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Artem, Subject: what does the name, character and fate mean (from childhood and for life)


Choosing a name for the boy, mothers try to make it consonant with the patronymic, as well as the last name, because, unlike girls, boys do not change it when starting a family. In addition, no matter how tempting foreign names in our time may seem, it is worth remembering about your future grandchildren who your son will give you over time: what patronymic will they wear? But of course, the importance of the name, as well as energy, which it rewards its owner for life, is no less important.

Meaning of the name

It is of Greek origin, in translation means "a person of excellent health", "untouched by disease", "unharmed".

However, there is another theory of etymology (origin), also Greek: "dedicated to Artemis", the goddess of hunting and fertility revered by many. The full version of this name is Artemy. The name Artem, better known to us, was at first diminutive of this long form, and then became separate.

Names in other cultures: Arzem (Belarusian), Artemio (Spanish, Portuguese), Artyom (sounds like Artem; Ukrainian).

Abbreviated form of the name: Theme, Temchik, Temushka, Temich, Artik, Artemka, Artyusha, Artyunya, Tyunya, Tyusha.

middle name: Artyomovich (Artemych, Temych), Artyomovna.

The character of a person with this name

  • Strong sides of the character of Artem: independence and personal opinion (both in attitudes and in life). Yes, the Subject will not be everywhere and always hoarse to defend his opinion; he respects elders, teachers, and the boss. However, they will not retreat from their opinions; they will not shoulder their problems on others. Since childhood, this is a very thinking kid, seemingly more adult on the background of his peers. Often this guy becomes a leader in the class team, among friends.
  • Weak parties are considered: he is quite cunning. Becoming a boss, Artyom is harsh, can impose his principles. If he is offended, it can be vindictive. He is not an idealist and certainly not a dreamer. He can also be timid (if he copes with this feeling, he will achieve a lot in life).

What will be the fate of Artem

  • Childhood. Tyusha is an obedient, calm boy. Peer companies prefer single games. Up to six years old, he can love books and even learn to read, become a little gamer, and enthusiastically bring heaps of leaves from the park, heaps of acorns or chestnuts.
  • Study At school, he fits well with children, he is loved. Without striving to lead, he may become some kind of informal "gray cardinal" class. Does not tolerate injustice, protects children who are offended in the team. He has few close friends, but he is very attached to them (this may be not only peers, but also older guys). He will never refuse to help, although at the same time he may mumble a little on the topic “I told you so”.
  • Youth. Often young Artem is actively involved in sports, or, as it is now called, a workout (bar, horizontal bar), achieving remarkable results.

A bit of esoteric and astrology

  • Color name: dark blue.
  • The most appropriate sign of the zodiac: Libra. That is, this name is called boys born to the world in the period from September 24 to October 23.
  • Planet: Venus.
  • Stone mascot: beryl.
  • Plants that bring good luck: chrysanthemum and mountain ash.
  • Patron animal: cricket.

Name day (Day Angel):

  • July 6 (June 23). The patron saint of this day is Holy Righteous Artemy Verkolsky (16th century).
  • November 2 (October 20). On this day, the holy martyr Artemius is commemorated. Believers pray to him when they want to get rid of a hernia.

Topic in separate life aspects

  • Love. Beloved (wife), he can forgive everything except adultery. Such meanness simply deduces the man from himself; he will go to great lengths to punish the cheat, as well as the lover with whom she has instructed him in the horns.
  • Sex. For him, it is tenderness, love ... And also a great way to relieve tension.
  • Family. This theme is not an empty sound. Having got a wife and children, a man will sincerely take care of them. He is one of those spouses who consider it not shameful to wear a home apron to help his beloved. He can marry quite late, firmly standing on his feet in material terms.
  • Career. He is very thoughtful, even meticulous, thanks to which he becomes a good worker. No "demotivatory" will not distract him from the case. In order to make it work even harder, Artem must be praised. He likes to lead, to choose how to act. Often, Artyom says that he wants to work for himself, and not for his "uncle." He may choose the profession of sea captain, military man, or become an entrepreneur, travel a lot.
  • Money. They are given to Tema is not easy, so the guy (man) will never litter them. On the contrary: Theme is able to store and economically spend the hard earned.
  • Health. Little Temycha is often plagued by colds, but at an average school age he outgrows these misfortunes. All his life the guy tries to eat right and if he doesn’t go in for sports, he moves around a lot, so that strong ailments do not bother him. Weak points in the body Artem can be considered vision, bones and joints, as well as the endocrine apparatus.

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