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Human spiritual values ​​- what is it


In our world, everything has its value - material and spiritual. But not everyone knows exactly what spiritual values ​​are. In childhood, we value the love and care of adults; in adolescence we begin to become attached to material things, and in adulthood we can be consumed by the pursuit of material values.

For all my life I remembered the words of an elderly teacher, who lived in our house, about the priority of moral values ​​over material ones. That day we passed the exam at school and rested on a bench in the courtyard. An elderly woman approached us and made a comment, to which we responded with rudeness. And so, after many years, her words became clear: “Do things to people the way you want them to do to you.” This is also called the boomerang effect.

Matter and spirit

Philosophers of all times and nations sought an answer to the question of what is primary - spirit or matter. There is still no generally accepted answer to the question posed, and there is no consensus regarding the prevalence of matter over spirit. Only one thing is obvious: there are perishable and incorruptible substances. The imperishable substance includes the soul and spiritual values. Spiritual values ​​- this is something that can not be touched and tasted, but it brings pleasure.

On a note! Spiritual values ​​are certain ideals that cannot be measured or measured.

The moral values ​​that a person carefully protects and is ready to defend their significance are also referred to spiritual values. Moral foundations are formed in childhood under the influence of parenting. The child begins to realize that his behavior can be good and bad. The little man understands that good deeds will be rewarded, and bad ones will be punished. Although the act of a person cannot be touched with hands, nevertheless, it exists and can be assessed positively or negatively. This is how familiarity with spiritual categories begins.

With material categories it is much easier - you can touch them, you can buy them or make them yourself.

To material values ​​include:

  • currency notes;
  • goods in the store;
  • jewelry;
  • the property;
  • luxuries.

Spiritual values ​​cannot be sold or exchanged, seen or felt tactilely. They are invisible and are in the inner world of each person. Animals do not have spiritual values ​​- only instincts.

To spiritual categories include:

  • friendship;
  • love;
  • devotion;
  • understanding;
  • creativity, art;
  • religious feelings;
  • moral ideals;
  • moral qualities.

Attachment to material values ​​is peculiar to young people and middle-aged people. Very rarely an elderly person is found, for whom the material has a special meaning. This comes from the realization that money will not help to gain love and friendship. Perhaps this awareness took years.

Spiritual categories belong to the inner world of a person and form it as a person. Thanks to them, the worldview and individual view of the world is formed, the search for truth and beauty is carried out. With the help of spiritual guidelines, every day we make the right (from our point of view) choice and make responsible decisions.

Moral ideals

This spiritual category should be discussed separately. Psychologists relate to moral ideals:

  • life meaning;
  • aesthetic;
  • proper moral;
  • family.

Meaning ideals express our ideological position. It is usually shaped by education at home and at school. Then the worldview can change drastically if life circumstances contribute to this. Worldview forms the attitude of the individual to the world and people.

Aesthetics refers to spiritual experiences and reflects the state of the human soul. Aesthetic feelings are formed as individual self-realization in society. This category includes a sense of beauty and tragedy, sublime and comic.

Actually moral values ​​determine the relationship between members of society. These include patriotism, mutual assistance, the concepts of good and evil. The desire to fulfill moral duty to parents, homeland and society is formed in the process of raising a child by parents and school. In the future, moral categories may expand and encompass such concepts as honor, conscience, personal dignity, justice, and philanthropy.

Family values ​​underlie the moral education of man as the cell of society. It is in the family that the first experience of socialization of a small citizen takes place. Without a family, the child would repeat the fate of Mowgli, who was deprived of a vivid example of social and social relations. In the family, the child receives the first lessons of good and evil, eats spiritual food along with the material, is formed as a member of society.

Spiritual concepts

Now consider the basic spiritual concepts adopted in our society. I would like to say at once that spirituality is not only religious feelings. The concept of the spiritual includes everything that is not related to the material. Religious figures do not agree with this, but from the point of view of psychology it is just that.

Spiritual categories:

  • beauty;
  • good and evil;
  • true;
  • art;
  • creation;
  • love.

beauty - the phenomenon is intangible, it can not be touched. But beauty in the soul leaves an indelible mark, gives pleasure and pleasure. However, beauty in our world is manifested only through a material carrier - the human body, voice, work of art, terrain. The feeling of beauty is different for everyone, and it largely depends on education and local mentality. What is considered beautiful by Europeans can be perceived as ugly among Asians, and vice versa. Therefore, beauty is a very relative category.

good and evil also formed under the influence of spiritual categories. In different public education these concepts do not coincide. In Russian society, a good person is a person who knows how to sympathize with others and extending a helping hand to those in need. A good man does not think life for himself, he needs to help others and live their interests. To benefit the world is the creed of kindness. Accordingly, evil is the complete opposite of good.

The truth also impossible to touch and feel the taste / smell. However, much more people died from the truth than from hostility. The search for truth does not give rest to modern people: it has not yet been found. Truth, like beauty, is different for everyone. Sometimes truth is perceived as a lie, and a lie is honored for the truth. Why it happens? Even philosophers have no answer to this.

Love also belongs to spiritual categories. This is exactly the feeling that all people on earth need. Love meets a newborn baby in the face of the mother and accompanies him throughout his life. Love can be different - friendly, married, parental, filial - but altruism is always at its core. If altruism is absent in relationships, true love is out of the question. Love is always empathy, loyalty, respect and trust.

Art belongs to the category of spiritual values ​​from the very beginning of human existence. Through art, people express their attitude to the world, other people and society as a whole. Art is the expression of your feelings and emotions through a word, movement, singing or image. Art can be realistic and surrealistic, depending on what creative positions the artist is and how he perceives the world.

Closely associated with art creationthrough which people realize their abilities and talents. To creativity include monuments to prominent figures, literature, poetry, painting and music. Creativity is inherent only in man, therefore he has spiritual needs for self-expression through sound, movement and color.

However, creativity is necessarily expressed through material substance. Therefore, to purchase a literary genre or painting, you need to pay money.


Is it possible to live in our world without spiritual values, using only material substance? It is possible, as the spiritual life of animals and plants is possible. An innocent person denies moral and moral categories, guided by his own benefit. In modern society, the lack of spirituality has become frightening and can lead to the loss of universal human values.

Modern media impose on society the priority of consuming material things over spiritual values, the loss of moral guidelines. Parents do not have time to raise their children, as they are constantly at work. Children get information from the media and social networks, which promotes the benefits of material consumerism.

Advertisers spend huge sums of money to convince people to buy their product and with it happiness. That is, a modern person can become happy only after purchasing a high-quality product. Replacing spiritual values ​​with material ones is a distinctive feature of our time.

It is possible to fight against spiritlessness only with the help of educational work. Responsibility for the formation of a correct worldview in children should be borne by the school. Religious institutions also contribute to the development of spirituality among the population, and only the joint work of the school and religious centers can get the situation off the ground.