Dream interpretation

Alina - the meaning of the name, what fate and character awaits the girl


Giving the girl a sonorous and beautiful name, we hope that it will bring her good luck and will promote well-being in life. What means the name Alina, we find out in trusted sources.

general characteristics

The name Alina has Germanic roots and is translated as generous and noble. From Latin it means different, different. And among the Slavic peoples, Alina was associated with a scarlet, purple and red color. In Orthodoxy, at baptism, a girl named Alina is named Alevtina, Allami, Helena.

  • Zodiac sign - Sagittarius, Pisces;
  • The planet patron of the name is Jupiter;
  • The color of luck and prosperity is scarlet, crimson;
  • The tree that brings love and happiness is eucalyptus;
  • The health promoting plant is mint;
  • Totem animals and birds, from which Alina can feed on positive energy and strength - a dolphin, an elephant, a swallow;
  • Stone-mascot - sapphire, tin;
  • Perfect compatibility with male names: Alexander, Eugene, Victor, Michael, Boris, Peter, Vladimir.

Character traits or how to make friends with Alina

Since childhood, Alina is a capricious and often disobedient child. Parents should have patience and strength to curb her obstinate temper. She can be whimsical and disobedient, but if the situation requires it, she will easily switch herself to a calm state. Alina can keep herself in hand and be well-bred child if it is beneficial to her.

Alei is impossible to lead, and if you want her to do something for you, you will have to explain in detail why this is necessary. She is an extrovert, always ready to support the conversation, creating an atmosphere of easy and relaxed communication. These are mostly intelligent, deep and thoughtful personalities, but if the situation requires it, it may seem empty and superficial. This duality of character is already noticeable from a young age.

The owner of this sonorous name easily adapts to life circumstances, no matter how difficult they may seem at first glance. Being an optimist, since childhood she has been trying to be independent and find a way out without the support of loved ones.

The girl Alina wants to be needed and feel its importance to others. She seeks to care for, care for and love someone. So do not be surprised if homeless puppies and kittens appear frequently in your home. Caring for them and attaching them in good hands, she develops an impulse for activity and initiative, which will undoubtedly be useful to her in the future. Parents should pay attention to this and encourage its achievements, even if they are still naive and ridiculous.

In adolescence, Alya is too excitable, which sometimes turns into aggression. But this applies to those moments when she does not feel the support and love of loved ones. She hides the emotionality, sensitivity and high temperament under the mask of coldness and inactivity.

This enthusiastic nature is often unstoppable in their desires and desires. If she conceived something, it is very difficult to dissuade her and especially it is not necessary to use physical force in this. Only a person who is a great authority for her is able to influence. With rational arguments and arguments, he is able to incline the impregnable Alina to his side.

Being close to this active girl, it seems that she lives according to a long-established plan. She sets her own pace of life on her own, is not inclined to laziness and infantilism. What she needs from her loved ones is their faith in her talent and abilities. She really wants to not interfere with her, but any initiatives supported her. Only in this way is Ala able to be strong and self-confident.

Ali youth

During her school years she manifests herself as a student capable of science, has a good memory and perseverance. With peers is always restrained and diplomatic. This affects not only parental education, but also an innate sense of tact. Anticipating a conflict, she will be loyal to the abuser and is able to find a worthy compromise, exhausting the brewing quarrel.

Student years Alina yearns for change with great interest in everything around her. The main principles is love and faith in the dream. As long as these two feelings are alive in her, she is ready to peacefully create the beautiful, and disappointment in someone can permanently leave her in the shadow of the bright moments of fate.

With the opposite sex, she is both strict and compliant. He likes to flirt, but he understands and feels the line between sympathy and deep love experiences. Therefore, it is not inclined to go into the pool with the head already on the first date. She needs time to understand and understand her own emotions.

This does not mean that she is too puritanical. Alina just opens her sexuality only with full confidence in the partner. Intimacy for her must necessarily be accompanied by spiritual kinship. In relationships, she is faithful and compliant. But it is impossible to argue with her and try to manipulate her. Some pride and prejudice can complicate relations with those who are dear to her.

Health must be protected from youth

Alina is prone to seasonal colds and viruses. Care should be taken and not to forget about the prevention of bronchitis, influenza and various respiratory diseases. The girl's immune system is weak from childhood, so parents should remember this and keep it under control.

Up to four years old, Alya can have poor appetite and problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Girls who were born in the winter months need to pay attention to physical fitness, more often to be in the fresh air. Scoliosis and eye diseases may appear among the owners of this name, who are prone to exact sciences and like to read a lot.

If you name the child Alin born in the summer months, then the household should refrain from loud noises, shouts and abrupt expressions of emotions. Since the girl will be very susceptible to nervousness and restless atmosphere in the house. Her whims and tearfulness will affect adult life.

Family or implementation in the profession - the choice of Alina

Representatives of this beautiful and sexy name is very difficult to build a family, as they have high requirements for a partner. But if Alina is lucky enough to find someone who understands her and accepts what she is, she will become the lover of a devoted and sincere woman.

A wife named Alya's spouse needs to constantly prove his authoritarianism. She should always feel close to the dominant male principle, otherwise the spouse is prepared to be henpecked. She will easily become his command and control.

Career for Alina always in the first place. She is very practical, enterprising, persistent and resourceful. Therefore, it is easy for her to achieve the desired result. But she does not seek a leadership position, if not born in the winter time. Since the girl, born in December or January, dreams of a high position and the ability to dominate subordinates.

Those who were born in the fall can successfully realize themselves as an accountant, economist, and translator. And if the birthday is in spring, then Alya's beauty may well become a model, actress, and stewardess of international lines. Appearance for her will be the determining factor.

What will be of paramount importance for Alina: work or family is an individual choice, but it will be quite consistent and reasonable.

Great and talented women named Alina

  • Kabaeva Alina - Olympic champion, Russian athlete in rhythmic gymnastics, public and political figure;