriend, taking everything at face value.

In sex, Sagittarius do not differ in ingenuity, successfully replacing it with pressure and violent temperament.

They do not seek diversity in love joys, but they are happy to take the initiative of their partner. However, Sagittarius has one highlight - this zodiac sign loves erotic massage like no other. He can receive inexpressible pleasure from the touch of his partner, preferring non-traditional sexual relations.

Another feature of Sagittarius is the propensity to fetish - the partner's erotic clothing can drive him crazy. If your husband is Sagittarius, take this information into service and give him pleasure with spicy underwear.


What does the horoscope say about compatibility with other zodiac signs?

With Aries a harmonious marriage is unlikely, since both signs are lightly related to household duties. The matrimonial boat will quickly break on the waves of everyday problems. With Aries, Sagittarius is good only to spend time together, but not live side by side.

Union with Taurus possible with reservations. Taurus does not like the unpredictable impetuousness of Streltsov, sociable and windy. If Sagittarius adds a little responsibility, the married couple has a chance for a happy existence. However, in practice, such couples often break up due to quarrels and conflicts.

Union with twins can become both happy and unhappy. And after parting partners can become the worst enemies. This is possible if partners put their ambitions above the sanctity of love. With good luck, the couple will enjoy the cloudless happiness of living together.

Union with cancer not as favorable as an alliance with Gemini. Partners attract each other with positive qualities, but they cannot put up with negative manifestations of character. Cancers seek to manipulate their partner, which is not welcomed by discerning Sagittarius. Sagittarius also repels the mystery and complexity of the character of Cancer, his penchant for hoaxes and dramatization.

Union with Leo doomed to failure - two leaders cannot get along in the same family. However, if a woman Leo will be able to pacify their claims to dominance, the couple will live quite well. In the Sagittarius love horoscope, Leo is considered one of the potentially successful partners if he can forget about his pride.

Union with the Virgin hardly possible even in the plans. Pragmatic and mundane Virgo completely extinguishes all the ardor of Sagittarius, her desire for an ideal order can ruffle anyone. The creative and impetuous nature of Sagittarius is sickened even by a hint of homebuilding, to which Virgo is committed.

Union with scales can be very successful. This is a harmonious couple that understands each other’s problems and preferences. Libra does not limit Sagittarius in freedom, they can inspire and admire him. Sagittarius is attracted to Libra’s intelligence, but he doesn’t like the indecisiveness of character and constant fluctuations in opinion.

With Scorpios Streltsov has very low compatibility. Fire and water can have nothing in common. However, an alliance is possible if Scorpio abandons its claim to leadership in the family, which is unlikely. The merry temper of Sagittarius is sickened by the darkness of Scorpio when the sign is influenced by the patron of Saturn. Most likely, this effect will not be able to overcome Scorpio.

Union of Sagittarius with Sagittarius may well be successful, because they are both passionate about the same goal. Archers can travel together, share new experiences and dream of the future. However, conflict is still possible if they begin to infringe upon each other’s rights.

Union with Capricorn unlikely - too different temperaments and life values. In addition, Capricorn, under the influence of Saturn, may fall into long periods of a gloomy view of life, which completely contradicts the character of Sagittarius. Totally Capricorn's desire for order and life on a schedule makes the existence of the impetuous and freedom-loving Sagittarius simply unbearable. Union is possible only under one condition - dependence on financial obligations.

Union with Aquarius considered one of the best. Relations can come to naught only under one condition - the presence of uniformity in the family way of life. However, if a couple leads a joint business, loves to travel together and has other common goals - this union will be very harmonious and fruitful.

Union with Pisces is impossible. Fish consider Sagittarius frivolous and irresponsible. In addition, Sagittarius was not accustomed to choosing expressions during conflicts, and evil words inflict deep wounds on the impressionable Pisces. However, even in this union, harmony is possible if the couple has a common goal or dedication.